"Passage, Part 2"
Written by Crystal Nix Hines; directed by Ken Olin

In a replay of the end of “Passage, Part 1,” the Bristows use Irina’s necklace to kill members of the PRF, then shoot at them. Back at the CIA, Vaughn and another agent see that the necklace has been activated and that combat is occurring. They can’t tell if anyone has survived. Vaughn fills Kendall in, but Kendall doesn’t want to send a team to see if the Bristows are all right because the Indian government will figure out that Palestine-supported rebels have nuclear warheads and will start a preemptive strike. Vaughn asks to go look for the Bristows himself, but Kendall says that, no matter what happened, they’ve failed their mission and are on their own. Another agent alerts Vaughn to the fact that the warheads have been prepared for activation. The Bristows make their way through the Indian countryside, discussing what a disadvantage they’re at. Sydney stops to tend to a wound in her leg and her parents start taking care of her. Irina suggests that they meet with one of her contacts, but Jack shoots her down, reminding her that he’s in charge and she’s a prisoner. The three make it to a train, where Irina and Jack reminisce about an experience with a toaster that filled the house with smoke and caused them to move into a hotel for a week when Sydney was a kid.

The Bristows reach a friend of Jack’s, who provides them with some of the things they need. Sydney gets in touch with Vaughn, noting that she and her parents could be playing mini golf; he’s relieved that she’s okay and warns her that the warheads are going to be activated. She notes that since she knows the codes, she can deactivate them if they arrive in time. Jack’s friend offers the Bristows the use of his truck, but Irina thinks that filter will clog. Sydney plays peacekeeper again, telling them that Jack is in charge for now, but Irina will take over at the base. Jack puts Irina in a grain bin in the truck, since she could be recognized and the rebels will be looking for three people together. After some driving, Jack stops the truck and has to take a few moments to prepare himself to let Irina out. He tells Sydney that he needed to hear what she told him about protocol and adds that he’s proud of her. When Irina is released, she correctly guesses that the filter clogged. She says that they can walk the rest of the way to the base, but they’ll have to rely on her memory of where land mines are planted around the facility. At SD-6, Sark tells Sloane that Gerard Cuvee, the head of PRF, says the warheads will be activated at 5:00. Emily’s supposed captor calls again and demands 100 million in bearer bonds in exchange for keeping the truth about Emily from the Alliance.

The Bristows start to make their way through the land mine but are confronted by PRF gunmen. Jack takes a bullet to his vest and winds up on top of a mine, which Irina has to deactivate in order to save him. At the ops center, Kendall tells Vaughn to get in touch with the Bristows and tell them to abort - the Indian government has learned about the warheads and are launching an air strike in 24 hours. Vaughn wants to go stop the government himself and is surprised when Kendall agrees to let him go. The Bristows reach the building and prepare to get the warheads. Jack doesn’t trust Irina enough to let her go off by herself, since he thinks she has friends around who will help her. She tells him that she was actually a prisoner there and promises to meet him in a lab in five minutes. The three split up and do their parts of the mission. In London, Sloane tells Christophe that Emily appears to be alive after all. He suspects that someone has infiltrated the group’s secure communications, so he wants to put a tracker on the bearer bonds to find out who winds up with them. Ramond, another Alliance member, tells him that if Emily is alive, she’ll have to be eliminated. Jack and Sydney try to start the deactivation process but discover that the core is missing. They’re discovered by Cuvee, who arrives with a group of guards and Irina on his arm.

In Cuvee’s office, Irina tells him that she was captured by the CIA and got out by convincing them they needed her help with the warheads. Sloane drops off the bearer bonds, which Marshall has bugged with a tracker, and receives photos of Emily, who looks dead. As if that weren’t bad enough, the tracker signal is quickly lost. Sydney and Jack are placed in cells and visited by Irina and Cuvee, who brags that he’s the reason Jack and Irina got together, since he assigned Irina to go to the U.S. Jack hits Cuvee, so Irina hits him back. Pointing her gun at him, she asks him who Sark is working with. The face-off ends when Sark calls and Cuvee leaves to talk to him. Irina tells Jack that Cuvee caught her and she had to go along with him so he wouldn’t kill them. She reveals that the warheads aren’t going to be activated, then gives Jack some instructions. Sark tells Cuvee that he’s waiting for his report on “the Rambaldi artifact.” Irina apologizes to Jack, asking her to trust him, and smacks him in the mouth with her gun. Fortunately, she also slips him the key to his handcuffs. Vaughn speaks to an Indian general who won’t hold off on the strikes just because there are American agents nearby. The best he’ll offer is a helicopter and pilot in order to give Vaughn and the Bristows a head start.

Jack frees himself, then gets to Sydney’s cell and releases her. He tells her that Irina was actually helping them and she told him they’re using the cores to activate a Rambaldi device. It has something to do with Rambaldi’s proof of eternal life. Irina has apparently given them a chance to contact the CIA for extraction, so Jack wants to take it. As Vaughn flies towards the base, Sydney and Jack contact Kendall and ask for extraction. He tells them to abort the mission because of the strikes, but Sydney refuses to leave without Irina. Jack takes over the conversation and tells Kendall, “You’ll either hear from us again or you won’t.” He reminds Sydney that their assignment is to bring Irina back, so they will. The three Bristows are present with the Rambaldi device is activated; they’re confused to see that it contains a flower. The three escape with the flower and the cores and board Vaughn’s copter as he tells the government to call off the strikes. Back at the joint task force building, Irina is happy to find a blanket and pillow in her cell. She tells Sydney that she only shot her in Taipei (see “Truth Be Told”) because Cuvee was in the next room; she gave Sydney a chance to escape but wanted to maintain his trust at the same time. Upstairs, Vaughn tells Sydney that the flower appears to be 400 to 600 years old. He then gives her tickets to mini golf and watches as she plays with Francie and Will.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “You know, some people go miniature golfing with their parents. We go to India and look for nukes.” - Sydney

Sydney: “Dad, we need to get moving.”
Jack: “I know. I’m just…preparing myself to let Irina out.”

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