"A Man of His Word"
Written by Breen Frazier; directed by Marita Grabiak

Nadia is in the hospital, thanks to Anna (see “Echoes”), and Sloane isn’t happy about it. She’s been placed in an induced coma for 48 hours until her condition improves. Sydney tells him that Anna shot Nadia and also has the bomb. Sloane gets called back to APO, where Sark is being brought in to provide information on CRF. Dixon doesn’t like this idea, since Sloane isn’t supposed to be interacting with Sark, but Jack doesn’t think that Sark will talk to anyone else. Sark asks Sloane for the details on how he convinced the CIA to let him work for APO. Sloane shows him pictures of dead bodies to let him know that he’ll wind up looking like them if he isn’t helpful. Sark reports that the CRF is run by a man named Ushek San’ko, who will be receiving the bomb soon. He reminds Sloane of what he told Vaughn, that he’ll cooperate only if he gets something in return - the chance to see Lauren’s dead body. Sydney tells Vaughn that they shouldn’t rely on Sark’s help, but Vaughn says that he’s making a deal. Sydney is worried that Anna will get away. Jack informs them that Sark is going to help, but he wants to have Lauren’s body exhumed and have Vaughn open the coffin for him. Sydney doesn’t like that Vaughn has to do this, but Vaughn agrees to the deal.

Vaughn and some guards take Sark to see Lauren’s body and Sark says that he hopes to gain some closure from the act. He tries to convince Vaughn that he’ll now have to admit that Lauren loved Sark. Vaughn looks away while Sark takes a few moments to look at Lauren’s body (which, fortunately, is still there and still dead). Sark realizes that Vaughn killed her and Vaughn admits it without trouble. Sark makes him look at Lauren’s body as well before he’ll give any information on CRF. At the hospital, Sloane tells Sydney not to blame herself for what happened to Nadia, since he still believes that it’s not Nadia’s fate to be killed by Anna. Sydney criticizes him for clinging to Rambaldi, but he says that all he has now is his faith. Alarms suddenly go off and a voice on a loudspeaker reports that there was a fire in the subbasement. Sydney and Weiss take off to check things out while Sloane stays back with Nadia. Anna arrives and shoots at Nadia’s bed, then fights with Sydney before escaping. Fortunately, Sloane had Nadia moved to another room, so she’s unharmed. Later, Nadia is moved to the medical wing of APO so Anna can’t come after her again. Jack wonders why Anna would come back for her when she already has the bomb. Sloane is adamant that Anna be taken care of, no matter what.

Marshall uses surveillance footage from Estonia to recreate Nadia’s conversation with Vorich. He can’t hear what Vorich told her, but he can see Anna watching them. Jack realizes that Anna came after Nadia because she knows why CRF wants the bomb. Vaughn tells Sydney that they’re waiting for a response from a contact before they can go with Sark to meet with CRF. He reminds her about the explosive device in Sark’s neck, which they’ll activate if they need to. Jack asks Nadia’s doctor what might happen if she were brought out of her coma early. He’s cautioned against it because of the strain it could cause. Sydney, Vaughn, and Sark head to the CRF meeting, which is to take place in a club in Venice. Sark says that he’s supposed to meet with San’ko alone, an idea Vaughn finds suspicious. He refuses to let Sark meet with San’ko without him and Sydney, so Sark suggests that Sydney pose as Lauren. She winds up going for it. In the club in Venice, Sark tries to convince Sydney that he and Lauren were known for public displays of affection. They meet with San’ko and do some shots. When Sark mentions the bomb and Anna, San’ko reacts as if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. San’ko wants Sydney to demonstrate her “predilections” first, but all she’ll do is suck a lime in Sark’s mouth.

San’ko is suddenly shot by Anna, whom Vaughn takes off after. Sark asks Sydney for a weapon so he can help out, but she handcuffs him to a staircase instead. Sydney and Vaughn lose Anna, and when they go back to get Sark, he’s gone. Anna has rescued him and is spiriting him away in a boat, attempting to remove the tracker in his neck at the same time. She does so just before Vaughn can detonate the explosive in it and kill Sark. Later, Sydney complains to Jack that they played into Anna’s hands and he reminds her to stay focused on finding her and Sark. Dixon tells Jack that they need to take any lead they can to beat Anna and Sark. Jack decides that it’s time to bring Nadia out of her coma, since he’s out of options. Anna tells Sark that she’s wanted to work with him ever since she heard that he had his own father killed (see “Full Disclosure”). She says that since CRF is weak and she didn’t receive enough money for her services, she’s going into business for herself. Now, though, she’d like to form a partnership with Sark. Her buyer, Michel Guinot, has a history with Sark, which is an advantage for her. Jack has gotten the same information from Nadia, though he won’t share the source with Vaughn and Sydney. He sends them to crash the meeting in a cemetery.

Sloane arrives at Nadia’s room and discovers that she’s awake; her doctor tells him that it’s due to a drug in her system. Sark and Anna head to the meeting with Guinot as Sydney and Vaughn watch from a building rooftop. Sydney goes after Sark while Vaughn goes after the bomb, though he almost loses it during a fight. Anna chases after Sark, who locks her behind a gate and alerts Sydney to her presence. Sark gets away, and after some fighting, Sydney takes Anna into custody. She and Vaughn are happy about the capture but she’s disappointed that Sark got away. Back in L.A., Weiss tries to cheer Nadia with magic tricks. Sydney arrives to let Nadia know that the mission was successful. “And hey, we didn’t kill each other,” Nadia notes. At the ops center, Jack hands Sloane’s position back to him. Sloane asks Jack to justify waking Nadia up. Jack reminds him that he said they should do whatever it took to catch Anna. He adds that Sloane said it wasn’t Nadia’s time to die. “Don’t tell me you’re losing your faith,” Jack taunts. Sloane would like Jack to not put his daughter’s life in danger anymore, though Jack notes that Sloane puts Sydney in danger all the time. Sloane reminds him that they made a pact, but now he’s not sure Jack is keeping up his end of the bargain.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sark: “I must, uh, tell you…Lauren and I had a…reputation; certain intimacies were public knowledge. We must maintain appearances.”
Sydney: “Dream on, you perverted freak.”

Sark: “‘Beware a summit that begins with shared bread; the sated man is at his weakest.’”
Anna: “Who said that?”
Sark: “A Vietnamese general I had dinner with once. By dessert, I put a bullet between his eyes.”

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