"The Shed"
Written by Breen Frazier; directed by Tucker Gates

In Istanbul, a woman named Kelly Peyton (Amy Acker) gets access to a lab and exposes some people to a substance. At home, Sydney gets a magazine Vaughn subscribed to and has to call to cancel the subscription. At APO, Marshall announces that there was a theft at an R&D facility in Istanbul and a nerve agent called substance 33 is missing. He suspects that Peyton works for Dean (see “Prophet Five”) because of a hacker she worked with. Marshall thinks they should nab the hacker in Prague to find out where substance 33 is, but Sydney is worried about losing Dean again. Jack decides to send Sydney, Marshall, and Tom (see “…1…”) to Prague, though Sydney would rather go with Dixon. Jack tells her that he has something else planned for Dixon - a trip to Russia with Sloane to meet with someone who may know of a cure for Nadia (see “Before the Flood”). Sydney still doesn’t want to go with Tom; she reveals that she read his file and has seen that he tends to be a loner. Dixon meets with Sloane, who tells him about his contact, Alexander Dolzhenko. Apparently after the chaos in Sevogda, some of the infected citizens were kept alive and a treatment was pursued. Dolzhenko is taking a risk by giving Sloane the cure and Dixon wonders if he’s setting Sloane up because he knows Sloane was responsible for what happened. He makes sure that Sloane knows he’s in charge in the field.

In Prague, Sydney, Marshall, and Tom track the hacker to a coffee shop. Marshall provides a pack of mints that will duplicate the hacker’s hard drive; the mints themselves also contain tracking devices. Tom and Sydney try to decide who will go on the mission, but Sydney wins when she proves that she can speak Czech. In the coffee shop, Sydney flirts with the hacker while Marshall realizes that he doesn’t have his computer with him. As the signal Marshall is picking up goes dead, Sydney spots Rachel turning off her phone and leaving. Tom and Marshall go after her and, after a car chase, catch her. They take her to a hotel where Sydney discovers that they can’t get any information from Rachel’s phone. She blames Tom, thinking that Rachel smashed the phone when she realized she was being followed. She decides to try to get Rachel to give up the location of substance 33. In Omsk, Sloane and Dixon meet with Dolzhenko, who wants to meet with Sloane alone somewhere else. Dixon decides to let him go. In Prague, Sydney interrogates Rachel, who isn’t forthcoming. Tom and Marshall realize that she’s trying to send a distress signal through her watch and stop her before she can succeed. Rachel announces that she’s a U.S. government operative and warns them against starting a war with the CIA. Sydney informs her that they are CIA and tells Tom to call Langley to verify Rachel’s story. Rachel says he can’t, since she’s in a black ops division. Marshall determines that she’s telling the truth, and Sydney realizes that Rachel is her back in season one.

Sydney shares her own story of recruitment, which Rachel finds frighteningly familiar. Sydney asks her to trace the signal from her watch to prove that it doesn’t really go to Langley. She does so and the signal goes to Langley at first, then bounces to Dean’s temporary office in Prague - he’s right around the corner. Later, Tom calls Jack to relay the information Rachel has given them on substance 33. It’s being transferred to someone that night but she’s not sure; the information is classified, though it might be on Dean’s server. Tom continues that Dean’s organization is called the Shed and Rachel is willing to share all of the information she has on it. Jack doesn’t think it’s safe to make a move on Dean yet, since he might destroy his server before they can get the information. Marshall thinks he can crack Dean’s ever-changing encryption key and download the hard drive, as dangerous as that would be. Jack says that Rachel is their only hope. Marshall gives her the assignment to copy the key, adding that he admires her and the work she’s done. He assures her that he’s been through scarier experiences than she has but is still around. In Russia, Sloane meets with Dolzhenko alone and gives him the money for the cure. Too bad Dolzhenko wants him dead, since he knows Sloane was behind the Sevogda chaos and he lost a daughter there. He admits that there’s no cure and no other survivors. Sloane manages to convince Dolzhenko not to kill him, as it won’t change what happened.

Outside the Shed, Sydney gives Rachel technology for the mission and reminds her that she’ll have to go in and basically lie to all of her coworkers. She shows Rachel a photo of Vaughn and asks if she recognizes him. Rachel thinks he was a rogue CIA agent who’s now in custody. Sydney tells Rachel that Dean used her to murder CIA agents, so now she’s getting the chance to make him pay. Rachel heads into the office, where Peyton engages her in friendly conversation. Rachel starts copying the key and is approached by Dean, who thanks her for recommending The Devil in the White City. Once the key has been copied, Rachel heads back outside to complete a brush pass with Sydney, but Peyton tags along for coffee and a cigarette. Sydney lets Rachel know that they’ll still be able to complete the pass. Tom announces that he’s coming along, since Dean’s agents might know what Sydney looks like. He then asks her how to say “you’re welcome” in Czech. While Tom offers Peyton a light, Sydney is able to take the key. Peyton notes that Tom isn’t Rachel’s type, which confuses him. Marshall decodes the key, so Rachel heads back into the office to open the access ports. However, Peyton seems to have caught on and alerts Dean that Rachel is up to something. Marshall passes the information on substance 33 on to Jack as Peyton promises Dean that she can take Rachel out. She shuts off the servers and causes Rachel’s technology to fail, so she can’t communicate by coms. She heads out while Tom pulls a fire alarm to evacuate the building just before a bomb goes off.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I mean, your hack on the NSA? Genius. Too bad it was being used for evil. Though, been there myself.” - Marshall to Rachel

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