Written by Daniel Arkin; directed by Ken Olin

Sydney continues to watch Patel’s surgery in Sao Paolo (see “A Broken Heart”) but is ambushed and knocked out by the bodyguard she recognized in Morocco. He takes her to a boiler room and is about to put her in the fire when she manages to overtake him and escape. She runs from some guards and jumps through a tunnel, knocking herself out again until the next morning. She gets to a bus and calls Dixon, telling him that the bomb has been inserted into Patel. Dixon follows Patel as Sydney steals an ambulance. Dixon knocks out Patel’s guard, then Patel himself as Sydney arrives and lets them into the ambulance. She drives as Dixon retrieves the explosive from Patel and throws it at Jacqnoud, who accidentally blows himself up. Back in L.A., Sydney tells Vaughn the whole story, then admits that she wasn’t able to ID the alliance member SD-6 has been trying to protect. She uses the excuse that she was trying to keep a guy from blowing up. Vaughn gives her a copy of Jack’s file. She reads it in a library on campus, then meets up with Francie, who announces that they’re going to throw a Halloween party. Sydney notices that Francie’s guest list includes Charlie’s nephew Kenny; she says that if Francie wants to see Charlie, she doesn’t have to throw a party. Will meets up with them and he and Francie bug Sydney about how inconvenient her job can be.

At SD-6, Sloane tells the regular group that a man named Schiller has information about a vaccine against biological weapons and wants to trade it for safe passage from Germany to the U.S. He’s unable to escape on his own because a company called the Hensel Corporation has him under surveillance. Sydney and Dixon will have to identify him and get him out of Germany. Marshall provides business cards with transmitters that override CPUs so they can get the vaccine formula. After the meeting, Dixon tells Sydney that he and his wife and kids will be at the Halloween party. Jack tells Sydney that he’s sorry for standing her up at dinner (see “A Broken Heart”), and since things are getting very busy, they probably shouldn’t make any more plans for a while. Sydney meets with Vaughn at a self-storage facility (get used to it) and is introduced to a man named Paul Kelvin. Vaughn informs her that SD-6 could use the vaccine to start a biological war, so Kelvin will impersonate Schiller and be sent to SD-6 instead. Sydney wants to tell Dixon, since she doesn’t think she can make a double switch without him knowing. Vaughn notes that she would be putting his life and family at risk if she pushed him into the truth.

In Berlin, Sydney goes to the Hensel Corporation and gets the vaccine formula from Schiller. She then pretends that she’s being followed and tells Dixon to meet her in a different location from the one they’d agreed on. He sets off some knock-out gas, which Sydney and Schiller avoid the effects of with gas masks. Outside, Sydney hands Schiller over to the CIA and Kelvin takes his place. Back in L.A., Will and Francie decorate for the Halloween party and Will confides that he’s looking for a woman named Kate Jones who was supposed to fly from Singapore to Hong Kong with Danny the night he was killed. He wonders why Danny was going to Hong Kong if Sydney was supposed to meet him in Singapore. He also notes that Danny and Kate were the only people to miss the flight, and Kate is only one of the many things about Danny’s death that don’t add up. Francie tells him that investigating Danny’s murder won’t bring him back and might upset Sydney. Vaughn questions Schiller at a CIA safehouse but Schiller doesn’t want to talk to anyone other than Sloane. Vaughn and Weiss reveal to Sydney that Kelvin gave SD-6 a fake website address with fake vaccine information, and when they download it, the CIA will be able to get into their computer systems. Sydney congratulates Vaughn on coming up with such a good idea.

At SD-6, Sloane asks Kelvin (posing as Schiller) for the location of the plant where prototypes are being made. He then asks Dixon why Sydney changed their meeting point. Dixon doesn’t think that Sydney would pretend she was being followed if she wasn’t. Dixon, his wife Diane, and their kids go to Sydney and Francie’s Halloween party and Dixon pulls Sydney aside to tell her what Sloane was asking about. He also informs her that Sloane thinks that Schiller is a plant. Sydney claims that she’s not hiding anything. Dixon tells her that Sloane wants Schiller to tell him the location of a prototype for an inhaler for the vaccine. He thinks both Schiller and Sydney are in trouble. Elsewhere, Will notes that Francie is upset that Charlie didn’t come to the party with Kenny. He tells her that he’s taking her advice and stepping back from the Kate Jones issue. A minute later, a woman named Kate Jones calls him and tells him that she knew Danny very well. Sydney heads to the CIA safehouse and tells Vaughn and Weiss that if Sloane doesn’t get the info about the inhaler, he’ll figure out that she’s a double agent. She goes in to talk to Schiller, then fills Jack in on the situation and asks him to talk to Kelvin for her. As Sydney tells Schiller the truth about Sloane, Jack pretends to attach Kelvin and extract the location of the plant, which, according to Schiller, is in Badenweiler.

Sydney tells Vaughn that her mission is to steal the inhaler and blow up the plant. She’s not happy that she has to keep working for Sloane. She meets up with Vaughn at a gas station; Vaughn thinks that Sloane wants the vaccine technology so he can skip over messing with the formula and prototype. He tells Sydney that she’ll retrieve the inhaler, swap it for a fake from some CIA agents in the building, then make sure the explosives Dixon sets up don’t go off and kill the CIA agents. Sydney asks about some missing pages from Jack’s file and learns that he once worked with an FBI agent named Calder. She wonders if the FBI suspected her father of selling secrets. At his office, Will gets more information on Kate Jones. Sydney and Dixon head to Badenweiler and start their mission. At a restaurant, Will meets up with a woman claiming to be Kate. As Sydney does her job, Kate tells Will that she was having an affair with Danny. Sydney makes the switch with the CIA agents, one of whom tells her that Vaughn likes and respects her. She then disarms the explosives Dixon set up. Will tells Kate that he had her social security number traced and knows that the real Kate Jones died in 1973. She leaves without telling him who she really is. In Badenweiler, the explosives don’t go off and Sydney tries to get Dixon to leave. Instead, he sets off a secondary detonator, blowing up the plant and unknowingly killing the CIA agents inside.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Dixon: “I just punched Dhiren Patel in the face!”
Sydney: “Any luck with the trigger?”
Dixon: “I worship this man!”

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