"In Dreams…"
Written by Jon Robin Baitz; directed by Jennifer Garner

Arvin Clone visits a monastery with a Rambaldi symbol on its gate and specially bred non-aggressive bees. Arvin Clone thinks that the monks could use their skills to create a new species, but they just want to make a better bee. In a greenhouse, Arvin Clone asks if he can have a cutting of a particular orchid; he’s willing to pay millions for it. When he’s denied, he contacts a couple of people in a van who start up a miniature Mueller device. The bees start stinging all of the monks, and Arvin Clone offers one the anti-venom in exchange for “the Rambaldi orchid formulas” that altered the bees. The monk refuses, so Arvin Clone shoots him. Jack recovers in the medical wing (see “Mirage”) and Sydney asks him if he would have really left the CIA if Irina hadn’t left. He says that he didn’t like not being a part of her life and she points out that he is now. At a briefing, Sloane tells everyone that an orchid was stolen from the monastery, and they have satellite photos proving that the thief was Arvin Clone. APO’s mission is simply to find the clone and get the orchid back. After the meeting, Jack and Sloane discuss the fact that Sloane claimed the orchid’s effects couldn’t be reversed. Jack blames him for possibly putting a global disaster in motion. He warns that he’ll give him 72 to hours to fix things before he goes to Langley.

At Sydney and Nadia’s, the two of them, Vaughn, and Dixon lament that Arvin Clone has virtually disappeared. Sydney suggests bringing him to them by pretending that they have the Vespertine papers, Rambaldi manuscripts that refer to the orchid. They set up the scam at a Paris auction house, where Dixon and Nadia pose as bidders. Jack identifies one of the other bidders as being from a dummy corporation, which means she probably works for Arvin Clone. They’re not so sure, however, when she stops bidding and starts to leave. Sloane realizes that she’s a decoy, and while Dixon and Nadia go after her, the other people in the auction room are knocked out so that someone can steal the papers. The APO agents manage to stop a van from leaving and apprehend Arvin Clone. They take him back to APO, where he acts like he’s the real Sloane, recognizing everyone except his namesake. He tries to prove that he’s the real one by pointing out that Sydney and Dixon wouldn’t work for the man who killed their loved ones. Marshall discovers that Sloane and Arvin Clone have the same EEG readings - Arvin Clone virtually has Sloane’s brain. He mentions a brain imprinting program he worked on at SD-6 that was run by McCullough, and some research turns up details, including the fact that he found a way to transfer memories from person to person.

Jack tells everyone that not only does Arvin Clone share Sloane’s memories, but he also has the same desires and strategies, which is why he’s been able to stay ahead of APO. Sydney remembers that Sloane knew the clone’s password in Santiago, Jacquelyn (see “Another Mr. Sloane”), but Sloane claims that the name just came to him. Marshall thinks that it’s buried in his subconscious, as well as in Arvin Clone’s. Sloane admits that McCullough escaped being captured after the takedown of SD-6 (see “Phase One”) because he tipped him off. However, Sloane knows where he is and Sydney thinks that he might provide a lead to the orchid. Jack assigns Vaughn and Dixon to go after McCullough while the others interrogate Arvin Clone. Dixon and Vaughn find McCullough in Buenos Aires, where he refuses to say anything and promptly kills himself with cyanide. At APO, Arvin Clone talks to Sydney about reengineering evolution and vanquishing evil. He thinks that all of humanity can be given an additive through drinking water that will make them good. Later, Sloane admits that he put substances in water supplies around the world in order to make a more peaceful species just as the monks did with the bees. Hundreds of millions of people have already been exposed to the water, so they need to find a solution before Arvin Clone’s group gets too far with the orchid.

Sydney realizes that Jack knew what was going on but didn’t say anything. Jack thinks that Sloane believed he was doing something good, not setting up the world for disaster. He notes that it’s too late to go back, and they shouldn’t tell the public, so all they can do is get the orchid. Sydney points out that they could have gotten it sooner if Jack had just said something. Marshall determines that Arvin Clone’s memories are all deeply ingrained, and Sloane says that he won’t give up the location of the orchid as long as he believes he’s the real Sloane. Marshall replies that they’ll have to shock Arvin Clone in order to separate him from his fake personality. This requires making Sloane relive a painful memory, then uploading it into Arvin Clone to shock him into reality. Marshall isn’t sure of the risks, but Sloane is ready to start and tells him to begin with Jacquelyn. Marshall prepares him for the hypnosis, telling him that Jack will guide him with verbal cues. The process begins and Sloane resists at first but winds up in a memory of Emily (last seen in “Truth Takes Time”). He brings up Jacquelyn but Emily doesn’t want to talk about her, telling him that she’s alone. Jack tries to get Sloane to go further, finally guiding him to a memory of Emily when she was pregnant.

Sloane and Emily discuss names for the baby, finally settling on Jacquelyn. Sydney asks Jack if he had any idea that they had a child. Before he can answer, Marshall notes that Sloane is struggling and Nadia announces that they need to bring him out of the hypnosis. They don’t have enough information, though, so Jack keeps going. Sloane returns to a memory of visiting Emily in the hospital and having to tell her that their daughter didn’t survive. Armed with the information, Jack gives the memories to Arvin Clone, who reveals that his real name is Ned Bolger and he used to be in the army. He adds that the orchid is in a warehouse in Switzerland. While he switches back and forth between his real and fake selves, Marshall tells Nadia that Sloane isn’t waking up. He’s stuck in a fantasy where Jacquelyn survived and he, his wife, and his daughter are together and happy. Marshall announces that they need to “reboot” his brain like a computer, though he’s not sure how. Nadia suggests that she try to guide him back out the way Jack guided him in. She does so, popping up in Sloane’s fantasy and trying to bring him back out while he tries to convince her to stay there with him. He’s ashamed of the things he’s done, but she thinks that he has the potential to be good. She succeeds, of course. Later, Sloane tells Jack that Rambaldi helped him get past Jacquelyn’s death, but seeing Bolger showed him how much of himself he’s lost. He promises to clean up what he’s done.

R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): McCullough

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Dixon: “Smile and look like a lot of money.”
Nadia: “Dollars or euros?”
Dixon: “Euros, definitely.”

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