Written by Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum; directed by Daniel Attias

At home, Nadia tells Sydney how sweet Weiss is and Sydney makes sure that she isn’t going to break his heart. They both get called in to work, where Weiss is telling Vaughn that Nadia compared him to ice cream (vanilla Swiss almond). Vaughn suggests that he take things slow, since he took a previous breakup so hard. The four meet up and notice Sloane and Jack having a conversation. Once everyone has gathered, Sloane reminds them that his position as director is contingent on an agreement, and one of the stipulations of the agreement is that he can’t interact with certain people. APO’s next mission involves one such person, so Jack will be temporarily taking over as director. After Sloane leaves, Vaughn asks why they were assigned this case if Sloane can’t be involved. Jack says that it’s because some of the other members of APO are familiar with a key player - Anna Espinosa (last seen in “Time Will Tell”). Apparently she’s supposed to be dead, but she was spotted on surveillance and is supposed to make contact with someone in Brussels in 36 hours. Nadia sees the Rambaldi symbol on Anna’s hand and leaves the room, shaken. Jack assigns Sydney, Dixon, and Marshall to keep an eye on Anna during the meet. If they can, they’re allowed to bring her in and Jack won’t pay attention to how much force they use.

Sydney and Nadia go to lunch at an outdoor café and Sydney tells her sister the events of her stadium encounter with Anna in “A Broken Heart.” She confides that she promised herself that if she ever comes in contact with Anna again, she’ll kill her. Nadia tells Sydney that when she channeled Rambaldi (see “Legacy”), she hallucinated a lot of scenes that went by quickly. One that she saw clearly was herself and Sydney holding guns on each other and Nadia pulling the trigger. The look on Sydney’s face seemed to say that she expected to be killed by her sister. Sydney starts to tell her something (probably that Jack killed Irina) but is told that she has a phone call. The caller is Anna, who has moved in while Sydney was gone and is sitting at the table with Nadia. She also has snipers pointing laser sights at Sydney to ensure that she does what Anna wants her to. Sydney runs back to APO and tells Jack that Anna took Nadia because she figured out that she would be ambushed in Brussels. If Sydney doesn’t do what Anna says, she’ll kill Nadia. Everyone starts working while Sloane stands nearby, watching but unable to help. Sydney tells the others that Anna wants her to go to the meet posing as her and get a package from a man named Milo Sabine. If she delivers it to Anna in a Beverly Hills boutique, Nadia will be released.

In Brussels, Sydney goes to the meet as Anna but is told that she has to kill a man named Wilhelm Cogg in the next 40 minutes before she can get her package. She will have to take a photo of his body and bring Sabine one of his fingers (because there’s nothing this show likes more than severed fingers, except maybe Mexico). Vaughn, Marshall, and Dixon quickly gather information on Cogg, discovering that he likes hookers. Sydney alters her clothes to look like a hooker (think Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies) and approaches Cogg in a hotel bar. She pretends that a friend has hired her to show him a good time for his birthday. Up in his room, Sydney, Vaughn, and Dixon tell him that they’re going to save his life, and afterwards he’s going to disappear. Elsewhere, Anna tells a captive Nadia that she looks like Irina. Nadia tries to put on a brave front but Anna knows she’s scared. “Your sister…she’s a curse,” she says. “You see what happens, don’t you? To everyone she loves. One day, you will be asked to pay the price.” With nine minutes left, Vaughn cuts off Cogg’s finger and the others make him look dead. Sydney returns to Sabine with the finger and photo of Cogg’s “corpse.” Sabine hands over the package, telling her that whatever is inside is the last remaining sample.

At the same time, Anna burns the Rambaldi symbol into Nadia’s neck, telling her that she wants Sydney to think of her every time she sees it. “And one day, whether you choose to or not, you will help me destroy her,” she says. At APO, Marshall reveals that the package contains something called the Dante Compound, a putty that, when mixed with nerve agents, especially VX gas, replicates neurotoxins. Jack asks Marshall how long it would take to make a duplicate putty, since they obviously can’t give the real thing to Anna. Marshall thinks that Anna is working for a terrorist cell called the Cadmus Revolutionary Front, which is made up of former Covenant members. They’ve been after the Dante Compound for years, possibly to build a chemical bomb. He points out that they have someone in custody who may be able to provide some information on the CRF. In Jack’s office, Sydney tells her father that if they give Anna the fake putty, she’ll kill Nadia. Jack thinks that giving her the real compound would be a huge mistake. Sloane is on Jack’s side, stating that Anna won’t kill Nadia because “it’s not her destiny.” Jack allows Sydney to call the shots in order to get Nadia back. He then reminds Sloane that he shouldn’t be there. Sydney runs into Vaughn on her way out and tells him, “I just want the ghosts to go away.”

Sydney meets up with Anna at the boutique and hands over her purse, which contains the compound. She’s shocked that Anna doesn’t even check the putty, but Anna claims to trust her. She gives her a car door opener and tells her that five minutes after she leaves, Sydney can go to a parking garage to retrieve Nadia. Sydney gets fed up with her taunting and starts a fight. “She can have the blouse,” she tells the other shoppers when they’re done. Sydney gets her purse back and Anna takes her car door opener back, requiring them to swap again. Sydney then hurries to the parking garage and rescues Nadia from a car trunk. Vaughn heads to a prison to see Sark (last seen in “Resurrection”), who considers them practically family, since they both slept with Lauren. “Was it the infidelity or the espionage that motivated you to kill the woman I loved?” he asks. Vaughn is skeptical that he really loved her, but Sark taunts that Lauren always liked him better. Vaughn punches him and tells him it wasn’t for sleeping with his wife. He then asks why CRF keeps trying to contact him, offering him a few amenities in exchange for information. Sark won’t cooperate, so Vaughn tells him he’s being transferred to a less appealing prison. Outside, he tells Jack that Sark reacted as planned. Jack says that they’ll send in a surgical team that night.

Sydney takes Nadia back to APO, where Weiss and Sloane are relieved to see that she’s okay. Nadia tells Sydney that Anna said they would be torn apart. Sydney reveals that she looked through Irina’s files after her death and heard a conversation between her and a man. The outer parts of the Rambaldi symbol represent Sydney and Nadia, and the center is an object they will fight over. Apparently, Rambaldi prophesied that only one sister will survive. Sydney notes that some of Rambaldi’s prophecies have come true, so if Nadia wants to leave, she understands. Nadia says that no prediction is going to tear them apart, and neither will Anna. That night, Marshall and a couple of other men sneak into Sark’s cell after knocking him out with gas and inject a pellet in his neck. Later, he tells Vaughn that the pellet, which contains a delayed activator, will go off in 24 hours and the CRF will be unable to detect it. It also contains an explosive that they can detonate if need be. During Sark’s transfer, his van crashes and he’s extracted. He doesn’t catch on that the whole situation has been orchestrated. At APO, Sydney tells Jack that the CRF has set up a meeting with a guy named Ivan Vorich at a lab in Estonia, so they might have a chance to nab Anna there. He tells her to take Nadia and just observe. She notes that Anna never checked the putty and apologizes for being stubborn. Jack says that she was just trying to protect a fellow agent and family member.

Sark is turned loose and told to go to CRF headquarters. APO is alerted but has to wait until his tracking device is activated. Sloane tries to warn Sydney to be careful around Anna, but Sydney points out that his obsession with Rambaldi got her and Nadia into this. Sloane firmly believes that one of the sisters won’t return home. Later, Sark’s tracker goes off and Marshall sees that he’s in South Africa. When Vaughn, Dixon, Weiss, and their team arrive, however, he’s alone in an empty building. Sark agrees to help, but, of course, he wants something in return. In Estonia, Sydney and Nadia spot Anna in her meeting with Vorich but get caught by one of Anna’s henchmen. While they’re fighting, Anna spots Sydney, who takes off after her, noting that Vorich has VX gas with him. Nadia gets the upper hand on the henchman and demands to know why CRF is assembling a bomb. He tells her something before he either passes out or dies. Nadia runs off to find Sydney, passing a surveillance camera, and the two sisters wind up face to face with their guns drawn. Suddenly someone fires a shot and Sydney looks up to see Anna running off. Nadia has been shot in the back and there’s nothing Sydney can do to keep her conscious.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “She’s supposed to be dead.”
Jack: “So are a lot of people.”

“I see your bargaining skills have gone the way of your manhood.” - Sark to Vaughn

Nadia: “We’re early.”
Sydney: “Who says girls can’t make it anywhere on time?”

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