Written by J.J. Abrams; directed by Ken Olin

With cops on her tail, a disguised Sydney drives a car off a pier. Earlier, as Sydney waits to talk to the DSR after having been taken into custody (see “The Prophecy”), Vaughn asks Haladki what the DSR told the FBI. Haladki claims not to know anything. After he leaves, Weiss tells Vaughn that a friend of his used to see Haladki eating at the Webster Rotunda all the time. Vaughn asks if Weiss believes the prophecy; neither is sure what to think. Vaughn says that the FBI is now involved and some agents are coming in from D.C. to question Sydney. Sydney meets with three FBI agents, including Kendall (Terry O’Quinn), who tells her that they have the ability to file formal charges against her. Sydney agrees to cooperate because she has nothing to hide. She tells the tribunal how she came to work for SD-6 - she was approached as an undergraduate, and since she had a pretty boring life, she decided to try something new. Of course, she thought she was working for the CIA at the time. She started out as an office assistant at a bank she thought was affiliated with the CIA, and after a while she was allowed to “transition” and undergo months of training and tests to become an operative. That was the first time she heard the name SD-6, which she thought was a black ops division of the CIA.

Kendall wonders why Sydney never questioned SD-6; she says that she knew there were certain questions she shouldn’t ask. She describes her first moments at SD-6, where she felt patriotic, and meeting Dixon and Sloane for the first time. Jack meets with Vaughn, neither having been able to figure out what the FBI is doing with Sydney. Jack says that Sloane wants to meet with Sydney on Tuesday, so they need to find her before he gets suspicious. Under the directive the FBI has, they could hold Sydney without charges or trial for the rest of her life. Back at the tribunal, Sydney talks about her early days at SD-6 and her relationship with Danny. She remembers his proposal and murder (see “Truth Be Told”). Kendall wonders how Sydney could believe that an agency that ordered her fiancé’s assassination could be affiliated with the U.S. government. Sydney explains that after Danny’s death, she refused to return to SD-6; they saw that as a betrayal and sent people to kill her. She learned then that Jack also worked for SD-6 and was told what they really were. At the CIA, Vaughn realizes that if Haladki ate at the Webster Rotunda, he had to be a ranking FBI officer. He confronts Haladki, noting that he was in the FBI before he joined the CIA, so he would know their protocol and where Sydney is being held. Vaughn says that Haladki is on a witch-hunt, but Haladki says that all of Rambaldi’s predictions have been correct.

At the tribunal, Sydney and Kendall discuss the Alliance and some of the events they’ve had a hand in. Sydney goes on to explain how she stole the Mueller device to win back Sloane’s trust, then went to the CIA and became a double agent. She later learned of SD-6’s full reach, Jack’s status as another double agent, and the fact that Sloane knew her parents for years. Kendall questions whether Jack is only loyal to the CIA. Vaughn rereads the prophecy in his office, noting that the woman described in it has to have never been to Mt. Sebacio. Weiss jokes that they should all just go there; Vaughn takes him seriously. He meets with Jack and points out that if Sydney goes to Mt. Sebacio, she will defy the prophecy. Jack likes the idea, but they’ll have to get Sydney away from the FBI first. Vaughn mentions Haladki’s ties to the FBI and Jack vows to use him. At the tribunal, Sydney talks about Irina and the codes she found in her books (see “Time Will Tell”). She also mentions learning the truth about Irina (see “The Confession”), her mother’s death, and Jack’s work as a double agent. She then tells Kendall about Marshall, how her counter-missions for the CIA work, and her work with Dixon. Jack threatens Haladki with a gun and finds out where Sydney is being questioned, as well as when she’ll be transferred to another location.

After some mission flashbacks, Sydney tells Kendall that SD-6 is currently focused on Rambaldi. As she’s being transferred into a van, a masked Vaughn, Jack, and Weiss ambush the FBI grab Sydney. They tell her about the prophecy, but she thinks that getting out of custody and leaving the country will just make her look guilty. Jack tells her they’ll figure things out. At the CIA, Haladki confesses to someone what he told Jack. As Vaughn takes Sydney to her flight, she changes in the trunk and realizes that he never once thought the prophecy might be correct. As Haladki helps someone track which vehicle Vaughn and Sydney might be in, Vaughn takes Sydney to the car she was in at the beginning of the episode. As she heads for her jet, cops start following her. At Sydney and Francie’s, Will and Francie watch the car chase on TV, unaware that Sydney is involved. In a replay of the first scene, Sydney escapes the cops by driving the car off a pier. As the cops wait for her to surface, she remains underwater, taking breaths of air from the car tires. Later, instead of heading to Mt. Sebacio, she meets with Jack and tells him that she thinks Irina could have planned the car accident that supposedly took her life, surviving by breathing air from the tires the same way Sydney did. The Rambaldi prophecy is either about Sydney or Irina; since Sydney knows it’s not about her, Irina has to be alive.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Shh, shh, shh. Yo-yo sleeping.” - Weiss

“Just so we’re clear: you report this conversation, you’ll never wear a hat again.” - Jack to Haladki

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