"Welcome to Liberty Village"
Written by Drew Goddard; directed by Kevin Hooks

A man surveys a docking area from an SUV, reporting what he sees in Russian through an earpiece. As a truck is being unloaded, the man shoots the driver and steals something from the truck. He then heads home to his wife. At Sydney and Nadia’s, the sisters hang out with Weiss and Vaughn, discussing bowling. Weiss and Nadia decide to go, even though it’s late and they have to work the next day. Sydney and Vaughn don’t want to go but defend themselves after being accused of not being fun. After Nadia and Weiss leave, Vaughn and Sydney try to convince themselves that they’re just choosing not to be spontaneous. They wind up getting calls from APO anyway. At the office, Sloane announces that an electromagnetic weapon prototype was just stolen; it has the ability to destroy anything within a ten-mile radius that contains electronic parts. Terrorists would be able to use it to make planes fall from the sky and destroy traffic grids. The thief is Yuri Korelko, a former KGB operative who appears to work with a group called the October Contingent. This group is looking for new recruits, and two of the people they’ve contacted to join them have been detained. Sydney and Vaughn will pose as these two people and infiltrate the Contingent in order to identify their objective and get the weapon. They’ll only be able to communicate with APO through a watch, which will also transmit pictures, receive an abort signal if necessary, and allow them to be located by GPS.

In Moscow, Sydney and Vaughn pose as Russians and meet with Yuri, who asks them how their English is. They wind up speaking English with Russian accents, then with their normal accents. Yuri introduces himself as Tom and Vaughn and Sydney join him in his van. Vaughn and Sydney get fake passports under the names David and Karen Parker. Tom tells them that they’re on their way to Liberty Village and just became Americans. Sloane tells Jack to get in touch with someone named Alexei Vasilevich to get more information on the Contingent. Jack doesn’t think this is a good idea, since Alexei will want something in return. Marshall tracks Sydney and Vaughn to a facility called Suberov 13, which was supposedly abandoned in the ‘70s but is now guarded and contains active airfields. His satellite photos show a suburban neighborhood in the middle of the Russian base. Tom takes Sydney and Vaughn to this neighborhood and into their new house, where they meet the other members of the Contingent. They’re all posing as Americans and present themselves as normal suburbanites. Later, Tom tells Vaughn and Sydney that the town is actually a training center but people started calling it Liberty Village in the ‘80s to make it seem more American. He says that right now their job is to prove that they belong because they’ll be monitored closely. Everything from now on should be considered a test.

Sydney and Vaughn meet the other Contingent members, Sydney surreptitiously taking photos and transmitting them to APO so Sloane, Jack, Marshall, and Dixon can ID them. They’re all known criminals, some of them wanted. Tom’s wife Diane spots a doctored photo of Vaughn and Sydney in Rome and they quickly come up with a story about when they were there. At APO, Dixon wonders if the Contingent is gearing up for an operation. Sloane tells Jack again that he wants him to talk to Alexei. In Liberty Village, the guests finally leave and Tom encourages Sydney and Vaughn to act more like a married couple. He thinks they’re too cold and should show more affection for each other. Tom and Diane leave Sydney and Vaughn with homework - a gun they need to be able to assemble in under 20 seconds by the next day. Vaughn and Sydney head to the bathroom and turn on the shower so they can talk without being overheard. They’re in disbelief over the strange situation they’ve wound up in and can’t figure out why the Contingent stole the prototype. Vaughn is offended that Tom called them cold. (He adds boring and she wonders who called them that.) They decide to proceed as if they have nothing to hide; Vaughn will work on their “homework” and Sydney will do some reconnaissance and look for the prototype. She does so by going for a jog, but Tom catches her outside his house and she has to cover. Back at home, Sydney and Vaughn keep up their front while Tom and Diane watch on surveillance. Diane thinks that they’ve found some good prospects.

Jack meets with Alexei and asks for some information on Liberty Village. Alexei, as expected, wants something in return. In the morning, Tom goes to Sydney and Vaughn’s house to take them on a field trip. He tells them about some of the things they can find in town and gives them wedding bands. At the ops center, Jack brings Marshall one of Irina’s old books, telling him that there must be a code in it that the NSA didn’t get because Irina’s former chief is asking for it. Tom takes Vaughn and Sydney to a car dealership and tells them their assignment is to buy a convertible. They’ll be evaluated on a number of things, including physical endurance, which confuses Sydney. When they speak with a dealer, Phil, they learn that there’s only one convertible. He asks them about how Vaughn proposed and Vaughn says that it was in Santa Barbara (see “The Telling”), giving a bunch of details. Later, Phil tells them that another couple, Ken and Linda, is interested in the car; they’re also under evaluation and only one couple can join the Contingent, so they’ll have to compete - with guns (hence the homework). Whoever wins gets the car, and whoever loses dies. The battle begins and includes both shooting and hand-to-hand combat. Sydney takes Linda out, then jumps in the car and drives up to Vaughn to rescue him. That night, Vaughn and Sydney have the convertible but their watch is broken. Vaughn says that they’ll have to get in touch with APO to let them know what’s going on; Sydney thinks they might get access to communications now that they’re officially in the Contingent.

Sydney examines a wound Vaughn received during the dealership fight, and eventually they wind up making out in the shower. She asks him about the Santa Barbara story, noting that he was planning to propose when they went there. “We never made it,” she laments. “Karen and Dave did,” he replies. At the ops center, Marshall tells Jack that Irina put a microdot in the book that contained protocol she used to get in touch with a contact. The contact’s codename was Sentinel, and Jack says that they can pass the book on to the Russians because Sentinel is dead and they need to focus on Sydney and Vaughn. In Liberty Village, Tom wakes Vaughn and Sydney in the middle of the night and tells them that they’re going to the States. Jack hands over Irina’s book to Alexei, who says that Irina always spoke well of Jack; apparently her attachment to him made it difficult for her to focus on her work. Jack declines to tell him that she’s dead. In Liberty Village, Tom tells Vaughn and Sydney that they’re moving to Chicago and the other couples are all going to other cities in the U.S. They’ll get access to the servers at an investment firm so the Contingent can mess with the New York Stock Exchange. Apparently one of the Contingent’s goals is “aggressive Marxism.” At the ops center, Marshall gets a message that the people Vaughn and Sydney are impersonating are being moved. Since the Contingent might have the real couple’s names flags and could find out about the transfer, Sloane tells Marshall him to send them the abort code.

In Liberty Village, Tom shows the prototype to Sydney and explains how to use it. He gets a call from Diane telling him to kill one half of the couple and keep the other for interrogation. Tom heads to the kitchen to prepare himself, but when he returns to go after Sydney, she’s not there. She knocks him out, but Vaughn and another Contingent member hear from upstairs and wind up fighting. Vaughn and Sydney make it out of the house with the prototype but are spotted by snipers in a helicopter. Sydney uses the prototype to down the helicopter. “Maybe it’s time we move out of the suburbs,” she tells Vaughn. On their flight home, Sydney and Vaughn get in touch with Sloane, who congratulates them on a job well done. Jack and Sloane discuss the fact that since Alexei held up his end of the bargain, their suspicions about the Sentinel are correct and the Russians are looking for the third Derevko sister, Elena. “We will have to move up our timetable,” Jack notes. On their plane, Sydney and Vaughn talk about how they actually enjoyed being different people for a little while. As they take off their rings, Sydney says that she liked who they were, even if they were a little cold and boring. Vaughn points out that they have control of the plane, so they could go anywhere they want. Sydney reminds him that their orders are to return home, and if they use the plane for personal reasons, they could get in trouble. “Wanna have dinner with me in Paris?” Vaughn asks anyway. “Absolutely,” she replies.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Tom: (in Russian) “How is your English?”
Sydney: (in English, with a Russian accent) “We…are able to get by…yes.”
Tom: (in English) “Can you speak without the accent?”
Sydney: (in English, with no accent) “What would you like me to say?”

Tom: “But don’t worry, we’re not gonna kill you over a bad story.”
Diane: “Not on the first night, anyway.”

Jack: “Irina Derevko collected 19th century literature. There was a small bookstore in Prague that stocked rare first editions. Whenever I was in town, I’d buy one for her as a gift.”
Marshall: “Aww, that’s sweet.”
Jack: “The KGB encoded assassination orders in these pages.”
Marshall: “Oh. Well, that’s…not as sweet.”

Phil: “We only have one convertible, and, uh, it’s a pretty fast car.”
Sydney: “That’s how we live, Phil. Fast.”

“They tried to kill us over a car. I mean, if we stay, they might…send us to the supermarket and launch grenades at us.” - Vaughn

Sydney: “What did they expect us to do, just drop and go at it on the floor?”
Vaughn: “If one more person calls us boring….”
Sydney: “He didn’t call us boring, he called us cold. Who thinks we’re boring?”
Vaughn: “No…nobody. That…that’s not the point.”

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