"The Nemesis"
Written by Crystal Nix Hines; directed by Lawrence Trilling

On a run through the park, Sydney encounters Sloane, who tells her that the Covenant is planning a move. He doesn’t want to give the information to Lauren since she doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a double agent the way Sydney does. He tells her that he’s encoded the details in a photo on a website (the password is Credit Dauphine). Sloane wonders if he can regain Sydney’s trust, since he misses it, but, of course, Sydney isn’t willing to work on that. Vaughn and Weiss play hockey, though Vaughn is mostly just taking out his anger over having to lie to Lauren (see “A Missing Link”). He’s upset that he’s actively working to keep Lauren from doing her job, and he’s worried that she’ll find out. Weiss tells him that people in the CIA shouldn’t get involved with people from the NSC. Vaughn doesn’t like this and smacks him with a puck. In Strassburg, Sark is tasked to take care of someone named Lang. He’s unhappy to learn that he’s being given a partner. At the ops center, Dixon explains that the Covenant is after a device that will grant them access to a Russian arsenal. Lang is the man who designed the device, who was contracted to design a test for security flaws in a Russian nuclear control system. Marshall admits that he’s jealous of Lang for creating what is basically a skeleton key for Russian nuclear weapons.

Lang realized that the person who contracted him wasn’t who he said he was, so he has altered his appearance in order to hide from the Covenant. He will be meeting with a man named Heinrich Strauss at a club in Milan to get new identity papers, so Sydney and Vaughn will go get him before the Covenant can. After the meeting, Dixon tells Sydney that he wants her to take over Lauren’s job as Sloane’s handler, since she’s “more familiar with the players.” Sydney thinks that only Sloane and Sark are the “players,” but she’s shocked to learn that Allison (last seen in “The Telling”) is alive. At the same time, Sark learns the same thing in Strassburg, as Allison is his new partner. Later, after some time in bed, Allison explains that she had to kill Will after he found out that she wasn’t Francie. She doesn’t remember the whole fight with Sydney, but she later woke up in a Covenant hospital and has been working for them ever since. Sark wonders if she helped extract him from the CIA, but she didn’t and only recently learned that he was free and working for the Covenant. He tells her that he plans to find out who killed his father, Lauren meets with Lindsey (last seen in “Succession”) to tell him that Sydney is now Sloane’s handler. He thinks this is fine, since she can now focus more on finding out who killed Lazarey. There appears to be someone in the Russian government who may be able to identify the killer, but Lauren can’t tell anyone this, including Vaughn.

Back at home, Vaughn and Lauren both pack for trips; Lauren claims that hers is a NATO security briefing, but Vaughn seems to sense that she’s not being completely honest. She tells him that after they’re back, they should go away for a few days. Lauren heads to Moscow, where she explains her heritage and omni accent (she grew up in London) to Tipucoff, the Russian government contact. He tells her that there may be a mole in the government who is loyal to the Covenant. He then gives her a file of recordings of phone calls between Lazarey and various people, hoping that the killer’s voice is in the file. In Milan, Sydney and Vaughn prepare for their mission, in which they’ll use a camera that can detect plastic surgery. They discuss Allison, whom Sydney kind of wants to murder. Sark tells Allison about Strauss and she promises to keep an eye on him in the club. Both pairs head to the club and start looking for Lang. Sydney spots him getting his papers from Strauss, then notices a laser sight on his head. She saves Lang and sees Allison, alerting Vaughn that she’s the shooter. Lang runs off but Sydney is unable to go after him. Vaughn chases after Allison, who gets to Lang and pulls out one of his teeth before killing him. When Sydney finds him, Allison knocks her out. Back at the ops center, Weiss tells Sydney that Allison may have left her alive because she likes her, having lived with her for a few months. Sydney suspects that Allison was ordered not to kill her. They’re confused as to why she took one of Lang’s teeth.

Marshall studies an x-ray of the tooth (taken with the special camera) and explains to everyone that it contained something like a QuickPass that was used to open the location where the device is locked up. At the NSC, Lauren has a tech guy go through the recorded calls and try to ID Lazarey’s possible killer. Sydney goes to Zurich to see Sloane, making it clear to him that she’s just doing her assignment. She fills him in on Lang and tells him that he is to find out the location of the device from Sark and Allison. He’ll do so by wearing a wire, and Sydney is excited by the possibility of Allison and Sark finding it and killing him. At the NSC, the techie tells Lauren that he’s found a call that may be from Lazarey’s killer; the woman’s voice has been altered and the call was placed just before Lazarey was killed. The techie has traced the call to KNG Microtech in London. Lauren goes there and learns that the office was leased a year earlier by a woman named Julia Thorne. In Prague, Sloane prepares to meet with Sark and Allison while Sydney and Weiss listen in on coms. Sloane tells Allison and Sark that the CIA is on to them but he can help them get to the device quickly. Allison thinks he’s lying, but Sark tells him that the device is in Sofia. Sydney instructs Sloane to ask about her; Allison admits that she was instructed not to kill Sydney because the Covenant wants to extract something from her memory, possibly something she saw.

Back at the ops center, Jack reminds Sydney that if the NSC thinks she knows something, they’ll make her undergo invasive procedures in order to find out what it is. He thinks that in time they’ll figure out what she knows, but Sydney is getting impatient. Dixon sends Sydney and Vaughn to Sofia to follow Allison to the device. Dixon wants her dead, since she killed Diane (see “Endgame”). Marshall tells Vaughn that he’s working on a device that will find the signal of the QuickPass so they can get to Allison. He then asks for some advice on how to propose to Carrie. (It involves a drum solo.) In Sofia, Sydney and Vaughn quickly find Allison, but they soon learn that she’s already gotten the device and left the tooth behind. They split up to look for Allison, and Sydney finds her first. Allison gives her a little more detail on how she killed Francie (see “Phase One”); she claims that it wasn’t personal, just part of her job. She adds that Rambaldi’s manuscript contained a formula for medication that wound up saving Allison’s life. The two fight and Sydney shoots Allison (again), grabbing the device. She calls Dixon to tell him that Allison is alive and on her way to a hospital. Vaughn quickly learns, though, that the ambulance never reached the hospital. He and Sydney track down the vehicle and see that Allison has somehow escaped.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “You understand that the reason your brother didn’t like talking to you is because you say stupid things, right?” - Vaughn to Weiss

Weiss: “There’s no way Sark’s gonna go for this.”
Sark: “We’re going to Bulgaria. The device is in a vault in Sofia.”
Weiss: “What’d I tell ya? This is the best plan ever!”

“Ask them, or I’ll send a feedback signal through your com so loud they’ll hear it and know you’re wired, at which point they’ll kill you. It sucks being a double agent, doesn’t it?” - Sydney to Sloane

Marshall: “Well, I mean, let’s face it: you got the looks and I got the brains. But…look, I wanted to propose to Carrie, so I came up with an idea, and I was hoping you could give me some objective feedback.”
Vaughn: “I got the looks, you got the brains?!”

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