Written and directed by Jeffrey Bell

A family of four is hanging out at home when the electricity goes out and they’re abducted. When the lights come back on, we see a framed photo of Rachel on the mantle. The Gibsons are taken to a safehouse, where Rachel and Sydney watch them from the next room and Rachel laments that she’s ruined their lives. Sydney tells her that putting her family in the Witness Protection Program will keep them safe, and she doesn’t have a choice other than going through her situation alone. Sydney adds that she keeps working because she can’t just go home and sit around while Vaughn’s killers are still out there. Rachel notes that her family is weird, because they actually like each other, and Sydney tells her to go in and let them know she’s okay. Rachel does so and the family has a happy reunion before she starts to tell them what’s going on. Elsewhere, Sloane tells Dean that the Gibsons are in the Witness Protection Program, but he doesn’t want to hurt Rachel. Dean reminds him that he’s the reason Sloane is out of prison (see “Mockingbird”), so Sloane will do what he says. Dean tells him to find a weapons designer named Janos Vak. Sloane makes it clear that he doesn’t appreciate having to work for Dean.

At APO, Sloane leads a meeting on the Shed and brings up Vak, who has designed a program that can lasso and redirect a missile. He announces that Dean has been looking for Vak, so APO should find him first and use him as bait to get to Dean. Vak was last seen meeting with an arms broker named Zigza Zidane, and it’s difficult to get into Algeria’s underworld to track him down. Sydney thinks that Renee will be helpful, so Jack tells her to get in contact with her. After the meeting, Sloane thanks Sydney for the letter she wrote on his behalf (see “Out of the Box”). He admits that he tries to visit Nadia every day but can never bring himself to actually go into her room. Sydney says that she knows he’ll find a cure, and Sloane swears that he’ll do anything necessary to help her. Renee finds Zidane and physically interrogates him into giving her Vak’s location. At APO, Tom encounters Rachel in a training room and they do some sparring. He encourages her to fight dirty, though she’s not sure she can. He tells her that if she can’t, she should just go home to her mother. Rachel gets upset and takes him down, which seemed to be what he was going for. In a briefing, Sydney announces that Renee found Zidane, who told her that Vak sold his weapon to a Chinese official named Li Yum Sung. The agents will crash his engagement party in Bombay and get information from his safe.

In Bombay, Sydney, Tom, and Dixon pose as party guests and note that it doesn’t look like the general will be coming down. Sydney reminds Dixon of a past mission and takes his watch as Tom notes his confusion. Dixon approaches the general’s fiancée and tells her that she can’t get married because he wants to marry her. As Tom and a guard try to defuse things, Sydney sneaks upstairs. She implies to the guard outside the general’s door that the general is her baby’s father and he lets her in to see him. Rachel and Marshall are impressed with her improvisation skills. (Marshall notes that he’s improvised, too - see “Tuesday.”) Sydney tranqs the general with a dart from Dixon’s watch and gets to the safe, but Marshall has trouble getting a signal that will allow him to figure out the code. Rachel offers to get closer to the building, so she takes off while Tom pretends to tend to Dixon. Sydney and Marshall finish up but Rachel is spotted by a guard and takes off running. Tom winds up having to save her. Back in L.A., Sydney shops for baby furniture and sadly watches a father with his child. She also has to endure inappropriate questions from a clerk. Sloane meets with Dean in the back of a tailor’s store; Dean is upset that Sloane didn’t tell him about the mission to Bombay before it took place. Sloane tells him that the information on Vak is encrypted by he’ll pass it along soon.

At APO, Dixon tells Sydney that they’ve located Vak on an oil platform in the South China Sea. He explains that Jack is sending Rachel to see him because she, unlike Sydney, can pose as a prostitute. Sydney questions this decision, since Rachel freaked out on the last mission, but Jack says they don’t have time and need to send Rachel in as soon as possible. Sydney notes that she always had Vaughn backing her up on missions; Jack tells her that Rachel will have her. Marshall gives Rachel the technology for the mission, including a lipstick/tranquilizer and a hairbrush/ice pick. Later, she expresses her reservations to Dixon, but adds that she’s going to try her best and see if she has what it takes. Sloane meets Dean in a parking garage and tells him that Rachel is going to see Vak. Peyton is surprised by this information. Dean tells her he’s sending her to get the weapon first. Peyton notes that it will be weird if she and Rachel run into each other, since Rachel thought Peyton was her friend. Dean encourages her to take Rachel out if the need arises. Rachel arrives at the platform in a speedboat as she flashes back to Sydney giving her some pointers. Apparently Rachel will be pretending to be a hussy from her high school. Sydney tells her that she believes Rachel can succeed.

Things get off to a rough start in Vak’s room when Rachel comes close to using her real name. While he’s opening a bottle of champagne for them, Rachel accidentally drops the lipstick/tranquilizer. Vak starts flirting with her and Sydney tells her to stay in control and not let him kiss her. When he makes a move, Rachel slaps him, but he finds this a turn-on. Sydney notes that Rachel’s job is going to be easy. As Peyton arrives on the platform, Rachel gets Vak into bed, then restrains him and starts downloading his information. On her way out, she spots a dead guard and realizes that her boat is gone. Sydney sends Dixon and Tom to rescue her in a helicopter. While Rachel is waiting, she encounters Peyton. She’s surprised to see Peyton alive and blasts her for killing their coworkers and working with Dean. Peyton informs her that, nothing personal, but she’s supposed to kill her. She wants Vak’s information first, and Sydney tells Rachel that she might as well just give it to her, since they can track her later. Instead, Rachel stabs Peyton in the shoulder with her hairbrush/ice pick and they start fighting. Rachel saves Peyton from some guards, and when the helicopter arrives, Peyton jumps from the platform into the water. Back in L.A., Dean demands the weapon from Sloane, who won’t hand it over. Back at APO, Rachel thanks Sydney for guiding her through the mission. Later, as Sloane visits Nadia and Rachel looks at a photo of her family, Sydney plays a tape of an old mission conversation with Vaughn for the baby.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Dean: “What would your colleagues do if they knew you answered to me…that you were betraying them on a daily basis?”
Sloane: “Same thing I hope to do to you someday.”

Dixon: “The general is still upstairs.”
Tom: “Doesn’t the man know it’s kind of hard to break into his safe if he’s sitting right in front of it?”

Marshall: “Yeah, who’d think you could turn a pregnancy into an alias?”
Rachel: “And in Chinese.”
Marshall: “Listen, I’ve had to do a little alias magic myself to save the day a few times. Do you know what a spork is?”

“I know what everyone is thinking. I’m the new girl, I panicked on the last mission, and everybody is asking whether or not I can do it. And the truth is…I don’t know. I’m terrified. But I’m more terrified of not trying. So…I’m gonna put on my strappy shoes and my teeny dress, and I’m gonna try. And by this time tomorrow, we’ll know whether I can do it or not.” - Rachel

Rachel: “You’re--.”
Peyton: “Not dead?”
Rachel: “I was gonna say ‘evil.’”

Peyton: “You should’ve given me the disk.”
Rachel: “You were gonna kill me anyway.”
Peyton: “Yeah. But I would’ve felt bad about it.”

Rachel: “Your father’s kind of scary.”
Sydney: “Tell me about it.”

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