Written by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec; directed by Ken Olin

Sydney wakes up in a building where Jack, Vaughn, Sloane, and Lauren are trying to figure out how to get to Sydney’s coded coordinates (see “Breaking Point”). Sydney thanks everyone for rescuing her (even Sloane) and asks if they’ve figured out where the coordinates are. Jack says that they lead to a strip of desert near the San Andreas Fault and that something is probably buried there. While they’re deciding what to do, Sloane knows of a doctor who can perform a non-invasive therapy on Sydney to help her recover her memories. Sydney tells Jack that she wants to go with him. Lauren apologizes for the way she acted and for not believing Vaughn about Lindsey. Jack asks Sydney where she sent Lindsey; she’s not sure, but she thinks it’s somewhere in Simi Valley. Lindsey quickly learns that the coordinates point to a liquor store. Sydney and Jack head to the San Andreas Fault with metal detectors and he tells her that, despite their doubt that Sloane is reformed, he did take a bullet for Jack. Sydney still doesn’t trust him, but Jack points out that he’s given them anything they could ever need to invalidate his pardon agreement.

While playing in the park with his kids, Dixon is arrested by the FBI for suspicion of conspiracy to impede an investigation. He automatically realizes that Lindsey is behind this. Jack and Sydney dig up a metal box that contains a human hand tattooed with the Rambaldi signal. Sydney and Jack return to the building they were in before and give the hand to Lauren so she can get Marshall to run a DNA test on it. Her alibi will be that she was kidnapped by the Covenant and that Sydney is still in their custody. Sloane thinks that they should say the Covenant wants Il Dire (see “The Telling”), an idea Sydney doesn’t like. Sloane notes that she should ask herself why he would let Il Dire go if it was so valuable to him. Sydney replies that he traded it for his freedom, and now he has the chance to get it back. Jack okays the plan and Sloane says that he’ll call Lindsey to confirm that the Covenant has Sydney. Vaughn plans to make it look like he and Jack are off looking for her. Lauren realizes that in order to be believed that the Covenant grabbed her, she needs to look like she was roughed up. Sydney gladly takes advantage of the opportunity, hitting her for turning her in, then offering her a hand to thank her for helping with her extraction.

Lindsey visits Dixon in jail and threatens to keep him there for ten years if he keeps covering for Sydney. Dixon refuses to talk without his lawyer and warns Lindsey that he’ll eventually be unmasked as scum. Their conversation is interrupted by Lauren, who gives Lindsey the cover story; he doesn’t buy it. She also gives him a phone and tells him to hit redial that evening at 6:30. He does so and speaks with Jack, whose voice is disguised and who confirms that they have a deal to swap Sydney for Il Dire. He then thanks Vaughn for helping save Sydney. Vaughn, Jack, and Sydney head to New Haven, Connecticut to meet with Brezzel, the doctor Sloane mentioned. Kaya, the obviously drugged woman who meets them at the door, announces that there are “some beautiful people here.” Brezzel (David Cronenberg) admits that since his research isn’t complete, he can’t promise anything. Kaya asks if she can give some hugs, and Brezzel offers facon to his guests increasingly uncomfortable guests. He tells the story of how he came up with his therapy, which seems to consist of lots of drugs (big surprise) that elicit dreams which he hopes contain memories. Sydney will have to become lucid while in a dream state, which Brezzel will help her out with using vocal cues.

Sydney tells Brezzel that the last thing she remembers before her missing two years is being knocked out in her house (see “The Telling”). He replies that she’ll have to pick up from there and figure out how to find her way back. He warns that the memories she recovers might be traumatic, and though they won’t be real, they’ll feel that way to her. The therapy begins and Sydney’s first dream is of being in an ambulance with Vaughn after her fight with Allison. He tells her that Will is okay and she notes that he’s in Witness Protection. Vaughn tells her about Allison but is confused about some of the information Sydney mentions, like the Covenant’s involvement, Sloane’s pardon, and his lack of a wedding ring. As they’re professing their love for each other, Vaughn turns into Sloane, who relays Brezzel’s message that she needs to go back to that night in her house. Sydney recalls the fight with Allison, then sees herself standing over her own unconscious body at the end. Brezzel tells Vaughn and Jack that she’s back in her actual memory, which confuses Vaughn, since she wasn’t conscious. Brezzel and Jack note that her other senses were alert, so she can still put together a memory, albeit an incomplete one, of what happened afterwards.

Sydney says that she’s being taken away, though she can’t see the faces of her captors. In a van, she hears someone telling someone else to take her out. Suddenly, she’s at her seventh birthday party; Brezzel notes that she’s extrapolating because her memory centers aren’t active. Young Sydney blows out the candles on her cake and turns into her older self. When she cuts the cake, which reads “St. Aidan,” it begins to bleed. She turns to see Lazarey and realizes that she’s cut off his hand. Brezzel tries to get Sydney back on track, and she goes back to the van, opening the back. She sees herself on a gurney being wheeled down a hall and through doors labeled 47. After seeing herself being wheeled away again, Sydney sees Lauren and follows herself through some hanging plastic. Brezzel notes how unusual it is that she’s in beta but still dreaming. In the dream, Lauren tells Sydney that she knows better and Sydney replies, “You were part of this.” They fight and Sydney gets suffocated. Brezzel announces that they have to stop because Sydney is in v-tach and needs to be resuscitated. Later, Sydney wakes up and sees Vaughn at her side. They kiss and he tries to tell her that they can’t do anything. She notes that it’s a dream, so she can do whatever she wants. She quickly realizes that she’s wrong when Jack comes in to tell her that she’ll be okay.

At the ops center, Marshall tells Lauren that he wasn’t able to find a match in the DNA tests, but he found out some other interesting information. Sydney tells Jack and Vaughn that the man whose hand she cut off in her dream was Lazarey. Jack tells her that Marshall’s tests show the hand they found belonged to someone who was alive as recently as four months ago, so the only way it could belong to Lazarey is if he’s not really dead. Vaughn announces that he’ll ask Lauren to get more information. Sydney tells more of the details of her dream; Jack and Vaughn note that the part about Lauren can’t be a memory because Sydney didn’t know Lauren during her missing years. Brezzel says that she could represent someone else. Sydney decides that she wants to undergo the therapy again to see what happened in room 47. Brezzel starts the therapy again as Sloane meets with Lindsey and “confirms” that the Covenant will trade Sydney for Il Dire. Lindsey tells him that he wants Sydney killed during the swap; he ensures that this will happen by showing Sloane some dirt he has on his endgame. Marshall tells Lauren that the hand did indeed belong to Lazarey. Lindsey calls Jack to relay the message and he notes that this means Lazarey is alive and Lindsey has nothing on Sydney.

Sydney dreams of waking up in a car being driven by Dixon. She notes that the car is a St. Aidan, which she’s never heard of. He tells her they’re hard to find and adds, “Don’t forget the case.” She winds up in a room with Marshall and Weiss, who are playing cards and smoking cigars. Sydney tells them that she’s looking for the building and they suggest that she check the kitchen. There, she finds the hanging plastic and meets up with Lauren, who tells her that she shouldn’t have come back. “I’m telling you, you don’t want to be here,” she warns. They start fighting and Lauren morphs into another Sydney. The real Sydney tries to strangle the fake one with the plastic but the fake one breaks through it. She tells the real Sydney that she should have stayed away because it’s obvious that the Covenant had them and it’s no accident that they don’t remember anything. “Trust Lazarey,” the fake says. The real one wants to know what’s in room 47. Jack tells Brezzel to pull Sydney out of her dream before she can be in any more danger, but Brezzel wants to let her keep going. The two Sydneys fight some more and the real one shoots the fake one. She then runs to room 47, opens the door, and sees something that shocks her.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: (using a metal detector) “What if whatever we’re looking for isn’t metal?”
Jack: “Then we’re screwed. Not an unfamiliar situation.”

Jack: “I used to think you didn’t have much of a spine.”
Vaughn: “And has that assessment changed at all?”
Jack: “No.”

Kaya: “I was in a tangent once.”
Jack: “How nice for you.”

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