Written by J.R. Orci; directed by Karen Gaviola

Sydney is still on the ship, all alone in the middle of the ocean (see “The Horizon”). Unfortunately, Peyton and some guards are also still there. Sydney runs from them and gets to a room full of equipment, where she’s able to send out an S.O.S. She’s also battling some stomach pains. By the time Peyton gets to the room, Sydney is gone, but Peyton realizes that she’s sent out a message. At APO, Jack tells Sloane that he knows Prophet Five has Sydney; they haven’t made any demands, but Jack thinks they want to keep her alive. Sloane offers any help he can give and Jack asks him to get in touch with his contacts. Marshall receives Sydney’s transmission and plays it for Jack, who grows worried when the message cuts off. Marshall tries to triangulate the signal to find out where Sydney is, but before he can, the transmission archive files start to disappear. Jack realizes that the archive belongs to the CIA and calls an APO-wide meeting. On the ship, Peyton tells someone on the phone that they haven’t found Sydney yet and sends guards out to keep searching. Back at APO, Jack briefs the others about the transmission, telling them that it looks like Prophet Five has infiltrated some government intelligence agencies. All of the CIA’s incoming messages should be backed up in an Echelon archive, but the APO agents will have to go to CIA headquarters to get them. The others aren’t so sure they want to do this, but Jack is adamant that they do whatever they have to - even commit treason - in order to save Sydney.

On the ship, Sydney tracks down Peyton and gets her radio. Peyton tells her that they intercepted her message, but Sydney doesn’t believe her, since she sent it directly to APO. Peyton informs her that it actually went to Langley, where it was intercepted, so no one will be coming to get her. The APO crew heads to Langley, where Dixon and Marshall pose as tourists taking a tour of the facilities. Tom goes to the payroll department while Rachel enters, pretending to be there for a job interview. Rachel’s phone is confiscated and taken to the security office. In payroll, Tom tells a woman that he hasn’t received some paychecks; she suggests that his wife cashed them. He gets her to recheck her file, which leads her to apologize and try to help him. In the security office, a device pops out of Rachel’s phone and starts logging into a server. After the woman helping Tom leaves her desk, he enters an access code into her computer. Rachel passes the tour group, surreptitiously handing something to Dixon. Tom unlocks doors to the server room for Rachel, then opens some doors to the witness protection area and heads over there. While Rachel is in the server room, Marshall happens to decipher a supposedly indecipherable code and distract the rest of the group. Dixon takes the opportunity to spray something at a sensor and set off a biohazard detector. The guards at the server room leave to take care of things and Rachel sneaks in. At the same time, Tom looks up a man named Allen Korman and gets information on his current location.

Rachel finds the server Sydney’s transmission should be on, but it’s not there. Jack tells her to pull the hard drive in case they can recover the data, but it’s attached to the security grid and would set off an alarm. Jack convinces her to pull it anyway, promising that he’ll get her out, despite the ensuing lockdown. Rachel obeys and she and Tom both get locked into their respective locations. As Sloane tells Jack to “make the call,” Dixon and Marshall find themselves unable to leave the building. Fortunately for them, Weiss (last seen in “…1…”) is on his way, having learned of the lockdown. Jack calls him and tells him that Sydney is in trouble. Weiss immediately promises to help however he can. As he arrives at Langley, Tom tells Dixon that he’s stuck in the witness protection archives because of the lockdown. Marshall worries that Weiss will arrest him and Dixon, but Weiss addresses them by aliases and offers to escort them out of the building. As they leave, Dixon tells Weiss where Tom and Rachel are; Weiss gives him an access card to free Tom and heads off to help Rachel himself. Dixon quickly releases Tom, who tells him that he was in the witness protection archives because he needed a place to hide. Marshall and Weiss locate Rachel on surveillance feeds and Weiss helps her stay away from guards. He also accidentally sends her running into a closed door. Once everyone is back together, Weiss gives them directions out of the building and asks for any news on Sydney when they have some. He then adds, “Next time? Just call.”

On the ship, Sydney leads Peyton to the lifeboats at gunpoint. They hide from guards in a room and Sydney suffers from more abdominal problems. She realizes that they’re in an area set up like a hospital room, complete with her medical files. She starts to demand some answers, but before Peyton gives them to her, Sydney passes out. When she wakes up, she’s attached to an ultrasound machine and is only told that a doctor is on the way. Back at APO, Marshall attempts to decode Sydney’s transmission but realizes that doing so will be harder than he expected. Dixon finds an authorization tag that indicates that whoever authorized the transmission has the CIA’s highest clearance level. The agents all meet and discuss the fact that only seven CIA agents have that clearance, which narrows down the possibilities. These agents each have a secure cell phone that broadcasts a unique signal ID, so if they can get within 50 feet of the agents, they can figure out who they’re looking for. Jack notes that surveillance would take too long - he has another plan. This plan entails heading to D.C. and meeting with the agents (who include Devlin) while Marshall scans their phones. Jack fills in the agents, who are shocked that one of them could be working with Prophet Five. Marshall gets a match on an agent named Davenport, whom Jack immediately shoots before interrogating. Davenport finally gives him Sydney’s location just before Jack is dragged out of the room by other agents. After Dixon and Marshall leave Marshall’s office, Tom sneaks in and uses a decryption program to find out Allen Korman’s location.

On the ship, Sydney is sedated and knocked out again. At APO, Marshall locates the ship and Dixon, Tom, and a team of agents head out to get Sydney. Sydney awakens to find her OB/GYN, Dr. Lynn, with her. Despite Sydney’s protests, Dr. Lynn draws a sample of amniotic fluid and determines that she needs a procedure. Peyton gets news from someone and tells Dr. Lynn that they have to speed things up. Dixon, Tom, and the other agents arrive and search the ship but don’t see anyone. When they make it to the infirmary, Sydney is there alone. At APO, Ehrmann chastises Sloane for not contacting him when APO found the ship. He suggests that Sloane clear everything with him from now on if he wants to help Nadia. He promises that “every action has consequences.” Marshall approaches Rachel with the information that Tom accessed the witness protection archives and used his decryption program. They realize that Tom’s wife, Amanda, was killed by Korman. In a parking garage, Tom waits for Korman, who addresses him as Peter and tells him he was under orders. Tom informs him that he needs to get a message to the Cardinal. Jack visits Sydney in the hospital and tells her that the baby is fine, but Sydney was suffering from placental abruption on the ship. He tells her that Dr. Lynn actually saved the baby. He’s not sure why, but he promises that he’ll find out. Sydney tells him that she lied to Prophet Five, but Jack doesn’t want to discuss it there.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Marshall: “Maybe they found out I decoded the message! WE SHOULD RUN!”
Dixon: “Take it down a notch, Hamlet.”

“I’m not gonna believe this but I have to cancel my Pilates again.” - Weiss

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