Written by Jeff Pinkner; directed by Jack Bender

Picking up from the very end of “Conscious,” Sydney enters room 47 to find Will (last seen in “The Telling”) eating a bowl of cereal in her old kitchen. (The cereal is St. Aidan Flakes, and the sun on the box winks at Sydney.) Before Will can say anything, Sydney is pulled out of her therapy. She tells Jack that she wants to go back, but he and Vaughn protest because it’s too dangerous. She announces that she saw Will and that she thinks he knows something. Jack assures her that they’ll contact the Witness Protection Program. On a flight home, Sydney expresses her worry that pulling Will out could be dangerous. Jack tells her just to contact him, noting that Will knew Allison and was in the house the night Sydney was kidnapped. Sydney thinks that Will would have revealed anything he knew when the CIA debriefed him, but Jack believes that he might be able to provide a clue they can use. Sydney is unsure about pulling him back into her life, but Jack doesn’t think they have a choice. Vaughn notes that Sydney was struggling in her dreams; she admits that she fought and killed herself. Jack tells her that, according to Brezzel, her memories from her lost years have been removed and she may have had them taken out voluntarily.

Jack and Vaughn meet up with Sloane, who tells them that Lindsey is suspicious of what Sloane told him, but he’s going along with the deal to swap Il Dire for Sydney. The next step is for Sloane, posing as a Covenant member, to call the NSC to set up the switch. Vaughn makes it clear to Sloane that if he betrays them, he’ll kill him. Sloane replies that he loves Sydney, too. In Wisconsin, Will (aka Jonah) has set up a nice life for himself as a construction worker, but the peace is disturbed when Sydney arrives. He can’t believe it’s her, since last he heard, she was dead. She asks if they can go somewhere to talk, but when he goes to get his things, he pulls a gun on her and accuses her of being a double. He starts to call Langley but she tells him that she’s a fugitive. She proves that she’s the real Sydney by answering a question only she would be able to answer. She takes the gun from him and tells him that she could hurt him if she wanted to. Once Will is finally convinced, they have a happy reunion. Sloane meets with Lindsey to tell him that he’s found an assassin to take out Sydney. Lindsey tells him that if the plan isn’t carried out, he’ll turn over information about Sloane’s “extracurricular activities” to the Justice Department. Sark heads to New Haven to pay Brezzel a visit (and shoot him in the leg).

Will and Sydney go to a diner and he tells her about his survival of the fire at her house. Sydney has to tell him that Allison is alive, and he lets her know that he wouldn’t mind killing her. Sydney recounts her dreams about him and St. Aidan, which he reveals was one of his contacts when he was an analyst for the CIA. He doesn’t know St. Aidan’s real name, but he remembers how to get in touch with him. Sydney still doesn’t want to pull bring back into her life, but Will wants to make up for his years in the Witness Protection Program and get back at Allison. He tells her about his protocol for reaching St. Aidan and makes arrangements to meet him. In New Haven, Sark offers Brezzel morphine in exchange for information on Sydney. Brezzel mentions Will and the Witness Protection Program, alerting Sark to the fact that Will is alive. He repays Brezzel’s help with a morphine overdose. At the CIA, Jack and Vaughn meet with Lindsey, giving him a detailed cover story of their supposed search for Sydney. Lindsey is sure that they’re lying and brings up an experience Jack had where he posed as a Swede for two weeks when he was detained in East Germany. Lindsey asks where they think Sydney is until Jack gets upset and hits him, resulting in his and Vaughn’s arrests. Will and Sydney go to Warsaw and stake out a warehouse while waiting for St. Aidan. Sydney hooks up coms so that she can talk to Will while they’re meeting; she wants Will to say that he has code six clearance and wants information on the Covenant.

Back in L.A., Marshall tells Lindsey that he can’t ID the voice of the Covenant member who called to set up the Sydney/Il Dire swap. He asks if Lindsey thinks Sydney will be okay. Lindsey smugly promises that he’s doing everything he can to make sure that everything ends quickly and safely. St. Aidan arrives for his meeting with Will and Sydney is shocked to see that it’s Lazarey. He doesn’t want to talk about the Covenant, so Sydney tells Will to say that Julia Thorne sent him. “Did they find it?” Lazarey asks. “Have they been to Graz?” Before the conversation can continue, Sark arrives, shoots Lazarey with a tranquilizer dart, and abducts him. Later, Sydney and Will drink in a safehouse and try to figure out what’s going on. Sydney suspects Sloane and Will tells her that she’ll figure it out, since she’s Sydney. Back in the States, Vaughn and Jack are transported somewhere via bus and Jack says that Sydney can no longer be Vaughn’s first priority. He refuses to let Sydney become Vaughn’s mistress and wants him to push her away, even becoming cruel, if necessary. He notes that Vaughn’s kindness hurts her more than anything else. In Warsaw, Sydney and Will, now very tipsy, discuss their respective love lives (or lack thereof). Sydney admits that she’s still in love with Vaughn. She says that she’s never been a depressed person, but now everything in her life is completely different and she feels alone. He tries to help her feel better by having sex with her.

Sloane meets with an assassin in Argentina, giving him an assignment to kill a government employee. In Moscow, Sark informs a restrained Lazarey that he’s his son; apparently Lazarey abused him, then abandoned him (though Sark did “inherit” $800 million from him). Lazarey claims that he faked his death so Sark could get the money. Sark tells him that he used it to help out the Covenant. Lazarey (doing us a favor by revealing Sark’s first name, Julian) is shocked by this; Sark wants to know what he said to Will. He threatens Lazarey with a mini blowtorch as an incentive to talk. Lazarey tries to call his bluff, but he doesn’t know Sark very well and gets burned for his troubles. Post-coitus, Sydney remembers what Will said about her being her and realizes that when she hid whatever Lazarey was talking about in Graz, she probably made decisions that she would normally make. Therefore, she can figure out where it is by thinking about where she would hide something today. That would be a hotel safe deposit box, and she quickly determines that said hotel would be Hotel Verlustzeit. Elsewhere, Sark gets the same information out of Lazarey and shares it with Allison (last seen in “The Nemesis”). Will and Sydney check into the hotel posing as British rock stars. Once they’re alone in their room, she teases him for being over-the-top, but he’s having fun. They hook up a computer to the TV and find a safe deposit box under Julia’s name. They get into it, but before they can retrieve a cube from it, Sark gets to it first.

Will and Sydney split up and Will winds up running into Allison. After some fighting, he stabs her in the chest, apparently killing her (though we shouldn’t be so gullible, since she’s already come back from the brink of death twice). At the same time, Sydney fights Sark, overpowers him, and gets the cube. Later, Sydney calls Sloane to tell him that she’s ready to be traded for Il Dire. He tells her that Jack, Vaughn, and Dixon are in custody, so she’ll have to organize the trade herself. Sydney then calls Weiss and asks him to keep an eye on Sloane during the trade. Back in L.A., the trade begins and Sydney meets up with Lindsey. He’s not too happy to see that the assassin’s laser sight is on him, not Sydney. Once he’s dead (and after Sloane denies any involvement), Sydney realizes that Sloane wasn’t going to trade Il Dire and had this plan in mind the whole time. Sloane says that Lindsey didn’t give them Il Dire, but Sydney doesn’t believe him. At the CIA, Sydney thanks Vaughn, who brushes her off. Marshall studies the cube from the safe deposit box - it contains human tissue and has Rambaldi’s name etched in the side. Will tells Sydney that killing Allison didn’t bring about the closure he thought it would. He’s decided to go back to Wisconsin, but he thinks he and Sydney will see each other again. They note that they never talked about having sex, but they like it better that way.


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Brezzel, Allison, Lindsey

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Vaughn: “I just wanted to say, for the record, concerning this…exchange. Sydney’s life is in your hands. If you betray her…I swear to you, no matter what it costs me, I will kill you.”
Sloane: “No need to worry, Agent Vaughn. I love her, too.”

Vaughn: “Think that was the best move, punching Lindsey in the face?”
Jack: “Based on the comments he was making, it was obvious that you and I were going to end up here no matter what we did, whether I hit him or not. I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity.”

“Jonah’s, uh…recovering from a post-traumatic dating syndrome after his last girlfriend dumped by ramming a bayonet into his lungs.” - Will

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