"Blood Ties"
Written by J.R. Orci, Alison Schapker, and Monica Breen; directed by Jack Bender

At a shooting range, Vaughn laments to Dixon that his front with Lauren was supposed to have ended by now. Dixon thinks that they can use her to give the Covenant fake information and keep them out of the way until the CIA finds the Passenger (see “Hourglass”). As soon as that happens, Lauren will be arrested. Jack summons Sydney to meet him somewhere and reveals that Sloane is alive. He reveals that he realized Bell was a member of the Trust and the group wanted Sloane to be executed for some reason. Jack put a toxin in Sloane’s wine that made it appear that he was dead. Sloane asks for the Hourglass so they can locate Sydney’s sister, but Jack wants to know why she’s so important. Sloane reveals that one of Rambaldi’s texts says that the Passenger can serve as a direct conduit to him. The text included a recipe for an elixir, the green stuff he’s been injecting himself with. He wanted to try to channel Rambaldi himself, but it didn’t work. He wants to find his daughter first because if the Covenant does, they’ll inject her with the elixir and it will destroy her psyche or possibly kill her. Sloane smashes the hourglass and the green liquid inside starts moving around. At the ops center, Vaughn holds up his front with Lauren, then gets a call from Brill (see “Breaking Point”), who wants to meet him to discuss Vaughn’s father. Brill and Vaughn meet, and Brill announces that Bill died while working on an operation that the CIA hadn’t sanctioned. He was a Rambaldi follower, broke the Passenger out of KGB custody, and, not trusting the CIA, took her someplace safe.

Vaughn doesn’t believe that his father would go against the CIA. Brill tells him that Bill sacrificed himself to keep the Passenger safe, but if Vaughn doesn’t stop what’s happening now, Bill’s death will have been in vain. Weiss tries to trail Lauren but loses track of her. Vaughn leaves his meeting with Brill and is abducted by Covenant thugs. Sydney, Sloane, and Jack discuss breaking into the Smithsonian to get an artifact from the Trust, which will help them find the Passenger. Jack has only been able to identify one of the Trust’s five members, Bell, and Sloane hopes that the sight of him will bring about the revelation of the other four. In D.C., Sloane makes sure that Bell catches a glimpse of him. Sydney and Jack tap into Bell’s phone line to see if he calls the other Trust members to tell them that Sloane is alive. Jack says that when he first heard about Sloane’s affair with Irina, he was worried that Sloane was really Sydney’s biological father, but according to medical records, he’s not. In a Covenant warehouse, Sark prepares to torture Vaughn, thinking that Brill told him where the Passenger is. At a briefing, the CIA discusses Lauren and Vaughn’s disappearances and the fact that Vaughn might be in trouble. Sloane heads out to get retinal scans from the Trust members, which he’ll send to Sydney so she can get into their vault at the Smithsonian. Sark shocks Vaughn and asks where the Passenger is. Vaughn taunts him instead of answering, which doesn’t make Lauren happy.

Sloane crashes the Trust meeting and gets retinal scans from everyone except Bell. The Trust members aren’t happy that he’s blackmailing them in order to be left alone. Sloane gets Bell’s scan while telling him that if anything happens, he’ll reveal Bell’s son’s “unseemly predilections.” Sydney successfully gets the artifact from the vault. She, Jack, and Vaughn then put the green liquid from the Hourglass into the artifact. The results look like brainwaves, but apparently that’s good enough for Sloane. At the Covenant warehouse, Lauren tells Vaughn that he’s not going to be able to survive Sark’s torture. She claims that not everything between them was a lie. Sark returns and Lauren asks him to give Vaughn a little time, since he’ll take the information he has with him if he dies. Sark slaps her and has her escorted from the room. Sloane informs Sydney that he can use a satellite network to read the brainwaves and locate the Passenger. Jack finds her in a labor camp in Chechnya, under the alias Talia Kozlov. Though Sydney has been under the impression that her sister is an innocent, Jack thinks that she might have been detained for a reason. Sloane is determined to find her no matter what. Sydney promises that she won’t make the same mistake with her sister that she did with Irina. Lauren awakens Vaughn after another round of torture and reveals that he told Sark everything. Claiming that their marriage was the only real thing in her life, she allows him to escape. In Chechnya, Sydney sneaks into the labor camp.

Vaughn attempts to hitchhike, using a truck driver’s phone to call Dixon and tell him that Sark knows where the Passenger is. The phone is actually rigged and Lauren and Sark are listening in, but Vaughn catches on before he can give up the Passenger’s location. He escapes from the driver, but can’t get away before Sark and Lauren recapture him. “You’re smarter than I thought,” Lauren comments. In the prison, Sydney finds “Talia” (Mia Maestro), who is restrained and appears to be catatonic. Sydney tells her who she is and promises to get her to safety. At the ops center, Marshall watches footage of Vaughn’s second abduction and Dixon tells him to try to acquire more surveillance feeds so they can find out where he is. Vaughn winds up back at the warehouse, where Sark starts him in on a new procedure (involving something in an IV) to find out where the Passenger is. Before Vaughn can refuse again, Sark gets a call alerting him to her location. He tells Lauren to kill Vaughn, and she follows his orders by increasing the dosage from his IV. In Chechnya, Sydney attempts to wheel her sister out in a wheelchair but they’re confronted by guards. Fortunately for Sydney, her sister fights as well as she does and they’re able to escape. At the ops center, Marshall locates Vaughn and gives the address to Dixon and Weiss. They’re able to find him before he’s too close to death.

In Chechnya, Sydney and “Talia” take a break and “Talia” admits that she was pretending to be catatonic. She adds that she’s an Argentine intelligence agent. Sydney tells her that her father located her. Satisfied that they’re really sisters, “Talia” reveals that her real name is Nadia. (By the way, Nadia’s last name is Santos, which makes her name the exact opposite of St. Aidan - see “Conscious” and “Remnants”) The two head to a safehouse, where Sydney expresses her disbelief that she has a sister. Jack reminds her that she wasn’t going to make the same mistake she made with Irina. Nadia meets Sloane, who she’s familiar with, and he tells her that he’s ashamed of the person he used to be. Suddenly, the Covenant arrives and sets off an explosion. Jack and Sydney fight them while Nadia and Sloane escape. Later, Jack and Sydney realizes that Sloane knew about the escape route, and since he was the only person who knew where they were, he must have tipped off the Covenant to provide a distraction so he could leave with Nadia. Back in L.A., Sydney visits Vaughn in the hospital and fills him in on Nadia and Sloane. Vaughn warns her not to go after Nadia, telling her that Irina killed Bill because he took Nadia away from her. “I met someone who told me the prophecy,” he continues. “‘The Passenger and the chosen one shall battle; neither will survive.’” Sloane takes Nadia to another safehouse, handcuffs her to a chair, and injects her with the elixir.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “We’re about to embark into a procedure the CIA was more than willing to use on me. You have to admit, the reversal is a tad ironic.” - Sark to Vaughn

“The Passenger and the chosen one shall battle; neither will survive.” - Rambaldi’s prophecy

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