Written by Monica Breen and Alison Schapker; directed by Jack Bender

In his cell, Sloane tells Dixon that he put something powerful in the Rambaldi box (see “Taken” and “The Frame”) and isn’t happy that the Covenant now has it. He’s sure that Sark and Bomani have the DiRegno heart (see “The Telling”), which means that they can start up Il Dire and receive Rambaldi’s message. Dixon asks how Il Dire will help them get to the Passenger (see “Full Disclosure”). Sloane asks for a stay of execution if he helps, but Dixon can’t give him one. Sloane offers to talk to Jack about the Passenger and Dixon repeats that he’s not making any deals. At the ops center, Weiss tells Sydney that Dixon is going to brief them on some sort of cyber-attack they’re experienced. He tells her that no one would blame her for hating Vaughn for getting back together with Lauren. Sydney replies that Jack thinks Lauren is the real leak, but Weiss wonders if she just wants Lauren to be the real leak. In the briefing, Dixon announces that a virus has been unleashed in Berlin and is taking over Internet bandwidth. Since the Passenger is a bio-weapon, they think that the Covenant released the virus as a precursor. Marshall notes that the virus could be the work of a hacker named Cypher who happens to live in Berlin, so Sydney and Vaughn will go over there and find out.

Elsewhere, Bomani discusses the virus with someone; they appear to be using it to find a sequence that matches one from Il Dire. Sark passes on information from Lauren that the CIA has already ID’d Cypher and she’s going to take care of him. Bomani isn’t certain that she’s the best person for the job, but Sark notes that she’s the reason they have Il Dire. Bomani warns that if Sark isn’t correct in his defense of Lauren, they’ll both be sorry. At home, Lauren packs for Reed’s funeral, which Vaughn won’t be attending because of his trip to Berlin. She laments the fact that everyone looks at her like she’s a traitor and says that Vaughn has no idea what it’s like to find out that someone he loves is such a liar. In Berlin, Sydney and Vaughn find Cypher in a club and send him a message on his computer. They don’t realize that Lauren is in the club, trying to get a clear shot at Cypher. Cypher claims that he had nothing to do with the virus, then admits that he created it for Sark. Before he can tell them what it was for, Lauren shoots him. As Cypher gives Vaughn a USB device, Sydney goes after the shooter, pretty sure it’s Lauren, but can’t catch up. Outside, Lauren calls Sark and tells him that Cypher gave Vaughn the files, which means they might be able to stop the virus. Lauren decides to take the risk of corrupting the original files before the CIA can copy them.

At Sloane’s cell, Jack asks about the Passenger, but Sloane says that he’s already told him everything he knows - he just said he would talk about it because he wanted to see Jack. He promises that his association with Reed didn’t help the Covenant, adding that Reed hired him two years earlier to work for a government organization called the Trust. If he worked for them and provided information about Rambaldi, Reed would get him pardoned. Unfortunately for Sloane’s credibility, Jack has never heard of the Trust and Reed was Sloane’s only contact with the group. Jack wonders why the Trust hasn’t tried to help Sloane; Sloane suggests that they’re afraid of coming forward or they think he’s not going to be useful anymore. He reminds Jack of the things he’s done over the past year and asks him to prove that the Trust exists. In Berlin, Vaughn starts looking through Cypher’s files as Sydney reports that he died at the hospital. She tells Vaughn that she thinks she saw Lauren at the club and suspects that she works for the Covenant. Vaughn is upset that she would accuse Lauren of being a double agent and of framing her father for being the real leak. Lauren shows up unexpectedly and Vaughn tries to comfort her. Outside, Sydney calls Olivia, who tells her that Lauren left for Berlin a few hours ago. Jack meets with an old contact and asks for information about the Trust; the contact isn’t thrilled about providing it.

In Berlin, Sydney spots Lauren doing something to the USB device while Vaughn is copying the memory. At the ops center, Marshall learns that the device has been corrupted, most likely intentionally. Fortunately, he’s been able to recover some data, as well as the fact that the virus is looking for something. He’s changed the code so that it won’t destroy anything and that everything it finds will be rerouted to the CIA’s server so they can find out what the Covenant is after. Elsewhere, Bomani declares his disappointment in Sark, who finally agrees that he shouldn’t have placed so much faith in Lauren. He promises that once she gets back the information the CIA is taking from them, he’ll get rid of her. At the ops center, Sydney and Jack discuss Lauren and Jack decides that he needs to tell Vaughn what’s going on. He meets up with him and tells him that while he and Irina were married, every once in a while she would randomly give him a kiss. He only became paranoid about it once, but now he regrets ignoring his suspicions. He suggests that Vaughn not make the same mistake with Lauren. Vaughn notes that Jack never liked him when he was with Sydney, so he’s not surprised that Jack believes Lauren is betraying him. “Lauren is not Irina, and I am definitely not you,” he says. Marshall tells Sydney that the virus was searching the world for a woman with a certain genetic markup, but it found ten matches. After they leave, Weiss spots Lauren downloading the information from Marshall’s computer.

Vaughn almost catches Lauren in the act, but she covers for the reason she’s in Marshall’s office. He follows her as she heads off to run errands and picks up a piece of paper she dropped in a trashcan. It turns out to be a to-do list. He follows her to the mall, where she’s about to put a disk in a trashcan when she gets a call from Sark telling her to meet him in the parking garage. Vaughn calls Weiss to get him to trace Lauren’s call as Sark tells her that Bomani wants them to meet. Weiss tells Vaughn that Lauren’s call is encrypted, so she must be talking to the NSC. Lauren heads to the garage, but just as Weiss decrypts the call and he and Vaughn start listening, she blasts Sark for being unreliable, then hangs up and leaves. When Lauren meets up with Vaughn for lunch, she tells him that Olivia called and bugged her about Reed; she got upset and went for a walk around the mall. At the ops center, Dixon tells Sydney that the ten DNA matches were all for the same woman who used different aliases. Sydney wonders if Il Dire gave Sloane the woman’s name when it provided him with the “peace” message. The woman’s doctor, Robert Viadro, is in Milan, and Dixon wants Sydney and Vaughn to go meet with him. Lauren gets there just before Sydney and Vaughn do and asks about the Passenger. “She’s safe,” Viadro tells her. Sydney and Vaughn enter and Sydney spots a vase marked with the Rambaldi symbol. Lauren stabs Viadro as Vaughn heads upstairs and Sydney fights guards. Lauren spots Vaughn and Sydney on a security camera and demands more information from Viadro.

By the time Vaughn makes it to where they are, Lauren is gone. Viadro tells him that he has betrayed the Passenger; he spend years protecting her, but now she’s alone. Sydney arrives and Viadro recognizes her as the woman from the prophecy. He grabs her gun and tells her, “You will not hurt her.” Vaughn has to shoot Viadro to protect Sydney. Lauren meets up with Bomani and gives him all the information she’s obtained on the Passenger. He replies that her services are no longer required and prepares to shoot her. Sark shoots him first and tells Lauren that he went to L.A. to warn her, not to kill her. Jack gets a call from his contact, who reports that the Trust is funded by something called Project Centigrade. Dixon tells Jack that, according to Dr. Barnett’s notes from her sessions with Sloane, Irina and Sloane had an affair. Jack goes to confront Sloane and tells him that he found no evidence supporting his claims about the Trust’s existence. Sloane warns that if he’s executed, he won’t be able to help find the Passenger. Later, Sydney tells Jack that the Passenger is a person and Viadro seemed to want to protect her from Sydney. Jack tells her that after he received the “peace” message, Sloane studied the etymology of the word, which is “irine” in Greek. Jack thinks that the Passenger is Irina. At home, Lauren gives Vaughn a kiss that he finds suspicious. While she’s in the shower, he looks through her things and finds a bunch of hidden spy stuff.

R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Bomani

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Well, I’m mad at her, and I don’t even think he’s that cute.” - Weiss, re: Lauren and Vaughn

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