"The Confession"
Written by J.J. Abrams and Daniel Arkin; directed by Harry Winer

Jack and Sydney are still in Cuba, Jack having just been ordered to kill Sydney in order to prove to Hassan that he’s really against SD-6 (see “Spirit”). After some stalling and blinking, Jack and Sydney overpower the guards, having made a plan to work together via Morse code. Jack tells Hassan that the deal stands, but Hassan doesn’t care who Jack works for as long as he stays alive. In a CIA safehouse, Sydney and Jack take a photo of Hassan playing dead and he provides his client list. Jack knocks him out and tells Sydney that he hated knowing that Sydney was going to meet with him in Egypt two years earlier. Sydney tends to Jack’s wounds and asks why he didn’t tell her the truth about SD-6 when she joined. He tells her that that would have required revealing his own job. Later, Jack and Sydney hand Hassan off to some CIA agents and split up. Sydney meets up with Vaughn at the self-storage facility and tells him that Jack told SD-6 that Hassan is dead. She thanks him for helping her get to Cuba without SD-6 knowing. She admits that he was right about focusing on the person you love when he or she is in trouble. Before she can go on too much about how impressed she is with her father, Vaughn tells her that the NSA deciphered the codes she found in Laura’s books (see “Time Will Tell”) - they were CIA-provided code names of agents killed 25 years ago by an unknown agent. The agent who killed them was suspected of being KGB, so Sydney’s past suspicions about Jack may have been well-founded. Sydney isn’t sure, but Vaughn announces that he’s going to report Jack for the agents’ murders.

At SD-6, Sloane tells the usual crew that since Hassan’s “death,” his second-hand man, Sakulos, has been trying to get in touch with Hassan’s client. They wonder if Sakulos had Hassan killed. They’ve intercepted a phone call in which Sakulos tells someone that he’s taking bids on a package, which may be a nuclear weapon. Sydney is tasked to go to a club in Greece that serves as Sakulos’ cover and get the specs on the package. Marshall gives Sydney glasses that will scan Sakulos’ retinas and allow Sydney to fool his retinal scan security system. At a CIA safehouse in L.A., Vaughn asks Hassan about the package. Hassan will only give him the information in exchange for safe passage into the U.S. for his family. Vaughn is not in favor of negotiating. At SD-6, Jack awkwardly thanks Sydney for coming to Cuba, admitting that he’s obviously not the world’s greatest father. Vaughn and Sydney meet in the middle of nowhere and he tells her that since they’re not getting anything out of Hassan, she has to make sure that she, not Dixon, is the one who gets the specs on the package. He adds that if he does turn Jack in, Sydney will be called upon to testify against him. Sydney points out that even if Jack was KGB, there’s no proof that he killed CIA agents. Vaughn thinks she’s fooling herself, but he reminds him that they need Jack to help take down SD-6. Vaughn says that he knows Sydney is afraid of losing the connection she’s only recently formed with her father, but he wants her to think about someone other than herself and do the right thing. Sydney asks him to promise to wait to do anything until she gets back from Greece. After she leaves, he listens to the tape he made of their conversation.

Sydney and Dixon head to Greece, where he tells her that she’ll have to get pretty close to Sakulos in order for him to get a scan of his retinas. She gets herself invited to a back room, but when she tries to leave, Sakulos’ guards make her stay. She winds up locked in the room, leaving Dixon to go after the specs. During Sydney’s escape attempt, she encounters Sakulos again and Dixon saves her before anything sickening can happen. (Well, more sickening than having her face licked.) At the safehouse, Vaughn warns Hassan that he’s about to be sent to prison, so he might want to start talking. Hassan tells him that he has a stockpile of weapons in Crete. Vaughn and Sydney meet up at the blood donor van, where Sydney laments that she wasn’t able to succeed on her mission. She wants to go to Crete to find the stockpile, but Vaughn doesn’t think the CIA should send her anywhere without SD-6 knowing. Sydney suggests sending Jack and telling Sloane about the stockpile in order to make the mission SD-6’s. Vaughn plays his tape for Sydney, admitting that he couldn’t take it to his boss, Devlin. He then tells her that his father, William, was one of the agents killed 25 years earlier by the unknown agent. He’s planning to go to Devlin on Monday and wants Sydney to come with him. Upset, Sydney heads to Will’s for some comfort. Back at SD-6, she drops Jack a note, asking him to tell Sloane about the stockpile so that she can fix her mistakes. He does so. In a meeting with Sloane, Sydney is tasked to go to Crete and find an E.M. refractor.

With Vaughn and Weiss on surveillance, Sydney heads to Crete and sneaks into Sakulos’ bunker. She winds up in a dead end and Hassan, via Vaughn, tells her to turn a valve that will open a panel and reveal a keypad she can use to get access to the refractor. Instead, she gets trapped and tells Vaughn that she thinks she was set up. Hassan admits that he gave Sydney the wrong code for the keypad and the building is in lockdown. Sakulos hears that there’s an intruder in his bunker and heads back. At the CIA, Hassan tells Vaughn and Weiss that the room Sydney’s in will soon fill with gas, and a minute after that, a flame will ignite. Vaughn threatens Hassan in order to get the correct code, but first he wants Devlin to sign a written agreement that his family will be allowed into the Witness Protection Program. Vaughn tells Weiss to start typing the agreement, then runs out. The gas starts filling the room as Vaughn runs to Devlin’s office and brings him back to sign the agreement. Once he has, Hassan provides the correct code and Sydney stops the lockdown procedure. She’s immediately confronted by Sakulos and has to tell him not to fire his gun so the place doesn’t blow up. He attacks her with a knife instead, but she gets him to stab the keypad, then runs before the sparks ignite the silo. Back in L.A., Vaughn praises Sydney’s actions as they finalize plans to meet with Devlin about Jack. When they arrive at the meeting, they’re surprised to see Jack there. He announces that the codes in Laura’s books were from the KGB and they were orders to kill. However, he wasn’t the agent who received the orders - Laura was.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Let me make one thing very clear, Mr. Hassan. The extent to which I am willing to service you is when I offer you a soda.” - Vaughn

Sydney: “He licked my face.”
Vaughn: “I understand.”
Sydney: “You don’t really. He licked my face.”

Hassan: “You misspelled Enali.”
Weiss: “Shut up!”

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