Written by Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum; directed by Ken Olin

Vaughn and Sydney are in a North Korean prison, where they’re taken before a firing squad. 72 hours earlier, Dixon informs the regular CIA crew that Langley has learned that a Covenant official wants to defect. Once he is extracted and receives immunity, he will turn over all of the information he has on the Covenant. Dixon wants Vaughn and Sydney to go to North Korea and pose as Swiss insurance auditors; they’ll only have a 15-minute window in which to meet with the defector. After the meeting, Lauren asks Sydney if she wants to do something on Tuesday, when Vaughn goes to play hockey. Later, Lauren meets with Zisman, a Covenant operative, who tells her that they’ll send someone to North Korea to get to the defector first. He needs Lauren to find out the name of the airfield where Vaughn and Sydney will leave from in order to take them out. Despite the fact that she’s evil (see “Full Disclosure”), Lauren is hesitant to aid in this. Back at the ops center, Lauren tries to sneak a peak at Vaughn’s itinerary but stops when he criticizes her for asking Sydney to do something. She reminds him that he encouraged her to give Sydney a chance; she wants to get to know her so they can be civil with each other. Lauren calls Zisman and tells him that Sydney and Vaughn are leaving from Dover. There, the pilots are shot with darts and Zisman assigns Sark to get the defector. Sark wants to make sure that their inside person at the CIA is reliable.

On the plane, as the pilots start to get sick, Sydney tries to make conversation with a standoffish Vaughn. She finally calls him on his behavior, telling him that she’s tried hard to make their strange situation work. She decides that when they get back from the mission, one of them needs to request a transfer. The plane starts dropping and Vaughn and Sydney realize that the pilots are dead. The plane is in North Korean airspace, and the Koreans aren’t happy to see enemy aircraft, so they send some not-so-welcoming missiles to greet them. Sydney shuts off the engines so the heat-seeking missiles won’t detect the plane. Once that problem is taken care of, however, they can’t get the plane to restart and they wind up crashing. Back at the ops center, the rest of the group tries to figure out what’s going on but has no information on Sydney and Vaughn’s status. Dixon’s superiors tell him that they have to stand down, but he refuses to let Sydney and Vaughn fend for themselves and instead tells everyone to pool their resources. Jack gets in touch with Irina (see “Succession”) and asks her to get him some help from any allies she may have in North Korea. Sydney tries to get in touch with the ops center through a satellite phone but is unsuccessful. Vaughn notes that if they have to walk to their meeting point, they’ll miss the 15-minute window. They hear military vehicles approaching, so they blow up their plane and run off.

Jack gets an e-mail telling him to meet someone at Sydney’s place at 8. Sloane then calls and offers any help Jack may need. In North Korea, Sydney tends to one of Vaughn’s wounds, making sure to hurt him a little to get back at him for being a jerk on the plane. At Sydney’s, Jack reads Alice in Wonderland while waiting for his new ally. Her name is Katya (Isabella Rossellini) and she assures Jack that Sydney and Vaughn are both alive. However, if Jack wants her help to rescue them, he’ll have to kill Sloane. At the ops center, Weiss relays the information to Lauren that Vaughn is alive. In North Korea, Sydney and Vaughn find an abandoned vehicle and start to render it usable again. Vaughn tries to apologize for his behavior, telling her that the way things were between them before was easy, and now he can’t rely on that anymore. Sydney randomly confesses that she slept with Will in Warsaw (see “Remnants”) and he wonders how he’s supposed to react to the news. She tells him that it means she’s moving on. Lauren informs Zisman that Sydney and Vaughn are still alive; she’s dumb enough to do this from the ops center. Jack and Katya head to Koreatown to meet with a man named Mr. Cho who apparently owes Katya a favor. He doesn’t want to pay it, so Katya skewers his hands and winds up with the name of someone who can help them. In the process, Jack gets his side sliced by a guard.

Sydney and Vaughn reach their meeting point but spot Sark approaching the defector, Leonid Lisenker (Griffin Dunne). Posing as a CIA agent (and using an American accent), Sark tries to convince Lisenker to come with him. Before he can shoot Lisenker under the table, Sydney and Vaughn approach, Sydney holding a knife to a part of Sark’s body he definitely doesn’t want harmed. They tell Lisenker that Sark is really with the Covenant, but before they can extract him, soldiers arrive. Vaughn tries to detail a plan for everyone’s safe escape, but Lisenker notes that he has nothing to lose and starts to run off. After some fighting, Sark winds up being the only one to escape detention by the soldiers. Katya tends to Jack’s wound as he asks which of Irina’s sisters she is, Katya or Elena (who will be unmasked in “A Clean Conscience”). She assures him that Sydney will come home safely, which means that it’s time for Jack to uphold his end of the bargain. Jack wonders why she wants Sloane dead; she calls it “a preventative measure.” In the North Korean prison, Lisenker announces that Sydney and Vaughn are CIA agents and he’s willing to talk. After some beatings, Sydney and Vaughn comfort each other. Jack flies to Zurich while Katya watches him on surveillance. She calls Sloane, who knows who she is, and gives him a message: “Back off Irina.” She warns that the friend he’s about to see may really be a foe, and he can thank her for saving his life. She then calls Jack and tells him to abort the plan.

Jack meets with Sloane anyway, pretending to have just been in the neighborhood, and tells him that Sydney should be fine. Sloane sticks it to him by reminiscing about another time he had a brush with death. In North Korea, Vaughn comes as close to telling Sydney he loves her as he can without actually saying the words. “We’ll find each other,” she tells him. “We always find each other.” There’s some kissing, but it’s interrupted when some guards arrive to take them before the firing squad. Instead of being shot, Mr. Cho’s contact shoots the other shooters, killing them. They meet up with Lisenker, who wants to make it clear that he wasn’t betraying them. Sydney hits him to make it clear that she’s not happy with him. Back at the ops center, Sydney asks Jack how he found them. He replies that her mother did. Later, he meets up with Katya and asks if she warned Sloane. He’s not happy that the trust he’s built up with Sloane is now in trouble. He wonders if this move was for her advantage or Irina’s. Katya tells him that one day, Irina’s intentions will be clear. He thanks her for helping Sydney and she gives him a kiss from Irina. She gives him another and he asks who it was from. “Too many questions,” she replies as she walks away.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Given our tenuous relations with North Korea, their official position on Sydney and Vaughn is to disavow. Unofficially, I say screw ‘em.” - Dixon

“Bad enough being a fugitive in North Korea. Now I have to find out that you slept with Will?” - Vaughn to Sydney

“Sorry, I only speak English.” - Sydney, in Korean

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