"Another Mr. Sloane"
Written by Luke McMullen; directed by Greg Yaitanes

In a Krakow airport, a doctor named Maggie Sinclair sets off a metal detector and has her bags searched. A guard finds a teddy bear in her belongings and she’s escorted into another room. As soon as she steps into a puddle of water, the guard tranquilizes her. In L.A., Sydney and Vaughn meet up with Jack to tell him about the headway they’ve made in their investigation (see “Pandora”), including the fact that “A. Sloane” is behind everything. Sydney thinks that Chase should be notified, but Jack says that he’ll take care of everything. Sinclair is taken to a warehouse, where she meets Arvin Clone. Jack confronts Sloane about setting him up to kill Irina in order to pull him and Sydney apart. Sloane has no idea what he’s talking about and points out that doing what Jack has accused him of doesn’t go along with his ultimate goal. He thinks that someone is setting him up. At the warehouse, Arvin Clone shows Sinclair a Rambaldi manuscript and a drawing of the Mueller device (see “Almost Thirty Years”). She figures out that he wants her to build from the designs but says that creating the device won’t be possible. He won’t take “no” for an answer.

At APO, Jack tells Sydney and Vaughn what happened with Sloane. He thinks that Sloane is telling the truth and they’ll have to keep believing that until they prove otherwise. Sydney suggests putting Sloane and Roberts together to see what Sloane does. The three take Roberts to see Sloane, but Roberts says that he’s not his boss. Vaughn still thinks that Sloane might be involved somehow. At the warehouse, Sinclair tells Arvin Clone that she’ll need a transformer coil in order to complete the device. Arvin Clone reminds her that she’s good at improvising, then tells a guard to “motivate” her. At APO, Nadia tells Sloane that she wants to believe him, but she doesn’t understand why someone would set him up and go after the same things he’s been going after. He wonders if she suspects that he’s looking for Rambaldi again. She asks if he has and he reminds her that he promised he would give up Rambaldi for her. He adds that whatever happened in Siena won’t happen again. As Sinclair is tortured in the warehouse, Sloane tasks APO to find his impersonator. The agents decide that they might be able to use Roberts by giving him the coil and tracing it back to Arvin Clone after it’s exchanged.

Sydney and Dixon meet with Roberts, who would rather go to jail than double-cross Arvin Clone. He does agree to call Carter, Arvin Clone’s right-hand man, who’s in the middle of torturing Sinclair. He tells Carter that he has the coil and will meet him in a neutral location for the exchange. The next day, Sydney and Nadia hack into computers at the meet location, a hotel, so Marshall can get into the surveillance system. Weiss and Nadia then enter the hotel, pretending to be guests, and Roberts walks through the lobby with the coil in a case. He chats with Vaughn, passes Dixon, and winds up at the bar with Sydney. One of Arvin Clone’s men approaches to sweep Roberts and make sure that he doesn’t have any weapons on him. The man then starts to take him to the penthouse, so Jack has the team move. Sydney follows Roberts and the man up on the elevator, spotting Arvin Clone in another one on its way down. Sloane realizes that they’re going to cut the cable, which is exactly what happens. Arvin Clone and Carter meet the elevator in the basement and grab the coil. By the time Sydney arrives, Roberts is obviously dead and the coil is gone. Back at APO, Sydney tells Sloane that the clone is frighteningly similar to him. He reminds her that four years ago, he gave Sark a task similar to what Arvin Clone did at the hotel. The clone thinks he is Sloane, and Sydney wants the real Sloane to help anticipate his next moves.

Sloane receives clearance to access to storage facility where all of the CIA’s Rambaldi artifacts are being held. At home, Sydney apologizes to Nadia for being wrong about Sloane. Nadia is uneasy about his return to Rambaldi, since he became obsessed with the search during their trip to Siena. Sloane studies a manuscript and says, “I know what he’s doing.” He tells the rest of APO what Arvin Clone is up to and they figure out that he kidnapped Sinclair to put together the Mueller device. The clone has put in an order for Xanthium, which he needs for the device, and Sloane has put a hold on the order so he can pick it up himself. Later, Nadia tries to convince Sloane to let someone else go get the Xanthium; he tells her she doesn’t need to worry about him. He tells her that when he was looking at the artifacts at the storage facility, he kept thinking about her and how much more important she is to him than anything having to do with Rambaldi. Nadia tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him again. Sloane meets his Xanthium provider at a racetrack in Sicily and informs him that someone has been impersonating him. He asks the contact where the shipment of Xanthium was going to be sent. At APO, Jack sends teams to Santiago, though Dixon questions sending Sloane to a location where he’ll come in contact with the Mueller device. Jack doesn’t care about Sloane’s motives as long as he brings in Arvin Clone.

As APO agents head to the warehouse in Santiago, Arvin Clone hears that the Xanthium is arriving and tells Sinclair that she can put the device together. She notes that he ruined her hands, so she’ll have a little trouble. The agents start to split up, Sydney announcing that she’s going with Sloane. He notes that this is the first time they’ve been in the field together. Vaughn, Weiss, Nadia, and Dixon go after Sinclair while Sloane and Sydney try to get into a hangar but have trouble determining a password. The first two letters are JA, so Sloane suggests Jacquelyn, which turns out to be correct. In the hangar, they’re greeted by a huge version of the Mueller device, which Sloane thinks they can dismantle rather than destroy. Vaughn tells Sydney that they’re unable to get to Sinclair, so she has to go after her. After she leaves, Carter arrives in the hangar and faces off with Sloane. Sydney intercepts Arvin Clone and Sinclair, whom APO is able to rescue. In the hangar, Sloane shoots Carter and tries to convince him that he’s the real Sloane. Carter says that the clone told him he can live forever. Sloane blasts him for being unworthy and beats him with a miniature Mueller device. He tries to calm down when a stunned Nadia arrives to find him covered in blood.

R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Roberts

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sydney: “He makes the exchange, we track the coil back to Arvin Clone. Sorry, that’s what we’ve been calling him.”
Weiss: “Yeah, also, uh, Marvin Sloane, Rolling Sloanes….”

Roberts: “I had to lay low for a little while.”
Carter: “Lie low. A thing lays. As in you lay a book down. A person lies.”
Roberts: “Oh, okay. Uh, well, listen. Why don’t we get together? You can give me some grammar lessons, and I can give you that coil you’ve been looking for.”

Carter: “You have the coil?”
Roberts: “I’m looking right at it. But considering the considerable risk I’ve taken to procure it, the price just went up.”
Carter: “Name it.”
Roberts: “750. Plus a neutral place to meet. Plus no more grammar lessons.”

Jack: “Coordinate an in-country rendezvous with Sloane at 1200 hours.”
Weiss: “1200? Jack, it’s me. You can say ‘noon.’”

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