"Full Disclosure"
Written by Jesse Alexander; directed by Lawrence Trilling

At the ops center, Marshall tells Sydney that he would have analyzed the cube (see “Remnants”) but a classified intelligence division is taking it because it’s in their jurisdiction. He debates putting a tracer on the cube to get a look at their lab. Sydney speaks to the leader of the division and learns they’re from the Department for Special Research. He also won’t tell her where they’re taking the cube. Later, Sydney complains to Jack that every time she gets closer to learning about her missing two years, she gets shut out. He tells her that they’ve already broken a bunch of laws to get where they are, so if they need to, they’ll just break some more. Sydney suggests bringing Dixon into the loop, but Jack says that Langley was behind the decision to move the cube. He decides that the best thing to do is start over and go over all of the information they already have. That night, as Sydney does so, she’s tranqed and abducted. She wakes up on a jet and is greeted by Kendall (last seen in “The Telling”), who reveals that he’s with the DSR. The team transporting the cube was abducted, so the Covenant now has it.

Kendall says that he wants to talk about Sydney’s missing two years, which she reminds him she doesn’t recall. “But I do,” he replies. She realizes that he’s known the whole time and asks why he didn’t tell her. He reveals that she asked him not to. Sydney has to be cleared to hear the information about her own life, since it’s “top secret.” Kendall asks how Sydney found the cube, but she wants to hear about her missing years first. He explains that nine months after her supposed death, she called him from Rome to say that she had escaped from the Covenant and wanted to come in. In a flashback, Kendall and Sydney meet up in a safehouse in Tuscany, where he promises her that he’ll tell Vaughn and Jack that she’s alive. Through more flashbacks, Kendall tells Sydney everything that she told him from the fight with Allison on. She wakes up in a safehouse and sees Oleg, the doctor who recognized her in “Succession.” He injects her with a drug that temporary paralyzes her, then takes her to a van, where she watches her own funeral on the beach. Oleg explains that they unearthed Francie and left her remains in the house, but they had to extract pulp from Sydney’s teeth so the DNA tests of her remains would match up and everyone would think she was dead. He taunts that Vaughn will move on and possibly find someone else. “Sydney Bristow is gone,” he tells her.

In the present, Sydney tells Kendall that she doesn’t remember any of this. He continues that from there, she was taken to a Covenant facility in St. Petersburg. Sydney sees a photo of Oleg and realizes that she killed him. Kendall explains that Oleg attempted to brainwash her. In flashback, Sydney resists Oleg’s methods and he tries to condition her to believe that her name is Julia Thorne. After about six months, he feels that his “therapy” has succeeded, so he tests Sydney. He brings her before a group and presents her as Julia Thorne. One of the men there, who may or may not be McKenas Cole (see “The Box, Part 1” and “The Box, Part 2”), tells her that the work she’ll be doing for them requires her to be committed. A man is brought out and Sydney is told, “Who this man is is not important. What is important is the knife on the table. Use it. Kill this unimportant man.” The man begs for his life but Sydney kills him without flinching. (This will be revisited in “Façade.”) In the present, Sydney asks Kendall if she really was programmed. He replies that she was, but not by the Covenant - by Project Christmas (see “The Indicator”). The program ensures that she is unable to be turned or brainwashed.

Sydney is upset that she killed an innocent man, but Kendall notes that since he was captured by the Covenant, he would have been killed sooner or later. If she hadn’t killed him first, the Covenant would have killed her. Back in the Rome flashback, Kendall tells Sydney that she can’t go home without jeopardizing the lives of her loved ones. She’ll have to continue to pose as Julia Thorne to make the Covenant believe that she really has been brainwashed. Since Sydney is intent on seeing Vaughn, Kendall lets her go see him, but she spots him with Lauren and realizes that she can’t put him in danger. She calls Kendall and tells him that she’ll go along with his plan to remain Julia. In the present, Kendall tells her that she went to Algeria, where she met Simon (see “A Missing Link” and “Repercussions”) and the two of them started working for the Covenant. One of their missions was to find the cube. Simon was the one who found Lazarey, thinking that, since he had studied Rambaldi, he might know where the cube was. The cube, it turns out, contains Rambaldi’s own DNA. Sydney was supposed to kill Lazarey after she got the information from him, but she made a deal with him instead and wound up faking his death.

Sydney asks why she’s there now. Kendall explains that they’re going to Project Black Hole, his facility in Nevada. He admits that he was never FBI but has always been working for the DSR on this project, which involves studying Rambaldi and trying to figure out why Sydney is considered the chosen one. She flashes back to Irina telling her about the prophecy in “The Telling.” Kendall explains that Sydney asked him not to tell her any of this four months ago. If the Covenant got to her, they would get access to the cube and be able to fulfill Rambaldi’s prophecy. Sydney gave them false leads, but she and Lazarey were really working for the CIA, trying to get the cube. It took them nine months, but they found it in Namibia. (Lazarey had to sacrifice his hand for it.) Kendall explains that they had an agreement with Lazarey in which he would be allowed to disappear after he and Sydney got the cube. However, Sydney never showed up to give Kendall the cube. Instead, he received a tape, which he shows Sydney; it’s her telling him that she’s going to hide the cube, then have her memories from the past two years removed. Kendall tells Sydney that Rambaldi’s prophecy talks about a second coming. Sydney realizes that his followers want to clone him, but he tells her that they want to continue his bloodline through a child. The mother of the child is the chosen one, which is why Sydney has a scar - the Covenant extracted some of her eggs.

Kendall isn’t sure why Sydney went after the cube after all the trouble she went to in order to keep it hidden. She explains that the key in the package Sloane gave her (see “Prelude”) must have been from the Covenant, which was trying to trick her into leading them to the cube. Suddenly she realizes something and calls Marshall to ask him if he wound up putting a tracer on the cube. After some denials, he admits that he did. While Sark and some scientists mess with Sydney’s eggs, Kendall sends a team to Patagonia, where Marshall has located the cube. At the ops center, Dixon tells Sydney that he was there when she called Kendall from Rome and has known she was alive the whole time. Keeping quiet has made him realize how difficult things were for Sydney when she was a double agent. Sydney, Dixon, and Kendall’s team head to Patagonia and engage in a shootout with Sark and his scientists. When the fight is over and Sark has left, Dixon allows Sydney to torch all of the scientific stuff. The good guys end up with Lazarey, but Sark makes a call and tells someone, “Take care of it.” On the way back to L.A., Lazarey asks Sydney, “You know about the passenger?” She tells him that they’ll talk about it later, but before they can get him into the hospital, he’s shot and killed by a sniper. As Sydney calls Dixon to let him know, the sniper calls to let someone know that the job is done. It’s Lauren.

R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Lazarey

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Oleg: “Your name is Julia Thorne. You were born in London on August 2, 1973.”
Sydney: “My name is Sydney Bristow, you ugly bas%$@#.”

Oleg: “Your name is Julia Thorne.”
Sydney: “Really? Then why is my name Sydney Bristow?”

Sydney: “I’ve never heard of Project Black Hole.”
Kendall: “Thank you.”

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