Written by Jesse Alexander; directed by Ken Olin

Three hours after Vaughn’s stabbing (see “A Missing Link”), Sydney is able to call the ops center and tell Jack where he is. Fortunately, Vaughn has a transmitter on him (though Sydney was supposed to put it on the virus her team is after), so Marshall is able to activate it and send Weiss after the signal. Sydney has to explain to Jack that she had no choice but to stab Vaughn so Simon, Perez, and Avery wouldn’t hurt him. She adds that Simon has the biological weapons in his room, so she’s going to sneak in and steal them before he and Perez can take them anywhere. However, Simon and Perez have moved up their meeting with Sark and are already giving him the weapons (plus a nice bottle of wine). Later, Simon almost catches Sydney sneaking into his room but she jumps in the shower and pretends she’s made herself at home. He tells her that they’ve sold the weapons to the Covenant already, then prepares to leave the country. Weiss finds Vaughn, who doesn’t look too great. He’s taken to a hospital, where Sydney confesses to Lauren that she was the one who stabbed Vaughn. Lauren isn’t very happy. The two are summoned to the ops center, where Dixon tells them that the weapons were used on a prison population. The only survivor was Kazari Bomani (Djimon Hounsou), an arms dealer. Marshall explains that the weapon was made to kill everyone in the prison except Bomani. Because Sloane helped arrest Bomani in the first place, Sydney and Lauren will be going to Mexico (yes, again) to catch him at a conference.

After the meeting, Sydney tells Jack that Lauren thinks she stabbed Vaughn by choice. He tells her that it will take Lauren a while to think rationally again. He asks about Simon, but Sydney doesn’t know where he was going or when she’ll hear from him about another job. Jack decides to pose as a client and contact Simon himself, then take him into custody when he assembles his team for a job. Then they’ll be able to interrogate him as to what he knows about “Julia.” On the flight to Mexico, Sydney and Lauren discuss Vaughn, who’s doing a little better but is still in an induced coma. Lauren says that she knows Sydney was trying to save him, but she admits that when she heard Sydney was back, she felt threatened, yet hated herself for that because she sympathizes with her. She adds that she’s not sure how well she can do her job when she has to worry if she’s being nice enough to her husband’s ex. Sydney tells her to forget the formalities, so Lauren tells her she wants her to transfer to another office. If Sydney doesn’t place the request, she will. Jack, posing as a German named Warner, meets with Simon in Paris and asks him to steal a fuel cell car prototype en route for Hong Kong. Jack doesn’t realize that Perez is taking photos of him. In Mexico, Sydney and Lauren go to an office building to meet with Sloane, but before he can enter, he’s nabbed by a group of men. Lauren grabs a car for herself and Sydney and a car chase ensues.

In his van, Sloane realizes that he’s been grabbed by Bomani and tries to reason with him. Simon calls Sydney in the middle of the chase and asks her if she’s available for the Hong Kong job. In the van, Sark tells the driver to instruct the chase car to take out Lauren and Sydney. Sydney takes the chase car out instead by telling Lauren to put on the brakes so she can shoot the other driver. Unfortunately, the women lose the other car after a trip through an alley. Once they reach their destination, Bomani shackles Sark to a chair and talks about the torture his family went through when he was a child. Since Sloane interfered with Bomani being able to protect his family, Bomani wants to cut off his arm. Sloane admits that he did get Bomani arrested, but it was to become legitimate. He promises that he can help Bomani become more powerful than ever. Back at the ops center, Sydney tells Dixon that she hopes Bomani has gotten his revenge on Sloane already. Lauren decides that she shouldn’t have told Sydney to request a transfer and tells her that she wants to make the current arrangement work. Vaughn wakes up to find Sydney by his bed, telling him he’s home. They admit how much they’ve missed each other and kiss. However, then Sydney stabs Vaughn again, which means that this is, of course, a dream. Vaughn wakes up for real, only Lauren is with him instead of Sydney, and he doesn’t seem quite as happy as he was in his dream.

At the ops center, Weiss interrupts Marshall’s lecture to Sydney about the healing power of magnets to inform her that Sloane is in Riverside and wants to talk to her. (Marshall suggests that they not tell him about the magnets.) Sydney meets up with Lauren and Sloane, who tells them that Bomani let him go. Apparently Sloane gave him information that he claims he was going to give the CIA as well - the Japanese mob have created an AI computer virus that could cause a lot of trouble. He wants the CIA to disable the virus before the Covenant can, but they can’t destroy it, or Bomani will know that Sloane tipped them off. Sloane wants to be a double agent and spy on the Covenant for the CIA, which Sydney finds “classic.” At the ops center, Marshall runs a lie detector on Sloane’s voice (just as Sloane suspected he would) and reveals that he’s telling the truth. Sydney is against letting Sloane work with them, but everyone else seems to be in favor. Dixon tasks her to disable the virus, but since that involves rewriting the virus, Marshall will be going along. He figures that the best way to get invited into the back room of a Japanese mob casino is to get caught cheating, and he’s come up with a good way of doing so. After the meeting, Lauren tells Sydney that she should stop by the hospital and see Vaughn when she gets back from the mission. Perez meets with Sark to ask him to run a background check on “Warner.” Sark doesn’t have to, of course, because he immediately recognizes Warner as Jack.

In France, Jack meets with Simon, who gets the news from Perez that “Warner” is really a CIA agent, as well as the father of “Julia,” aka Sydney. Simon uses this information to get in a few digs at Jack about how “Julia” is in bed. As Jack is leaving, Simon starts to shoot him but Jack shoots first, then demands to know what Simon knows about Julia. Simon will only talk about “Julia”’s sexual talents, so Jack finishes him off. In Osaka, Sydney and Marshall head to a casino posing as southerners and Marshall quickly gets into the cheating. They get “invited” to the back room, where Sydney uses a tranquilizer to keep Marshall from getting his hand cut off. He goes to work on disabling the virus as Sydney sees that Sark and Bomani have arrived. Marshall finishes up and he and Sydney have to hide while Sark goes to work on getting a copy of the virus. Back in L.A., Sydney, Weiss, and Lauren hang out in Vaughn’s hospital room and talk about a girl Weiss was once in love with. After a while, Sydney and Weiss leave but Sydney returns to get her jacket. She spots Vaughn and Lauren together and depresses herself.


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Simon

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I mean, the whole thing’s pretty cool…in a sick, horrible way.” - Marshall, re: the biological weapon

Simon: “You sound distracted.”
Sydney: (in a car chase with Lauren) “I’m kind of in the middle of something.”
Simon: “Look, are you available for another job?”
Sydney: “For you, I am always available.”
Lauren: “Excuse me! Can’t that wait?”

Simon: “You haven’t told me how you met Julia. Were you, like, uh…like, lovers or something?”
Jack: “No, not exactly.”
Simon: “I asked if you were lovers, because if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it.”
Jack: “Do you?”
Simon: “Oh, yeah, man. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most degenerate displays of sexual theater known to man? Huh…Julia’s like a 17!”

“Okay…I’m just about to cheat at cards in a casino run by gangsters…I just wanna keep my pinky fingers, that’s all.” - Marshall

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