"Fait Accompli"
Written by Andy Bushell; directed by Richard Coad

At the University of Rome, Sydney receives a tour from the chancellor and offers a donation for a restoration wing. While they’re chatting, Renee tells Sydney via coms that she has reached an archive. Sydney nabs something from the chancellor’s pocket, then pretends that she’s about to faint so that the chancellor will go get her some water. She makes a mold of one of the keys she swiped from him and sends it to Renee, who uses it to enter the archive. She now needs a lock number that corresponds with an alias. Before Sydney can give her the number, she’s recognized by one of her professors from graduate school. She manages to give Renee the code anyway, but Renee gets interrupted before she can use it. An agent retrieves a sculpture from the correct box but Renee fights him and gets it back. Sydney spots the chancellor returning and asks the professor to write down his phone number so they can meet up later. While he’s doing so, she runs off. She meets up with Renee outside and tells her that the professor is someone from a former life. Sloane visits Nadia at the hospital and learns that the experimental drug she was given hasn’t done anything. Sloane is determined to spend any money he has to in order to find a cure for her. Nadia’s doctor thinks that he should consider moving her to a more comfortable facility.

Dean calls and demands that Sloane get back the key card that Sydney took in the next 48 hours. Peyton is worried that Dean’s motives will be discovered. She also thinks he’s being paranoid, but Dean doesn’t want to take risks - if he’s taken out, their whole cell could be in danger. At APO, Sloane tells Jack that he already knows Sydney’s mission was successful because Dean told him. At Sydney’s house, Rachel and Sydney discuss the mission and their success at staying a step ahead of Dean. A crib is delivered and Rachel notes that they should work on fixing up the nursery. She offers to help set up the crib, but Sydney admits that she’s not having as much fun decorating as she thought she would. At APO, Sloane fills Jack and Sydney in on his deal with Dean. Sydney is upset that he’s been lying. Jack wonders why Sloane is coming clean now and Sloane replies that he doesn’t think Nadia will be getting better. If he doesn’t have her, he has to live with himself, and he wants to make things up to Jack and Sydney, since he considers them family. He also notes that Dean would never expect to be double-crossed, so they have an advantage over him. He offers to use the key card as bait, promising that once Dean is in custody, Sydney will get all of the answers she’s looking for.

Sloane calls Dean to let him know that he has the key card and to make arrangements for them to meet. In a briefing, the agents discuss the meet, which will take place at a racetrack. Rachel warns that Dean will have guards nearby, probably one following him and one following Sloane. Jack notes that they’re at a disadvantage, since Dean knows what they all look like, but Tom points out that he’s unknown to Dean. Jack puts him in the lead. At the racetrack in Dubai, Sydney gives Sloane the real key card, wanting Dean to trust him in case he verifies it with a reader. Sloane tells her that he might not have been able to help his child, but he wants to save Sydney’s. Sydney poses as a southern woman while Tom drinks at the bar and Dixon disguises himself with a shora. Sydney is able to keep a visual on Sloane through binoculars and listen in through a laser mic in her purse. Dean arrives and Tom, pretending to be drunk and Australian, bumps into him and asks for money. Dean has his guard escort Tom away, which allows Tom to quietly taser the guard. The agents are unable to locate the second guard but have to continue with the mission instead. Dean joins Sloane, who gives him the key card, while Sydney spots the second guard and alerts Dixon to his location.

Dixon tasers the guard and Jack sends Rachel and Tom to get Dean, who is starting to realize that something has happened to his guards. Unfortunately, there’s some interference with their communications channel, so they don’t get the message. Dean forces Sloane through the stables and knocks him out. Rachel arrives and fights Dean as well, knocking him out with a shovel. The agents take Dean to APO, where Sydney calls Renee to let her know that they’ll soon have information on Prophet Five. She then visits Dean in an interrogation room and lets him know that whether or not he wants to, he’ll be telling them what they want to know. Dean says that they have the same goal - both of them want to know who he’s working for. Sydney realizes that Dean’s attempt to get the key card was a power play, as his employers’ power comes from their anonymity. He tells her that the information she wants is on a communication hub, but before he tells her where it is, he wants something in return. Namely, he wants $10 million and aid in disappearing. Sydney only has 12 hours before the key card expires and she can’t access the information anymore. She injects Dean with a substance that Marshall tells Rachel is a form of LSD.

Marshall starts playing loud rock music to speed up the hallucinogenic process so that Dean will want to tell them whatever they ask. “I see you’ve done this before,” Jack comments. Sloane encounters a man named Ehrmann who asks him to take Dean out. Sloane refuses, then gets a call from the hospital - Nadia has regained consciousness. At APO, Marshall shuts off the music and tells Jack that Dean is having some vivid hallucinations. He doesn’t think it’s safe to give him more drugs, so he suggests that someone make Dean feel safe. Sydney is elected for the job and manages to calm Dean down by telling him that she’s taking care of him. She tries to get the name of the network the key card will access; Dean replies, “I can help you. When you see the watchman, you’ll need me.” Growing agitated again, he tells her that he needed to find “the secret” and needed protection. He adds that she needs to go to the roof, as the watchman is there. He provides the name Glenheim, which Marshall identifies as a building in Seattle that has a satellite on the roof. In the interrogation room, Dean expresses his regret over having killed Vaughn, telling Sydney that his employers insisted that he do it. He warns that she needs to hurry because “they” have a plan for her.

Jack suddenly interrupts and sends Sydney to the hospital to see Nadia. Before Sydney arrives, however, Nadia begins convulsing and her eyes turned red, as they did in Sevogda (see “Before the Flood”). Her doctor has to induce a coma again and tells Sloane and Sydney that her awakening was a fluke; it probably won’t happen again. Sydney tries to comfort Sloane by telling him that he’s done everything he can and now things are out of his control. Dixon and Tom head to Glenheim Towers as Sydney returns to APO and tells the others that Sloane isn’t doing well. Tom and Dixon have a little over 12 minutes to access the network on the roof; the communications are piggybacked on other satellites. Marshall learns that the network is tracking a number of sources, including French Intelligence, MI-6, and other organizations. Marshall thinks that this means the network belongs to the government. As Sloane arrives at APO, a security guard leaves his post, allowing Sloane to enter Dean’s interrogation room. Marshall narrows the network down to 12 different nodes, which reminds Rachel of one of Dean’s bank answers (see “Mockingbird”). The program suddenly requests an access code, since it’s in “watchman encryption,” and Sydney realizes that based on Dean’s comments, he has the code.

Sydney rushes to the interrogation room as Dean pleads with Sloane to let him leave, promising to give him information on Prophet Five. Instead of listening, Sloane kills Dean with a cyanide capsule and leaves before Sydney arrives. Later, Jack tells Sydney that it looks like Dean killed himself, but Sydney doesn’t think he did. She points out that 12 parts of Prophet Five are reminiscent of the Alliance, and if they’re part of the government, figuring things out will take a while. Ehrmann chats with Peyton, wanting to toast her success. She’s now in charge of Dean’s operation, though Ehrmann warns her not to betray him. A car pulls up next to theirs and Ehrmann meets with Sloane, expressing his pleasure over Sloane’s acceptance of his offer. Sloane asks when Nadia will be cured; Ehrmann only tells him, “Soon.” He also wants Sloane to do a few more things to comply with their arrangement. Sloane isn’t happy about this, but Ehrmann reminds him that, unlike when he woke up in the morning, he now has hope. At Sydney’s, Jack and Sydney put together the crib and she learns that he and Irina put her crib together. When they’re finished, they attempt to roll the crib into the nursery but find that it won’t fit through the door. Jack just tells Sydney to grab a screwdriver.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Tom: “Hey, base. You got a visual?”
Marshall: “Affirmative, Sidewinder.”
Tom: “Good, ‘cause, uh, I was wondering, what do you think of this suit? Pretty sweet, huh?”
Marshall: “Yeah, it’s a nice suit on you. Blue’s a good color. And for you as well, Director Bristow.”
Jack: “Thanks.”

Sydney: “Do you have a visual?”
Rachel: “Yeah, actually, on - on Dean.”
Sydney: “What’s he doing?”
Rachel: “Eating dirt. I just hit him with a shovel.”
Sydney: “A shovel? Is he conscious?”
Rachel: “Yeah, I think so.”
Sydney: “Then hit him again.”

Jack: “Okay, that’s the headboard.”
Sydney: “That’s the footboard.”
Jack: “Mm-hmm. That’s what I said.”

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