"The Awful Truth"
Written by Jesse Alexander; directed by Lawrence Trilling

A disguised Sydney and Marshall enter a bank in the Bahamas, posing as a rich New Yorker and her CPA. Vaughn is also there, using a British (or possibly Australian) accent to badger an employee. Sydney and Marshall meet with the manager to set up an account for Sydney that she’s adamant be untraceable. The manager assures her that everything confidential is kept in his safe, which is protected biometrically and can only be opened by him. In the lobby, a faux-Jamaican Dixon interrupts Vaughn’s haranguing and attempts to cut in line in front of him. They start a fight that requires the manager’s attention and gets him to leave the room where he’s meeting with Sydney and Marshall. This allows Marshall and Sydney to break into the safe and get information from an account. Back in L.A., Sydney throws a party at her house for Weiss’ birthday, inviting his friends and her APO (see “Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1” and “Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2”) coworkers. She mentions to Vaughn that something might be going on between Weiss and Nadia, but Vaughn is worried that Weiss will fall too hard and get hurt. Nearby, Nadia agrees to go to the Magic Castle with Weiss, telling him that she likes his smile.

Jack shows up unexpectedly (he wasn’t invited) and tells Sydney that thanks to the mission in the Bahamas, they know who has something called the Valta. He notes that he knows Sydney has invited Nadia to stay with her and that Sloane has permission from Langley to make her a part of APO. Sydney guesses that he wants to know if she’s told Nadia the truth about Irina’s death. She says that she hasn’t, but she plans to because Nadia deserves to know. Jack doesn’t like this idea, since she doesn’t know how Nadia will respond to the news. He reminds her that Nadia has vowed to kill Irina’s killer. Sydney says that she’ll find out eventually, and she’d rather it be from her. At APO, Sloane announces that the Valta computer was recently stolen in route to the NSA. The computer gathers information from satellite networks, and in the wrong hands it could cause a lot of damage. A terrorist group was behind the theft, which was financed by a man named Martin Bishop. As he hasn’t received his final payment yet, he still has the Valta, which means APO has time to get it. Bishop is a British expatriate living in Spain who may have killed his wife in order to spend more time with his mistress. Sloane wants APO to find the Valta and either recover it or destroy it.

After the meeting, Sloane thanks Sydney for being so nice to Nadia while she’s adjusting to life back in intelligence and with a new family. He adds that Nadia won’t be working on the Bishop case, as Jack will be giving her psychiatric evaluations before she goes out in the field. Sydney finds this interesting. Later she tells Jack that she won’t tell Nadia the truth about Irina’s death until after the mission, but she suspects him of being up to something. The Bishop team meets to discuss the mission, determining that the location of the Valta is on a server that’s probably on Bishop’s estate outside of Malaga. They’ll have to get inside the estate to hack it, but Sydney thinks that instead of breaking into the house, someone will have to be invited in. As Bishop drives down a road in Spain, APO sets up a fake accident scene, starring Sydney. Bishop saves her from her overturned car, which Marshall then blows up for the full effect. Bishop invites Sydney to his house to rest, exactly as she’d hoped. Because of the security at Bishop’s house, the team can’t use regular coms, so Sydney won’t be in contact with anyone until later, when Vaughn, Marshall, and Dixon can use laser mics to communicate with her.

At Bishop’s house, Sydney takes a shower and Bishop tells her she can get to know the house. He claims that his wife left him three years earlier. Sydney, using the name Charlene, implies that she’s left an abusive relationship and doesn’t want to talk about it. At APO, Jack conducts Nadia’s psych exams, during which she proves that she’s a little harder to handle than he expected. Afterwards, Jack tells Sloane that he’s still forming an opinion about her. At Bishop’s compound, Vaughn uses a laser mic to talk to Sydney, who says it’s like talking to her conscience. While making Bishop’s guards believe that she’s on the phone in the bathroom, Sydney heads off in search of the location of the Valta, which is at Alameda Yards. Sloane passes the information on to Langley and Sydney prepares to leave, but before she can, Bishop returns. At APO, Nadia notes to Jack that her psych evaluations have been going on for a long time. Sloane informs him that he passed on the location of the Valta to Langley and they’re about to raid the yards to get it. Since Bishop can only be apprehended after the Valta is seized, Jack wants to go to Malaga with Nadia to extract Sydney. Sloane asks if Jack has learned anything helpful from their sessions. “Enough to deal with the problem at hand,” Jack replies.

While Sydney and Bishop chat, Vaughn tells Sydney through the laser mic that Langley is raiding the yards and she needs to get out. She wants to stick with the mission, but Vaughn tells her that when Bishop hears about the raids, he’ll suspect her of being involved. Weiss leads the raid on Alameda Yards, but his team is ambushed. Marshall wonders why Sydney doesn’t just leave, but Dixon thinks she wants to do everything clean in case the raid doesn’t go well. Sloane tells Vaughn that Weiss and his team are in trouble and he might have been captured. Vaughn in turn tells Sydney to take out Bishop. Bishop gets a call informing him of the raid, the destruction of the Valta, and the fact that someone was recently on his server. Sydney senses that something is wrong and gives Vaughn the signal for extraction. He and Dixon go in to get her, but Bishop has already taken her elsewhere. Marshall attempts to find Bishop by tracking his cell phone signal, telling Vaughn to shut up in the process so that he can concentrate. On their flight to Spain, Jack assures Nadia that he doesn’t hate her just because she’s the product of Irina’s affair with Sloane. He tells her that the results of her psych exam were similar to Sydney’s, then says that he has some important information for her.

In Spain, Jack and Nadia meet up with Vaughn, Dixon, and Marshall and head off to find Bishop. Bishop tells both of his captives, Sydney and Weiss, that the group who paid him to get the Valta will kill him unless he can give them more important information. Sydney isn’t willing to tell him anything. After he’s left them under the watch of a guard, Weiss fakes heart trouble so that Sydney can use a laser in her watch to cut through her ropes. The two of them fight the guard and Weiss asks Sydney what she’s really up to, since she’s obviously not working for a bank. He wants to know if Vaughn is involved, too. They attempt to get out of the building, fighting Bishop on the way and running into Vaughn. “I knew it!” Weiss exclaims. Sydney winds up at Bishop’s mercy but Nadia saves her by killing him. “He killed our mother,” she tells Sydney. Back at the ops center, Jack admits to Sydney that he altered Bishop’s file to make Nadia think that he killed Irina. “I solved two problems,” he notes. She says that he manipulated Nadia, but Jack thinks he gave her closure: “Sometimes the satisfying lie, Sydney, can do more good than the awful truth.” Sydney just rejoins the other APO agents, including Weiss.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jack: “It must have been lost in the mail.”
Sydney: “Your invitation?”
Jack: “Unless it was an Evite. I don’t read Evites.”

Sloane: “Thank you.”
Sydney: “For what?”
Sloane: “For letting my daughter stay with you. As Nadia acclimates to this life, to a new family, she needs support, and you have put my mind at ease.”
Sydney: “The thought that I did something that might have given you a warm and fuzzy feeling makes me want to kick my own sister out of my house.”

Nadia: “I don’t mean to seem impatient, but I’ve never done anything that’s lasted as long as this.”
Jack: “How sad for you.”

Marshall: “Shut up. (pause) Sorry about that.”
Vaughn: “No, that was good.”

Bishop: “So what’s your real name, Charlene?”
Sydney: “Ima.”
Martin: “Ima what?”
Sydney: “I’m-a gonna kick your a%$.”

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