Written by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec; directed by Ken Olin

In his car, Jack uses his normal protocol to get in touch with Irina and ask her about the Passenger (see “Unveiled”). She quickly cuts off their connection. Sark goes to see Conrad (see “Countdown”), also seeking information about the Passenger. Conrad disarms him and surprises him by knowing his name. Olivia (see “The Frame”) knocks him out and makes plans to meet up with Sark again after he’s gotten a manuscript about the Passenger. Sydney and Jack discuss Jack’s failed conversation with Irina; Sydney thinks that Irina either is the Passenger or is protecting her. They meet up with Vaughn, who admits that they were right about Lauren being the CIA leak. Jack tells him to pretend that nothing has changed (an idea Vaughn hates) because they can track Lauren to get more information. He adds that Vaughn might not have a choice in how to deal with Lauren because he’s the one who married her. At the ops center, Lauren asks Vaughn if he’s willing to try marriage counseling. Sydney asks Jack if Vaughn will still live with Lauren’s betrayal after 30 years. Jack says he will. Dixon arrives and announces that the Covenant has kidnapped someone who might be able to help them find the Passenger. They’re traveling across Rajasthan, India in a convoy and he wants Sydney and Vaughn to intercept them. They do so, but Sark shoots Conrad in the process, then leaves him behind. As he’s dying, Conrad tells Sydney that “they have the Restoration” and that the Passenger is her destiny: “Your sister.”

Back at the ops center, Sydney shares this information with Jack, who reveals that Irina had an affair and could have had another child. Once Sydney learns that Irina’s affair was with Sloane, she pays him a visit and lets him know that his upcoming execution won’t make her sad. He reveals that he found out about his daughter when he visited Conrad in “Countdown.” Il Dire (see “The Telling”) gave him more information, and while he used his organization to help people, he was also using it to find his daughter. He tearfully claims that he wants to protect her and asks Sydney to speak to Jack and try to get him to reveal any information he might be holding onto that could help Sloane. At the ops center, Weiss tells everyone that the Restoration is documents written about the Passenger. Marshall adds that even though the Covenant has these documents, they can’t read them - they’re in code, and the CIA has the only code key. Jack suggests that they call a briefing (which will include Lauren) and detail what they have to do once they get the Restoration. Project Black Hole will bring Marshall a fake code key, which Lauren will most likely try to duplicate. This means that Marshall has to play along and try to act normally, which, for him, isn’t that normal. Lauren tells him that the NSC wants her to detail the code key for them. Afterwards, Marshall tells the others that Lauren is duplicating the key, but they can track her and find out who her contact is.

Sydney tells Jack that Sloane confirmed that he’s her sister’s father. Jack claims to be okay with this. Sydney thinks that if Sloane is going to be executed, it should be for a crime he actually committed, so if Jack has anything that can clear him, he should come clean. Jack says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Sydney and Vaughn follow Lauren to her meeting with her contact, who turns out to be Olivia. All they can hear from the conversation is something about the Covenant. They don’t hear Lauren admonishing Olivia for not bothering to pretend to mourn Reed. Olivia reminds Lauren that she killed Reed to protect her. She adds that the Restoration is at their house in Richmond and the Covenant wants the translations by the next day. Lauren promises to meet her there so they can act quickly. Vaughn and Lauren go to see Dr. Barnett, where Vaughn laments that Lauren doesn’t trust him. Lauren says that she’s afraid Vaughn will leave her after she’s mourned Reed. She brings up Sydney and Vaughn says that they have a history, work together, and travel together a lot. Barnett suggests that Vaughn and Lauren go away, perhaps to her parents’ house in Richmond, since Lauren is going there anyway. After the session, Barnett calls Dixon and tells him that the plan worked and Vaughn is tagging along with Lauren. In Richmond, Vaughn plants a bug in a lamp while Olivia blasts Lauren for bringing him along. Sydney and Marshall start using the bug to find a signal that will lead them to Olivia’s safe.

Vaughn hangs out with Lauren and Olivia, then gets a call from Sydney and Marshall telling him that the safe is in the study. He gets in and scans the Restoration, sending the text to Marshall. Outside, Olivia tells Lauren that she hasn’t had time to decode the Restoration yet, since Vaughn is there. Lauren promises to handle him. “I wonder,” Olivia replies. As Vaughn finishes sending the text, Marshall detects another signal and warns that someone is approaching. Lauren arrives and Vaughn pretends that he was looking at their wedding pictures. Lauren says that she wants to be that happy again, so they start making out. Poor Sydney and Marshall are still on coms. “Bad idea to keep it on in the first place,” Marshall notes. In a briefing, Dixon announces that the Restoration documents detail a Rambaldi artifact called the Hourglass, which was recently auctioned to a man named Masa Raidon. Raidon is in the Japanese mob and runs a nightclub in Little Tokyo, where he’s keeping the Hourglass. Marshall notes that the Hourglass will only reveal the location of the Passenger to her father, and Sloane is going to be executed in six hours, so Sydney and Vaughn need to move quickly. After the meeting, Sydney laments to Jack that if Sloane dies, she’ll never be able to find her sister. Jack notes that her sister might be a danger to her, but Sydney thinks she might be a victim and could use her help. She tricks Jack into agreeing to give the legal policy director everything he has on the Trust.

Vaughn and Sydney head to Raidon’s club and he apologizes for what she had to overhear when he and Lauren were in Richmond. At the ops center, the Justice Department’s legal policy director, Bell, tells Jack that he can’t wait until Sloane is executed. Instead of handing over the information on the Trust, Jack heads to Sloane’s cell with wine, reminding him of how they toasted Sydney’s birth with the same wine in Saigon. He now wants to return the honor for Sloane’s daughter. Sloane excuses his affair with Irina by noting that she betrayed both of them and didn’t care about either of them. Jack says that everything Sloane has done to Sydney will pale in comparison to what he does to Sloane’s daughter when she’s found. With half an hour to go before Sloane’s execution, Sydney sneaks into the club. Sloane is led to his fate and Dixon says that he’ll pray for him. Jack says nothing. Lauren tells Dixon that she’s been cleared to observe the execution. Sydney finds the room where the Hourglass is being kept, but there’s a random motion sensor scanning the room. She asks Marshall to get Dixon, since he’ll be able to disarm it, but Marshall tells her that he’s attending Sloane’s execution, which she didn’t realize was going forward. Sloane’s final words are that he wants his daughter to know that he wanted to find her. Sydney decides to forget about the motion sensors and just get the Hourglass. As Sloane is executed, Sydney kills a bunch of guards with some help from Vaughn. She takes the Hourglass to the ops center, telling Jack not to talk to her. Lauren calls Olivia, who informs her that the code key is a fake and Vaughn is playing her. Jack goes to the morgue and injects Sloane’s with something that revives him. (Apparently the Saigon reference was to remind him of a toxin they used before.) He orchestrated the entire situation because he needs Sloane.


R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Conrad, Sloane (technically)

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jack: “You will act like nothing has changed.”
Vaughn: “Okay, what’s plan B? Because that’s not going to happen.”

“Irina Derevko affected your life every bit as much as she affected mine. I knew the possibility existed that Sydney would be drawn into our world, but I often wondered why you were the one who sought her out, why you showed such paternal affection toward her. Now I know. You did it because you were angry and jealous and wanted to take away the one thing that was important to both Irina and me, the symbol of what we had and you didn’t: Sydney. You’re right. I’m not going to help you. Since this is the last conversation we will ever have, I want to make this perfectly clear. What you have done to my daughter is nothing compared to what I will do when I find yours. Salut.” - Jack to Sloane

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