Written by Jesse Alexander; directed by Lawrence Trilling

In Kyoto, a captive Nadia (see “Blood Ties”) channels Rambaldi and writes code as Sloane looks on. At the ops center, Sydney announces that they have no idea where Sloane has taken Nadia. Her superiors in Argentine intelligence have only provided them with her background; she’s been an agent for six years and her mission in Chechnya was her first big assignment. She grew up in an orphanage in Buenos Aires, and Sydney and Sloane are the first family she’s ever known about. Sydney thinks that Sloane will inject her with the Rambaldi elixir in order to give her a direct connection with Rambaldi. In Kyoto, Sloane pins up all of Nadia’s notes, which together form the Rambaldi symbol. Sydney continues that Sloane could kill Nadia in order to achieve the endgame he’s been working towards for decades. Sloane prepares to inject Nadia again, comparing the situation to Abraham’s decision to sacrifice Isaac in the Old Testament. Nadia secretly frees herself from her handcuffs, then smashes a bunch of the elixir. He knocks her out with a stun gun and calls someone who can sell him more elixir. The seller then calls Sark, who offers to double Sloane’s price. At the ops center, Vaughn (who checked himself out of the hospital early) tells Sydney that he takes full responsibility for what Lauren did to him, but if she can’t get past it, he understands. She’s not sure, but he asks her to think about it, since it’s all he does now.

Dixon announces in a briefing that they’ve intercepted Sloane’s call and know he’s looking for more elixir. He wants it from an inactive bunker, so Sydney suggests placing a tracer on the elixir that will lead them to Sloane. Vaughn is more focused on finding Lauren, but Dixon tells him that Sloane is their first priority. Vaughn and Sydney head to the bunker but are too late to tag the elixir. She starts to collect some samples while he attempts to get information from the drives. Marshall detects another signal and Sydney notices video files, which seem to be of a young Nadia strapped to a chair and drawing something. Marshall announces that Vaughn and Sydney have tripped a silent alarm, so their presence has been detected. A group of guards enter, followed by Katya (see “Crossings”). Katya has the guards take Vaughn and Sydney’s weapons, but then she shoots them and tells Sydney and Vaughn to take their uniforms and IDs. Sydney learns for the first time that Katya is Irina’s sister. Katya sneaks Sydney and Vaughn out of the bunker, but someone finds the dead guards and suspects that Vaughn and Sydney have kidnapped Katya. In Kyoto, Sloane sedates Nadia and tells her that he’s proud of her courage for destroying the elixir. She tells him that when she grew up in an orphanage, the kids had to dress up every Sunday and stand in line to wait to be chosen by a family. She wouldn’t because she always believed her real father was looking for her. “If I had known it was you I was waiting for, I would have cleaned up,” she says.

At a safehouse in St. Petersburg, Vaughn calls Weiss and tells him that he wants him to keep scanning satellite feed for Sark and Lauren. Katya tells Sydney that she and the guards were also after Sloane. Sydney asks why Nadia is valuable if she channelled Rambaldi as a child. Katya explains that she was taken from the lab before she could finish. Vaughn speaks up that Bill was the one who took her away because he wanted to protect her. He’s suspicious of Katya’s intentions for finding Nadia, but she reminds him that she risked her life to get him and Sydney out of the bunker. She tells Sydney that when Irina returned to Russia after faking her death in the States, she was immediately arrested. She had Nadia in jail and the baby was taken away a day later. Katya joined the Russian Secret Service in order to find Nadia, but she didn’t hear anything about her until recently, when she learned that Sloane was also looking for her. Sydney tells her that Sloane has Nadia. In L.A., Sloane meets up with Sark and Lauren to get the Rambaldi elixir, but they want to have access to Nadia in exchange. They’ve brought enough elixir for one dose, and once they know that he really has Nadia, they’ll give him more. They also want a demonstration to make sure the elixir actually works. At the ops center, Marshall tells Sydney and Dixon that the elixir can cause brain damage and possibly kill Nadia.

In Kyoto, Sloane gives his demonstration and Nadia writes some more. Marshall enhances the video footage of Nadia to see that the doctor administering the elixir to her as a child as Suit and Glasses (last seen in “A Higher Echelon”). In a briefing, Dixon says that SaG (whose real name is Jong Lee) was in charge of Russia’s Passenger experiments and has met with Sloane twice in the past four months, most likely to provide the elixir. Vaughn still wants to find Lauren and Sark, but Dixon tells him this isn’t a good time to focus on that. He sends Vaughn and Sydney to Cuba, where SaG currently is, to find out more about the Passenger experiments. He also wants Jack to work with Katya to try to find out where Sloane and Nadia are. Right after the briefing, Jack pulls Vaughn aside and tells him that he’s obviously angry about the situation with Lauren; he’s afraid that this rage will spill over into his work and affect Sydney. He suggests that Vaughn attempt to get closure by paying a visit to Jack’s weapons storage facility. Vaughn isn’t quite willing to kill his wife, but Jack seems to think he’ll change his mind. Jack goes to see Katya and they discuss Sloane’s financial records, noting that he’s done some dealings in Chamonix, which means that Toni (see “After Six”) might know where he is. Katya wants to keep working with Jack, noting that he’ll probably have a hard time dealing with the fact that his wife had a child with another man.

Sydney and Vaughn head to Cuba and knock out SaG. They revive him later and ask him what information he got from Nadia. He reveals that she drew coordinates to a place where they can find Rambaldi in some form or another. Vaughn asks about Sloane, but SaG claims not to know where he is. Much to Sydney’s shock, Vaughn threatens him with acid, but SaG keeps saying that he doesn’t know where Sloane is. Vaughn pours the acid on his hand anyway. Jack visits Toni in prison, but she’s not willing to give him information without receiving something in return; she’d like a release with time served. She tells Jack that she doesn’t know where his security system was built, but she probably could find out. On the flight home, Sydney tells Vaughn that his acid stunt was unacceptable. He points out that he’s trying to help her find Nadia, adding that SaG tortured her, Nadia, and Will. He wants to find Nadia, but he also wants to make sure Lauren pays for what she’s done. Sydney points out that she might get away with it. At the prison, Marshall and Toni discuss their work and she offers him a job. He’d rather stick with the CIA, since they’re the good guys and he gets benefits. Marshall says that Sloane installed Toni’s security system in Kyoto, and she tells him that she’ll have to come along to bypass it. On the way to Kyoto, Sydney tries to make sure that Vaughn will stay focused on the task at hand.

Sloane notes that Nadia is building up a tolerance to the elixir, so they have to wait a little while before giving her more. Lauren isn’t in favor of that idea and pushes Sloane to make a sacrifice. As the CIA approaches, Sloane prepares to give Nadia another dose and she notes that it doesn’t look like the angel who saved Isaac will be showing up. Before he can inject her, two of his guards arrive, holding guns on Sark and Lauren, and Sloane announces that he’s made a big mistake. He tells them the deal is off but he’ll let them go. Lauren compares Sloane’s protection of Nadia to Reed’s protection of her. She and Sark kill the guards as Toni gets into the system and the CIA storms the building. Sydney rescues Nadia and tries to get Vaughn to help her secure her. He goes after Lauren instead, but she and Sloane both get away. In the helicopter, Nadia tells Sydney that Sloane protected her. Back at the ops center, Dixon notes that Sloane got away because Nadia wasn’t secured. Sydney doesn’t tell him that it’s because Vaughn didn’t help her. Afterwards, Sydney tells Vaughn she won’t cover for him again; he violated protocol and left Nadia behind. She tells him that she knows what it’s like to be betrayed, but he saved her from letting her hatred for Sloane consume her, so she wants to do the same for him. She says that nothing can happen between them until he deals with the current situation. Jack tells Dixon that he’s okay with Irina’s affair, then goes to see Katya and kisses her. Vaughn decides to take Jack up on his closure suggestion after all.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I find you sexy, Jack. Deal with it.” - Katya

“Remember me from Taipei? Red hair? I liked my teeth.” - Sydney to SaG

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