"The Horizon"
Written by Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum; directed by Tucker Gates

Sydney studies herself in the mirror in her home, then starts to make tea. Vaughn (last seen in “Prophet Five”) arrives with groceries and she asks him if she has an eyelash in her eye, since it itches. He starts cooking dinner, something that surprises her, and she suggests taking a bath together. He cuts his finger and she tends to him, which leads him to tell her that she’s going to make a great mother. She’s a little skeptical, since her mother wasn’t the best role model. A voice comes over the radio, telling Sydney that she’s “not there yet.” Vaughn doesn’t seem to hear the voice, which continues, “You need to go back further. Follow Vaughn.” Vaughn tells her that if she doesn’t like the radio, they can turn it off. He does so and prepares for their bath. Sydney looks in the mirror again, this time seeing herself sitting in a chair with electrodes on her forehead. Suddenly she’s actually in the chair and a doctor, whose voice was on the radio, tells her that they almost have what they need. He prepares to inject her but a distorted voice asks if what he’s going to give Sydney will hurt the baby. The doctor tells the voice through a mirror that he has to keep going if the person wants an answer. As Sydney is injected, she warns the doctor that she’ll kill him if anything happens to the baby.

Two days earlier, Peyton gets noodles in San Francisco’s Chinatown, follows a man, stabs him, and takes his watch. She uses it to get into a building, where she looks up information on Vaughn and kills an agent. She calls Desantis (see “Out of the Box”) to let him know that she has the files and will be running an analysis on them. Sydney and Jack take a tour of the maternity wing of a hospital and discuss her due date, which is three weeks away. A doctor warns her that she could deliver a healthy baby if her water broke today. As they stop by the nursery, Jack gives Sydney a gift - her rattle from when she was a baby. He tells her that it reminds him of a time when he could keep her safe. At APO, Marshall tells Tom that he was looking at old aliases and found a marriage certificate of his from seven years ago. Tom admits that he was married for three years but doesn’t want to give any details. Marshall suddenly gets a message pertaining to Prophet Five and a facility breach. In a briefing, everyone learns that Peyton took information on Vaughn, though no one is sure why. Jack assigns Marshall and Tom to warn Vaughn’s old contacts and cover all of his tracks while Rachel and Sloane look at the rest of the intel. Jack sends Sydney to see Renee and try to find out what Peyton is after. He assures her that they’ll fix the situation.

One of Peyton’s colleagues listens to one of Vaughn’s old debrief recordings which seems to be from around the time of “So it Begins.” The woman is sure that he told Sydney where “it” is. Peyton calls Desantis to relay this message, noting that Sydney might not remember what Vaughn told her. Desantis is sure that a friend of his, Dr. Gonsalo Boris, will be able to “refresh her memory.” He’s determined to find something called the Horizon, which he’s been looking for for over 30 years, and he’s willing to kidnap Sydney to get it. Sydney meets up with Renee in Madrid and fills her in on what’s going on. Renee doesn’t think that anything in Vaughn’s files will be useful to Prophet Five. Before she can elaborate on what he worked on pertaining to SD-6, a couple of men approach and Sydney notes that they may have been followed. Renee tells Sydney to get to a nearby police station while she takes out the men with knives. However, Sydney gets grabbed anyway by someone else and is taken into a black van. Another black van follows closely after and Renee shoots the driver and whoever might be in the storage space. She discovers Desantis inside and demands to know where Sydney was taken.

Sydney is taken to the torture chamber from earlier, where the doctor (Boris) tells the distorted voice that she will be in a state where she won’t be able to move but they’ll be able to access her memories. The voice wants some proof that this will work, so Boris gets her to remember Vaughn. Sydney flashes back to being on the plane with him in “Search and Rescue” but is confused because he’s already proposed to her. She tells Vaughn that she thinks she’s being held by Prophet Five so that they can use her against him. Vaughn proposes again and Sydney says yes. Boris is pleased that his sedative is working. At APO, Jack gets a call from Renee, who has taken Desantis hostage. Jack quickly assembles the other APO agents to find Sydney. He tells Sloane and Dixon that he’ll be joining Renee to interrogate Desantis; he wants Sloane to use any contacts he can to get in touch with Prophet Five. Sloane calls Ehrmann but is told that he should focus on helping Nadia instead of Sydney. Jack meets up with Renee, who gives him a list of dates and addresses she found on Desantis. Instead of engaging in small talk, Jack cuts right to the chase and slices off Desantis’ ear.

Boris tasers Sydney and tells her to go back to the last time she was with Vaughn. She flashes back to being with him in his hospital room and discussing baby names. A doctor brings in something for Vaughn to drink and Sydney remembers giving it to him just before he died. Vaughn tells her that “they” can hear them, so he has to go away. She switches to a flashback of the North Korean prison (see “Crossings”), only this time she’s pregnant. When the guards arrive for them, Vaughn disappears and Sydney hears his voice over the radio. Boris tells her to stick with him, so she picks up the radio and hears Vaughn starting to tell her to go somewhere. Sydney winds up back in the first scene, which pleases Boris. Jack continues interrogating Desantis, who tells him that he should be concerned less with where Sydney currently is and more with where she’ll wind up. Renee finds a repeating address on Desantis’ list and Jack recognizes it as a location in Hungary. Renee tells him that the address shows up on four different dates, one of them three weeks from now. Jack notes that that’s Sydney’s due date. He tries to get Desantis to tell him what’s going to happen in Hungary, but Desantis won’t answer, stating that he’s prepared to die. Jack tells Renee to find out if he means it, and while he calls Dixon to get a flight to Hungary, Renee shoots Desantis.

Boris continues his manipulation of Sydney, who flashes back to being on a pier with Vaughn in “A Broken Heart.” Her phone rings and Boris tells her, “Draw me a map. How far it reaches” (see “So it Begins”). She throws the phone in the ocean and tells Vaughn that they’re pushing her closer to something. The phone rings again and Boris repeats what he said. Sydney throws her phone into the ocean and Vaughn tells her again that he needs to go away. She tells him how hard it is for her to be without him. He reminds her of how he encouraged her when they were there before, telling her that she was always the one who helped him. He tells her that he’s going and she’s going to take down these guys by herself. Boris realizes that Sydney is fighting the process and tries to get her to stay with Vaughn. He tasers her again and she flashes back to the practice lie detector test in the self-storage facility in “Time Will Tell.” Vaughn tells her that she has to stay goodbye to him because none of what’s happening is real. Sydney says that she’s sick of having to save the world; she just wants to go away with him and the baby where no one can bother them. She doesn’t care if the bad guys win anymore - she just wants to be with him. Boris tells the voice that they have her, and the voice tells him to get the map of SD-6.

Sydney flashes back to the bloodmobile scene in “So it Begins,” when Vaughn told her to draw the map. Boris tells her to focus on Vaughn’s map, where she comes up with the name X23 Norte. Boris is pleased (as, it appears, is Vaughn) and the voice thanks him. Behind the mirror, we finally get to see that the voice belongs to Irina (!), who tells Peyton that she’s heading off to get the Horizon and wants her to look after Sydney. Sydney dreams about being on a beach with Vaughn, who warns that sooner or later her captors are going to figure out that she gave them the wrong name. He still has to go, though, so that Sydney won’t be used anymore, because her captors won’t stop until they get what they want. “We’ll find each other,” he promises her as they kiss. In Hungary, Jack and Renee find the location they got from Desantis and head upstairs. Sydney begins to recover from her sedative and as Peyton removes her restraints, Sydney stabs her with a syringe. As Jack and Renee move through the building, Sydney makes her way down corridors. Renee and Jack come across a sterile nursery but find no sign of Sydney. That’s because she’s all alone on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Desantis

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Vaughn: “If you don’t say goodbye to me, they win.”
Sydney: “I can’t do it on my own.”
Vaughn: “I’m not here. This isn’t real. None of this is real.”
Sydney: “It’s real to me. That’s all that matters.”
Vaughn: “No. Don’t say that. That’s what they want you to say.”
Sydney: “But do you know what I want? I want the world to forget about us. I’m tired, Vaughn. I’m tired of having this weight on my shoulder. I-I don’t want to be the one who has to save the world. I want you back. I want you all to myself. I want to go away, just you and me and our baby; somewhere no one can bother us, on a deserted island. I want out. I don’t care if they win, Vaughn. I don’t care. I just want you to stay with me.”

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