"After Six"
Written by Monica Breen and Alison Schapker; directed by Maryann Brandon

Sydney and Vaughn put a camera into the side of a cliff in Chamonix, France, then base jump off of it. Back at the ops center, Dixon tells them that according to Lisenker (see “Crossings”), the chalet the camera is facing is owned by an arms dealer. Lisenker stashed a disk there that contains the Covenant’s playbook, the Doleac Agenda. If the CIA can get access to it, they can most likely use the information it contains to disable the Covenant. To get familiar with the security system at the chalet, they’ll need to get in touch with Toni Cummings, the woman who probably created it. Jack goes to Zurich to ask Sloane how the Covenant is handling Lisenker’s defection. Sloane thinks he’s really there to talk about how he almost killed him. Jack waffles on whether or not he would have actually gone through with it; Sloane thinks he would have, since he was trying to help Sydney. He talks about how lucky Jack is and how much he misses Emily. His attempts to do good through his organization haven’t made him feel better. Jack suggests that he speak with a psychiatrist. At the CIA, Sydney meets with Dr. Barnett to discuss Vaughn. “Does he belong with you?” Barnett asks. “Have you ever felt that someone’s your soul mate?” Sydney replies. Elsewhere, Vaughn and Weiss play pool and discuss Vaughn’s confusing love life.

Sark visits Lauren while she’s trying on clothes in a dressing room and compliments her for fooling him when he went to see her in the parking garage (see “Prelude”). He notes that she’s carried out orders without question (see “Full Disclosure”) but is treated like a foot soldier. He’s been studying up on her and wants her help to stage a coup to destroy the Covenant. After they take out the six cell leaders, they’ll go to St. Petersburg to meet with the head of Covenant operations. Sark explains that each cell leader has a watch that contains access keys to the cell’s headquarters. With all six keys, Lauren and Sark will be able to automatically rise in the ranks. If not, they’ll threaten to turn the keys over to the CIA. Sydney and Jack eat dinner together and discuss Toni; Sydney and Vaughn will meet with her posing as South African diamond smugglers who want to upgrade their security system. They can’t come right out and tell her they’re CIA because they first have to confirm that she created the system in Chamonix. Jack tells Sydney that he thinks she should ask Dixon to send someone other than Vaughn with her. At the ops center, Sydney requests Weiss as her partner and Dixon agrees. In a Berlin parking garage, Lauren makes out with a Covenant leader, then kills him and takes his watch.

Sydney and Weiss go to Athens and meet with Toni (Vivica A. Fox), who is pretty proud of her accomplishments. They present their proposal for a lethal response system and she notes that it’s not exactly legal. They offer her diamonds in an attempt to change her mind. The three head to another room, where Sydney and Weiss reveal themselves as CIA and ask how to bypass the Chamonix system. She informs them that it’s not possible. Back at the ops center, Marshall explains that Toni’s system consists of three zones - guns, electricity, and acid. Inflatable Kevlar will set off the guns and make them shoot until they’re out of ammo, and rubberized neoprene will protect whoever enters from the electricity. The acid, however, is more problematic. Carrie mentions that the baby is kicking and Marshall notes that it’s an odd time for that. In Zurich, Sloane injects himself with something green, then calls Jack to tell him that he’s taken his advice to see a therapist. Later, Dr. Barnett joins him in Zurich, but he’s more interested in talking about her than himself. He also wants to talk about Sydney and Jack; she notes that she can’t discuss them, since they’re patients, but Sloane calls them the two most important people in his life. At the ops center, Dixon and Jack tell Sydney that Covenant leaders are being killed, which means that someone is trying to take them out before the CIA can.

Dixon sends Sydney, Vaughn, and Jack to Chamonix to get the Doleac Agenda. Vaughn tells Sydney that he understands why she asked for Weiss to be her partner for her last mission. She tells him that no matter how she feels about him, she won’t be the other woman. Jack tells the two that the Doleac Agenda is in a microdot in the cork of a bottle of wine. Vaughn calls Lauren, who happens to be in the middle of killing someone in Germany with Sark. In Chamonix, Sydney, Jack, and Vaughn quickly start their mission, having only five minutes before guards will be alerted. As they deal with the first zone, the guns, Carrie hurries into Marshall’s office at the ops center and tells him that she’s going into labor. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital until they’re married, so Marshall tells Weiss that he can become certified online and marry them. Weiss signs his certification from the Internet Church of Mammals as the agents in Chamonix have to come up with a different way to get past the electricity. They fire sealant on the pipes containing the acid in order to keep it contained. Weiss finishes marrying Marshall and Carrie just as Sydney and Vaughn reach the wine cellar. They grab the right bottle and make it out, leaving the guards to have an encounter with the acid. Marshall and Carrie run off to the hospital.

Dr. Barnett returns to Sloane’s office and tells him that she studied him for her post-doctorate dissertation. She knows pretty much everything about him and wants to help him. Lauren and Sark kill the sixth cell leader and agree to split up - she’ll go back to L.A. and he’ll go to St. Petersburg. They kiss goodbye first. In Zurich, Sloane tells Barnett that he has a big secret that has to do with Sydney and Jack. Of course, he won’t tell her yet. In St. Petersburg, Sark finally meets “the man in front of the man” behind the Covenant - McKenas Cole (see “The Box, Part 1,” “The Box, Part 2,” and possibly “Full Disclosure”). He already knows what Sark is planning to offer, since he already has all of the watches. Lauren enters and Cole explains that she called him to fill him in. He supported them the whole time because he knows that the CIA is after the Doleac Agenda, and now it doesn’t matter if they get it. He informs the two that they’ll be heading up the Covenant’s new North American cell together. Cole gives Lauren an envelope that seems to contain photos of Sydney and Vaughn. Back at the ops center, Lauren orders Sydney to stay away from her husband.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Vaughn: “Do you think you can be in love with two people at the same time?”
Weiss: “No, I don’t. However, I did have the same intense feelings for both Sporty and Posh Spice.”
Vaughn: “Yeah, who didn’t?”

Sark: “Would you like to put something on?”
Lauren: “No, I’m rather comfortable like this. Would you like me to put something on?”

Lauren: “Which color do you think my husband would prefer?”
Sark: “I prefer the black.”
Lauren: “Red it is.”

Marshall: “I love you, Mrs. Flinkman.”
Carrie: “I’m keeping my name.”

“Your hair! That’s cool!” - Cole to Sark

Cole: “When’d you cut your hair?”
Sark: “It wasn’t a matter of choice. I was in U.S. custody, as I thought you were. When were you released?”
Cole: “That’s a good story. (toasting) To your hair.”

“You’re cockier than I am. I love that about you.” - Cole to Sark

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