"Maternal Instinct"
Written by Breen Frazier; directed by Tucker Gates

Davenport (see “S.O.S.”) is being transported to a hospital when his ambulance is ambushed and his guards killed. He emerges into the street only to be confronted by Irina, who demands to know what he told Jack, especially whether he mentioned the Horizon (see “The Horizon”). He promises that he didn’t say anything, and though Irina claims to believe him, she kills him anyway. At the hospital, a doctor assures Sydney that her baby is fine and that the surgery Dr. Lynn performed on the ship probably saved their lives. Dixon arrives to take Sydney home and tells her that Jack was released from CIA custody, since Davenport confessed and cut a deal. At APO, Rachel tries to confront Tom about his trip to the witness protection archives at Langley, but they’re interrupted when Sloane summons Tom to talk to Devlin. Devlin and some other CIA agents will now be monitoring APO’s investigation of Prophet Five, so Devlin wants to see their files and access logs. After Devlin leaves, Sloane explains to Tom that he really wants to know if someone gave Prophet Five Davenport’s transport route. Tom realizes that the office’s phone logs will tell Devlin who leaked the info. Dixon takes Sydney to a parking lot to meet Jack, who informs them that Davenport was ambushed and killed. Sydney wonders if Prophet Five has another mole inside the CIA who got the route information.

Jack continues that as a condition of his release, Devlin wants them to stop investigating Prophet Five until the CIA has been able to look at their findings. Jack doesn’t want to stop working, so he says they’ll just have to stop documenting whatever they find out. Jack asks Sydney what she wanted to tell him earlier; she explains that they wanted something called Leo 47 Norte, but she didn’t give it to them. Dixon announces that the 47 Norte refers to a place in France, and the Leo references a certain mission. Jack decides to look at Alliance archives to see if anyone from that mission is still alive. He sends Dixon to Paris so he can act quickly when Jack figures things out, then tells Sydney to call Renee so she can help Dixon out. He adds that he wants to move Sydney to a secure location to make sure Prophet Five can’t get to her again. In the car, Dixon tries to comfort Sydney, who reminds him that Dean told her Prophet Five has plans for her. She thinks they saved the baby for a reason but isn’t sure what the reason is. She argues that she can fend for herself, but Dixon tells her that she needs to protect the baby and can’t do that well when she’s currently waddling. He drops her off at home, where she’s shocked to see Irina waiting for her. Irina assures Sydney that she’s there for her but Sydney warns that it’s not safe for her to be there. Irina reveals that she knows about Prophet Five and their pursuit of the Horizon, which Sydney has never heard of. She says that Prophet Five tried to get information out of her about an old Alliance mission; Irina, of course, asks to learn more. She’s pleased to hear that Sydney told Jack about it and asks after him. Sydney tells her he’s fine, then announces that Prophet Five killed Vaughn. Irina knows and claims to be sorry.

At APO, Jack tells Marshall about Leo 47 Norte and asks him to get into Langley’s archives without Devlin finding out. Marshall is thrilled to be in on the secret plan. He finds out that the operation was coordinated by a man named Jean Bertrand and originated in 1999. Tom enters and Marshall tries to cover up the fact that his actions are against the rules. Jack gets a call and says, “That is…unexpected.” Marshall guesses that he was talking to Sydney because his voice modulates when he does. Bertrand happens to be in Paris, so Jack tells Marshall to let Dixon know. He then heads to Sydney’s house to see his wife, telling her and Sydney that Dixon is working on something that will help keep Sydney safe. In France, Dixon and a sexily dressed Renee drive Bertrand around a parking lot on their hood until he tells them that a package retrieved in the Leo 47 Norte mission is in Vancouver. Once the Bristows learn that the Horizon is in a bank in Vancouver, they make plans to go there without Devlin finding out. Sydney wants to tag along against her parents’ wishes since she’s already so involved with what’s going on. A guard relays a message from Irina to Peyton that the Horizon is in Vancouver and she decides to head there as well, just in case Irina isn’t loyal. At the bank, Jack and Irina pose as Italians who want to set up a trust fund for their grandchild. They convince a bank employee named Moreau to stay late and help them out by putting up a lot of money.

At APO, Rachel finally asks Tom about Korman and requests that he not do anything stupid. Tom admits that he already went to see him but didn’t do anything to him because he was with his own family. At the bank, the Bristows finish setting up the trust fund and Jack and Irina head off to find a safe deposit box with Moreau. Sydney stays behind and logs on to Moreau’s computer, calling Tom to backdoor a secure database. He transfers her to Rachel while avoiding letting Devlin know who he’s talking to. In the vault, Irina knocks out Moreau and Rachel gives Sydney the box number of the Horizon, which she passes on to her parents. As Jack is breaking into the box, Sydney sees Peyton and her guards arriving on a surveillance monitor and rushes to warn her parents. Jack discovers that there’s a charge on the box, so he can’t open it without destroying what’s inside. Irina attempts to stab him but Jack fights her off just as Sydney arrives to announce that Peyton is there. She and Jack realize that Irina is working with Prophet Five and was behind Sydney’s abduction. Jack orders Irina to call off Peyton and the guards, but she claims that they’re not her team. As Sydney tries to get Jack’s attention, Irina tells Jack that Peyton will kill her, too. An angry Jack hopes that when he kills Irina this time, she’ll stay dead. Sydney finally gets his attention and announces that she’s going into labor.

Back at APO, Sloane warns Rachel that Devlin and his men are accessing the server log because they think someone at APO is leaking info to Prophet Five. He tells her that he’s been helping the Bristows, who are in the field without authorization, and Rachel confides that she’s been doing the same. Sloane has tried to purge the files but hasn’t been able to. She assures him that she can delete any entries that indicate they’ve been helping the Bristows. In the vault, Jack and Irina tend to Sydney, who wants to know Peyton’s plan so they can get out of there. Irina suggests giving Peyton the Horizon. Jack doesn’t like this idea but Irina says she’s just trying to help. As Peyton and her guards hack into the bank’s surveillance system to keep an eye on the Bristows, Sydney asks Irina how she planned to escape once she had the Horizon. Irina admits that she has a helicopter on standby that Prophet Five doesn’t know about, so the Bristows can use that to flee. Peyton and the guards spot them and take off after them to the roof. Irina informs Jack that the signal for the helicopter is in her bra; she’s more pleased about him extracting it than he is. The Bristows make it to the helipad, but before the helicopter can land, Peyton shoots it down with a bazooka. The helicopter explodes and the Bristows are back to square one.

Sydney suggests hotwiring a freight elevator but Jack and Irina don’t think they’ll have time. Instead, Jack leaves Sydney with the Horizon and a gun to control Irina while he heads off to stop Peyton and her guards. At APO, Rachel gets into the logs and starts deleting transmissions. Sloane alerts her to one under a different user name and tells her he had to create a temporary one because his own had timed out. However, she can’t delete it because Devlin is looking at the same page on a different computer and will be alerted to the deletion. Sloane quickly calls him and distracts him so Rachel can finish up. In the vault, Sydney remembers Irina telling her that truth takes time and asks if this is what she meant. Irina replies that Sydney likes things to be simple, but they’re not. Sydney asks if Irina put out the order to kill Vaughn. Irina reveals that she knew about his investigation and tried to warn him in Sevogda (see “Before the Flood”). Of course, he didn’t listen. Sydney replies that everyone fell for Irina, including her and Jack, but Vaughn never did. In the stairwell, Jack ambushes and takes out a couple of guards. Back in the vault, Sydney tells Irina that she knows she only saved the baby because she wants it. Irina admits that she never wanted a child but the KGB made her get pregnant to ensure Jack’s loyalty. She knew she could never be both an agent and a mother, so she chose to fail at being a mother.

Irina hears a guard approaching and asks Sydney for the gun, which she hands over. She then grabs the Horizon and tells Sydney that she won’t be able to be both a mother and an agent. “Watch me,” Sydney shoots back. Irina starts to leave but stops when she realizes that Sydney needs her help. She tells Sydney that the only reason she saved the baby was because Sydney is her daughter. Then she tells her to do whatever she says. Peyton and Jack finally meet up and fight. Believing he’s killed Peyton, Jack leaves, not realizing he hasn’t quite succeeded. He rejoins Irina and Sydney just as Irina realizes that the baby is breech; he helps with the delivery as Sydney tries to imagine herself on a beach with Vaughn. She admits that she misses him and Jack tries to comfort her. He and Irina delivery a baby girl, and afterwards Irina quickly disappears with the Horizon. Jack assures Sydney that they’ll find her. While making her escape, Irina calls Marshall to tell him where Jack and Sydney are, adding that the extraction team will need to bring diapers. On the plane back home, Sydney lets Jack hold the baby, noting that she has Vaughn’s eyes. They exchange a glance and Jack tells her, “I’ll take care of it.” In Bhutan, a man rides a horse across a field to a monastery and gives a monk a message. The monk then delivers the message to another man: “You have a daughter.” The pleased man is a very much alive Vaughn.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Irina: “Look at us. About to become grandparents.”
Jack: “I’m doing my best to ignore that.”

“You should know something, Sydney. I never wanted to have a child. The KGB demanded it. They knew it would ensure your father’s allegiance to me. You were simply a means to an end. And then when the doctor put you in my arms and I looked at you? So fragile. All I could think was, ‘How could I make such a terrible mistake?’ And at that moment I was sure of one thing: I couldn’t be an agent and a mother. I’d either fail at one or both. And I chose to fail at being a mother.” - Irina

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