"The Abduction"
Written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci; directed by Nelson McCormick

Irina messes around with a fly in her cell while Sydney tells Will that when she learned Irina was alive, she tried to imagine what it would be like to be in the same room with both of her parents again. She tells him that it was comforting to go on a mission, fight back, and survive with them (see “Passage, Part 1” and “Passage, Part 2”). Sydney gives Will something from Vaughn, telling him that he needs to take an allegiance test. The two of them cover up what they’re doing as Francie arrives home. She notes that they’ve been shutting up whenever she walks in the room lately, but Will tells her they were just talking. Sydney visits Irina while she’s allowed some time outside and thanks her for her help. They share a touching moment but aren’t allowed to actually touch. Sloane has Sark dragged into an interrogation room at SD-6 to confront him for failing to get anything out of Kashmir. He wonders if Sark has double-crossed him or is just incompetent. Sark promises that he didn’t betray Sloane; he says that Cuvee thinks he betrayed him, too, and he wonders if there was a leak from the agency. In the self-storage facility, Vaughn confirms with Sydney that Sloane has no idea she sabotaged the mission in Kashmir. She tells him that she and Sark are being sent to France to intercept an Echelon satellite system terminal. Vaughn notes that the terminal will allow the Alliance to blackmail a bunch of people, so Sydney will help the CIA install a deletion program. Sydney notices that Vaughn has a new suit; he tells her that Alice’s father died.

At SD-6, Marshall asks Sydney to take some photos for him in Paris. His mother thinks he runs global IT services for a bank, so he likes to put himself in pictures to make her think he’s traveled around the world. As Sydney and Sark prepare for their mission in Paris, she tells him that they won’t be friends and she won’t let him bait her with stories about Irina. Sark wonders if she’s going to thank him for not exposing her cooperation with Sloane’s so-called murder attempt (see “The Counteragent”). Sydney reminds him that he can’t expose her without exposing himself. Jack pays Irina a visit and says that her strategy appears to be long-term. She tries to get under his skin by telling him that they might technically still be married. He offers her a deal - a transfer to a more comfortable facility on Puget Sound in exchange for the truth behind why she really turned herself in. In Paris, Sydney messes with lights in order to stop traffic so Sark can take out the people guarding the terminal. They discover that the truck supposedly carrying the terminal is actually a decoy, but Sydney spots a guy with a briefcase and gets it from him. At SD-6, Sloane introduces Jack to Ariana Kane (Faye Dunaway), who is there to investigate the events surrounding Emily’s “death” and who is blackmailing Sloane. Jack makes it easier for her by telling her that he’s probably the main suspect, since he knows everything about Sloane and has the biggest motive to want him out of the way. Ariana thinks he’s only saying this to make himself look less suspicious.

Will meets with Vaughn for his allegiance test, worried that they’ll discover he’s a sociopath. Vaughn warns that the questions asked won’t be pleasant, but if he passes, he’ll get to see classified documents and earn a paycheck. Will has to do a little undercover maneuvering to get to the testing site. Later, he tells Sydney about the experience and she makes some of the questions a little clearer for him. They lament how difficult it is not to be able to tell Francie everything about their lives. The two are surprised when Vaughn and Alice arrive at the restaurant where they’re eating; Sydney and Vaughn pretend to be coworkers at the State Department and Will and Vaughn pretend not to know each other. At SD-6, Sloane tells everyone that the terminal was rigged with a failsafe that erased everything when they turned it on. Sloane tasks Sydney to get the files from a data storage facility in London, but math will be required and Sydney can’t do advanced calculus in her head. Sloane informs Marshall that he’ll be going along. At the self-storage facility, Vaughn warns Sydney that getting the files will mean that Sloane can reload the Echelon terminal. She replies that Marshall has a photographic memory and will remember whatever he sees. Vaughn suggests pulling him out of SD-6 after the mission and sending him to Langley. Sydney will have to pretend that the mission went well but their got separated afterwards. Vaughn tells her that they sent an agent to pull the tapes from the surveillance camera at the restaurant where they ran into each other. Sydney says nice things about Alice.

Jack meets with Ariana, who asks him personal questions he doesn’t want to answer. Sydney and Marshall set off for London, Marshall nervously making sure that the plane is in good condition. He tells Sydney that the lining of his jacket contains a parachute strong enough for both of them, just in case. Once in London, the two head to the symphony and sit behind Thatcher Powell, the head of Cuvee’s IT security. Marshall distracts Powell as Sydney drugs his Cristal so he’ll pass out. When he does, Sydney and Marshall race to the server building but get caught by guards before they can get to the right room. Marshall is shot with a tranquilizer dart, which hinders his work on the computer. Sydney kisses him to keep him awake and he gets what they need. They get back to the symphony just before Powell wakes up and Sydney tells him that Marshall fell asleep, too. She doesn’t realize that she’s been watched by a familiar face. Back in L.A., Marshall raves about the experience and tells Sydney that he’s never been prouder to be a good guy. On his way home, his car is ambushed. At home, Sydney and Will throw Francie a surprise birthday party. At SD-6, Ariana tells Sloane that Jack is very suspicious, partly because he’s not afraid of Sloane. Jack visits Irina again but she won’t confess. He tells her that they are still married and she tells him she’ll talk to him as well as Sydney from now on. As Vaughn watches Jack on a monitor, he learns that the CIA didn’t pick Marshall up. In an interrogation room somewhere, Marshall is prepared for a not-so-fun experience with Suit and Glasses (see “Truth Be Told” and “Almost Thirty Years”).


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sark: “You know, it’s a pity we’re travelling separately. We could’ve used the opportunity to get to know each other better.”
Sydney: “Yeah, I’m broken up about that, too.”

“Men always call women crazy when they’re caught with their pants down.” - Ariana

Sloane: “That’s why you’re going in with Marshall.”
Marshall: “Marshall who?”

Ariana: “More secrets have been revealed through pillow talk than through torture. If there’s a prostitute or a stewardess out there you think may have heard you talking in your sleep, I need to know about it.”
Jack: “There is one way for you to verify if my nocturnal activities are a security risk, Ms. Kane, but somehow I think we’d both prefer the torture.”

“I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have the sense to know when he’s being insulted.” - Ariana

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