Written by Drew Goddard; directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Sydney heads to a casino on Monte Carlo, where Tom, dressed as a valet, takes her car. She starts playing craps while Tom takes the car to a parking garage and breaks into a room. After a bunch of winning, a faux-French Dixon criticizes Sydney for being in a casino when she’s pregnant. Dixon accuses Sydney of cheating and she immediately tries to leave but is taken into a back room. She tranqs the pit boss and lets “Outrigger” and “Sidewinder” know that she’s on her way to a vault. Tom gives her a code and she retrieves a device from the vault. She then calls Jack at APO to tell him that she has “the archive” and is on her way back. However, while she’s stopped at a checkpoint, her car is picked up by an electromagnet attached to a crane. A voice informs her that he wants his property, “Mockingbird,” back. Her coworkers have an hour to deliver Mockingbird or he’ll drop the car. Too bad Sydney has no idea what Mockingbird is. 72 hours earlier, Rachel writes out her statement at APO, determined to get everything down as quickly as possible. She blames herself for the explosion at the office in Prague (see “The Shed”), but Sydney tells her that Dean is responsible. She tells Rachel that the information she provides will help them find Dean and make him pay. She notes that the name Mockingbird keeps coming up in her data; Rachel says that it was her call sign.

At Dean’s new base of operations, Peyton tells him that their satellite offices are being abandoned but the CIA isn’t finding anything. At APO, Marshall gets a hit on one of Dean’s bank accounts, noting that he’s liquidated all of them, which means he’s trying to cover his tracks. Everything is now in one account, 1017, which Rachel herself set up for Dean. However, the account can only be accessed from the bank and with prearranged answers to questions, which were on the server in the Shed. Czech authorities wound up with the server information, which means that APO can reconstruct the answers. However, the authorities won’t release the information yet, so Sydney wants to take Rachel back to the Shed to get it. Rachel isn’t thrilled with the idea. Sloane and Jack attend a hearing for Sloane to discuss his pardon agreement with the Justice Department. Dixon and Tom head to the Cayman Islands, planning to meet with an emissary and go to the bank after Sydney and Rachel recover the answers they need. With nothing to do before the meeting, the two hang out on the beach in their suits. Sydney takes Rachel to the Shed, advising her to become someone else to distance herself from what happened there. Though shaken, Rachel is able to lead Sydney to the location where Dean’s office used to be.

In the Caymans, Dixon and Tom meet up with their emissary, a woman named Pierpont, who’s early. Dixon calls Sydney to let her know that they’re heading to the bank ahead of schedule. In Prague, Rachel starts losing it but Sydney gets her to help her out anyway. Dixon and Tom learn that the bank is floating and has been set up in a tent on the beach today. Sydney forces Rachel to hook up the hard drive while Tom and Dixon tell Pierpont that they’ve memorized the answers to Dean’s 300-plus questions. The questioning begins and Sydney and Rachel feed the guys the answers over coms: “the select blood runs through Roquet’s Heart”; “the future’s history is written in the ink of the past”; “what the mirror reflects lives eternal.” The girls get stuck on one question, “If there was never a one, there was ever…,” but Rachel remembers Dean saying this and provides “the 12.” The men are successful and are able to access Dean’s account. At the base of operations, Peyton notes this and Dean realizes that since Rachel is the only other person with access, she must be alive. He announces that they need to get her back. At the hearing, Sloane admits to the crimes he’s committed but claims that he’s reformed. Harkin, the person running the hearing, accuses him of betraying his agency by working with Elena and causing everything that happened in Sevogda. He can’t believe that people still believe Sloane’s lies and reminds him that the committee he’s before gets to decide his fate.

As Sloane is taken back to his cell, he confides in Jack that he thinks he’ll be found guilty. He thanks Jack for getting Sydney and Dixon to write statements in his favor, but Jack says that they volunteered (which makes no sense whatsoever). Sloane gives him power of attorney for Nadia and asks Jack to treat her as if she were his own daughter (which she might actually be - see “Search and Rescue”). Back at APO, Dixon announces that Dean has gotten in touch with a colleague to get access to his archives. They’re being held in Monte Carlo, and if APO can get to them first, they’ll have access to Dean’s entire operation. Keach, one of Dean’s employees, visits Sloane in prison and offers to let his organization influence the committee, in exchange for something from Sloane. At APO, Sydney, Dixon, and Tom plan their mission to Monte Carlo, which will involve tapping into fiber optics and getting past guards to gain access to the parking garage. Marshall shows off some loaded dice he’s made. Too bad he loaded them to always roll 7. Rachel says that she can get into Dean’s vault, so she’ll be going along on the mission. She tells Sydney that after digging around her coworkers’ bodies at the Shed, she wants to stop Dean more than ever and there isn’t much that can scare her anymore.

As Sydney arrives in Monte Carlo, the action returns to the first scene, only this time we see that Rachel is in the trunk of Sydney’s car. She does advanced binomial calculus to figure out the combination to the vault so Sydney can get into it and retrieve the archive. Rachel then gets back into the trunk of the car, so she’s inside when the electromagnet picks it up. Dean, who’s speaking to Sydney, tells her that the laptop she got information from is a fake. He asks where Rachel is and Sydney tells him that she’s in CIA protective custody in Philadelphia. He tells her to have her delivered to a train station in Philadelphia within half an hour. Sydney quickly calls Jack, who sets in motion a plan to rescue her and Rachel. In the car, Sydney tries to keep Rachel’s spirits up and find a way to get her out of the trunk. Peyton and Dean spot Dixon near the crane and make the car drop a little, demanding that Sydney get him to leave. He asks for Rachel to call him to confirm that she’s on her way to the train station. Rachel isn’t sure she can be convincing so Sydney reminds her to become someone else. She says that over the years she’s learned that people like Dean just want power, so she needs to make him think that he has it.

Rachel calls Dean while Marshall tries to figure out where he is through his phone signal. Rachel convinces Dean that she’s in Philadelphia and didn’t tell the CIA anything, but she’s shaken when a ship’s horn sounds. She quickly hangs up and kicks through the backseat to get into the front of the car. Dean realizes she’s there but Rachel and Sydney crawl out through the moon roof and grab the magnet instead of going down with the falling car. At Sloane’s hearing, Harkin tells him that though he doesn’t like what he’s done, he knows that Sloane has gotten positive results. He’s been found not guilty and will be released. On their way home, Sydney admits to Rachel that she’s going to be with the CIA for a while, until it’s safe for her to go home. Rachel notes that even after they bring in Dean, she won’t be safe, so it will never end. Sydney tells her that they’ll just have to bring down all of the bad guys. In D.C., Sloane leaves his hearing, passing Keach but not acknowledging him.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: (after a mission at a casino) Jack: “Any complications?”
Sydney: “Well, I think I lost us about $900,000, depending on the exchange rate.”

Tom: “If he tries to blindfold us, he may have a problem - I’m not in the mood for blindfolds today.”
Dixon: “Noted.”

Pierpont: “‘If there was never a one, there was ever….’”
Dixon: “This was yours.”
Tom: “No. No, no. This - this was yours.”
Rachel: “I’ve heard Dean say this before.”
Tom: “You had all the questions that rhymed, remember?”

Sydney: “Sidewinder?”
Tom: “We gotta go.”
Rachel: “Do you wanna come over here and do the advanced binomial calculus? ‘Cause I’d be more than happy to stand there and watch.”
Tom: “Sidewinder’s gonna need a little more time.”

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