"A Dark Turn"
Written by Jesse Alexander; directed by Ken Olin

A man named Karpachev and two of his bodyguards are killed in an elevator “accident” created by Sark, who grabs Karpachev’s wallet. At the ops center, Kendall tells Jack that Karpachev was a Russian arms dealer who was one of Irina’s contacts. Jack agrees to talk to Irina, asking her what Sloane might have wanted from his wallet. Irina instead asks why he hasn’t tried to convince Sydney to leave the CIA. He notes that Sydney is stubborn and won’t leave until they take down Sloane. Irina tells him that Karpachev’s wallet contained a key card to his home safe, which Sloane must think contains a Rambaldi manuscript. It doesn’t, since Karpachev sold the manuscript to another of Irina’s contacts, Ilya Stuka, who lives in Bangkok. The manuscript is a study of the human heart, which was most likely tied to Rambaldi’s studies of immortality. She notes that she could probably find out where Stuka keeps it if she were allowed to meet with him. Jack says that Kendall won’t allow it, then mentions that Sloane doesn’t know that Irina is in the custody of the CIA. If he thinks Irina has resurfaced and gotten her hands on the manuscript, he’ll want to meet with her. This would lead him straight to the CIA, which Irina notes would in turn mean that Sydney could leave the agency. Sydney and Vaughn hang out at an ice rink, where Vaughn tries to show Sydney how to hit a hockey puck. The conversation turns to Irina and she notes that sooner or later, they’re going to have to talk about her and everything that’s happened. Before they can, Sydney gets called into work.

At the ops center, Sydney meets with a man named Agent Yeager, who asks her questions about Vaughn. He tells her that Vaughn has been pursuing a former KGB assassin named Vladimir Porgaski. Since Vaughn may be under suspicion of betraying the CIA, Sydney is a suspect in collaborating with him. Jack asks Kendall to let Irina help draw Sloane out, but Kendall doesn’t think they’ll get authorization for the task. Jack notes that she was helpful in Kashmir (see “The Passage, Part 1” and “The Passage, Part 2”). Kendall points out that not long ago, he was the one who wanted to use Irina and Jack was the one who was adamant that they not trust her. Jack is sure that if Irina lies again, he’ll know it. Later, he tells Irina that they can go on the mission, which means going to the nightclub Stuka owns in Bangkok. Marshall arrives with to inject Irina with a subdermal tracking device so Jack will always know where she is. Yeager continues questioning Sydney about Vaughn and asks her to check his computer to see if he’s downloaded a decryption program called Xenon (if he has, he’s breaking the law). Yeager mentions Irina, but Sydney doesn’t think Vaughn should be compared to her and refuses to spy on him. Jack and Irina split up in the Bangkok nightclub and Irina plays a knife game with Stuka. She then stabs his hand and asks him where the manuscript is. He tells her that he traded it for opium rights in Hong Kong. Irina kills him and some other people, and Jack shoots a bodyguard in order to save her.

On the plane, Irina thanks Jack for saving her, then reminisces about when Sloane and Jack first knew each other. Jack notes that Rambaldi changed Sloane; they have a personal connection. Irina says that she studied Rambaldi for years and isn’t sure how Jack never got caught up in it the same way. He tells her that it’s because of Sydney, and she thanks him for raising their daughter. At Sydney’s, Vaughn wonders why they weren’t told about Jack and Irina’s mission ahead of time. When he goes to take a shower, she sneaks a look at his computer. Will and Allison go out to dinner and Will admits that Sydney works for the CIA. Fortunately, he’s not that big of an idiot - it’s just a dream. In the morning, Vaughn and Will encounter each other in the kitchen and Will tells him about his dream. Vaughn tells him it’s common to have dreams like that, at least in the beginning. In Hong Kong, Irina and Jack head to a palace and steal the manuscript. At the ops center, Sydney pulls Vaughn aside and asks him if he’s keeping anything from her. He doesn’t appreciate having his loyalty questioned. She notes that, after everything they’ve been through, he should know that secrets will be an issue between them. Vaughn tells her that he was going to give her a key to his place, but now he doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Sydney goes back to Yeager and tells him that she didn’t obey his commands; she feels sick that she questioned Vaughn at all. He points out that she’s implicating herself and could be seen as an accessory. She doesn’t care and asks if he would betray someone he loved. Yeager notes that he has an answer as to whether or not Sydney and Vaughn have been intimate.

Sark tells Sloane that Irina was spotted in Bangkok with Stuka. Jack returns to the ops center and tells Kendall that Sark took the bait and wants to meet with Irina about buying the manuscript. Jack plans to set up a meeting between Irina and Sloane in Panama. Kendall is very proud. Irina asks Sydney to stop by her cell so she can tell her she loves her in case she doesn’t return from the mission. Sydney is sure that she’ll come back. In bed, Allison hypnotizes Will in order to get information from him. In Panama, Jack goes over the plan with Irina; she won’t be taking the manuscript with her because Sloane is going to be ambushed by the CIA. Irina reminds Jack that she has a tracker in her shoulder, which Sloane won’t be happy about. He removes the tracker and the two start making out. At the ops center, Weiss tells Sydney that he’s heard that Yeager is ready to file a formal charge against Vaughn. She starts to call Vaughn but Weiss tells her that his phone has been tapped. The two track Vaughn’s car to a bar, where he meets with Porgaski and receives some papers. Sydney confronts Vaughn, who won’t tell her what he’s doing. She warns that he’s in a ton of trouble with the agency. In Panama, Sark arrives at the meeting point without Sloane, telling Irina that he’ll take her to him if she gets in his limo. Kendall, watching via satellite, as is Jack, wants her to agree. At the bar, Vaughn tells Sydney that he’s been investigating Irina on his own to find out her agenda; he downloaded Xenon to read KGB files. The CIA loses its signal on Irina, most likely due to Allison. The limo drives under an overpass, and when the CIA stops it, they learn that it’s a decoy. As Vaughn tells Sydney that Irina is clean, Irina meets up with Sloane and thanks him for extracting her. Kendall opens the satchel supposedly containing the manuscript but finds Post-Its instead.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “Weiss. Have you seen Vaughn?”
Weiss: “That’s all I am to you - just a conduit to Vaughn.”
Sydney: “No, I’m just--.”
Weiss: “Have you ever seen Vaughn and said, ‘Hey, where’s Weiss?’”

“When you wake up, you’ll have no memory of this conversation. All you’ll remember is that tonight, you had the best sex of your life.” - Allison to a hypnotized Will

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