"Trust Me"
Written by John Eisendrath; directed by Craig Zisk

Late on a rainy night, Irina is taken from the CIA to the operations center of U.S. Joint Task Force Intelligence (see “The Enemy Walks In”). Kendall (see “Q&A”) receives a call and heads over to speak with her. Jack stops by Sydney and Francie’s in the morning and gives Francie some interior decorating tips for her new restaurant. Francie says that she wants to kill the person who introduced Will to heroin. After she leaves, Jack tells Sydney that Irina’s transfer is complete. They agree that the CIA is crazy to want to work with her; Jack thinks it’s all part of Irina’s manipulation. He asks if Sydney’s okay and she tells him that she wants Irina to die for everything she’s done. In London, Sloane is initiated into the Alliance and injected with something. At the self-storage facility, Sydney tells Vaughn that she thinks Sloane killed Emily (see “Almost Thirty Years”) in order to join the Alliance. She says that the Alliance thinks Irina is in hiding, so they know her and Khasinau’s organization is vulnerable and they want whatever assets they can get. Irina has a computer full of blackmail info and the Alliance is after it. He wants Sydney to break into a safe in a hotel in Rabat and get a disk full of information.

Vaughn tells Sydney that Weiss will be okay after his shooting in “The Enemy Walks In”; he then gets a call alerting him to the arrival of Kendall, whom Sydney doesn’t trust. Kendall enters and tells Sydney that Irina won’t talk to anyone - she says she’ll only talk to Sydney. Sydney tells Kendall he’s out of luck and leaves. Kendall tells Vaughn to convince her to talk to Irina or he’ll be brought up on charges of obstruction of justice and harboring a fugitive. Sydney and Francie attend Will’s sentencing, where he receives probation and is ordered to attend drug treatment and complete 100 hours of community service. Back at the self-storage facility, Vaughn gives Sydney a necklace containing a mic. She’s told to give the blackmail disk to a guy named Schmidt, who will give her back a fake copy that will be close enough to the real thing to fool Sloane. Vaughn suggests that she could just ask Irina what’s on the disk; she notes that Kendall must be putting a lot of pressure on him if he would ask her that. Vaughn tells her that she compartmentalizes a lot, and if Irina can help them take down SD-6, Sydney should use her. She refuses again. At the join task force building, Vaughn tells Kendall that Sydney still won’t talk to Irina. He points out that Irina abandoned Sydney as a child, then shot her recently. Kendall says that there’s a chance that Irina has turned. Vaughn is upset over what Irina did to his father and tells Kendall not to ask Sydney to see her again.

In Rabat, Dixon and Sydney prepare for the mission and he notes that she always tucks her hair behind her ear the same way. As she talks to someone at the front desk of the hotel, Dixon messes with the computer to make it look like she and her fictional husband have reservations. She then knocks out the employee and grabs a key to get into the suite where the safe is. Vaughn pays Irina a visit in her cell and asks her about the blackmail disk. She won’t tell him anything, but she notes how interesting it is that he refers to Sydney by her first name. Vaughn asks if there’s anything that will help Sydney with her mission. Irina tells him that there’s a fire alarm next to the safe that she should pull before she opens it. Vaughn starts to leave and Irina comments, “You look just like him.” In the hotel, Sydney uses a metal detector to find the safe, then uses a special Marshall gadget to crack the safe. At the CIA, Vaughn tells an agent that he needs to talk to Sydney, but she’s not radio silent yet. When she finally goes radio silent with Dixon, Vaughn contacts her and tells her not to open the safe until she’s pulled the fire alarm. She learns that the instruction came from Irina and isn’t sure if she should listen. (Jack is positive she shouldn’t.) Vaughn encourages (and Kendall orders) Sydney to pull the alarm. She doesn’t and triggers an alarm. She has to fight her way past guards after she grabs the disk and winds up being unable to pass the disk to Schmidt.

In L.A., Sloane calls Christophe to tell him that they have the disk and have dirt on the daughter of a guy named Fordson. Sloane plans to go to Helsinki to inform Fordson of this fact. In the self-storage facility, Sydney tells Vaughn that she wants to talk to Irina after all. Vaughn, however, is now on Jack’s side and doesn’t think it’s a good idea anymore. He thinks Irina has an agenda that they can’t be sure of. Sydney points out that if she’d listened to her mother, her mission would have been successful and SD-6 wouldn’t have the blackmail disk. She tells Vaughn that he doesn’t need to worry about her. At SD-6, Sloane tells Sydney again that he’s there for her if she needs him. She meets with Jack later and they wonder what’s on the disk. She reveals that she’s agreed to see Irina, which Jack isn’t happy about. He thinks that Irina will convince Sydney that she’s an ally, then destroy her. Will does community service, then hangs out with Francie, who he saw at a gas station with some guy. She admits that she’s taking some liberties with her liquor license by getting some help from a mobster. Will promises to help her out, since he knows a little about how the system works. Sydney goes through a complicated process involving jogging through the park and entering codes in a phone in order to be granted access to see Irina. Kendall is happy to see her at the joint task force building.

As soon as Irina sees Sydney, she notes, “You didn’t pull the alarm.” She admits that she wouldn’t have either. She tells Sydney that SD-6 will go after Fordson first, so Sydney needs to get to him. Sydney wants to know why but Irina won’t tell her, only saying, “Trust me.” Sydney wants to know why and Irina says it’s because she’s her mother. After she leaves, Sydney breaks down. Kendall informs Sydney, Vaughn, and some other agents that SD-6 wants a camera from Fordson, so he wants Sydney to go to Helsinki and get it. She heads there and Vaughn, her backup, spots Sloane. He creates a diversion to allow Sydney to get out of Sloane’s future line of sight. She gets to the camera as Sloane is blackmailing Fordson, so he’s not too happy to learn that it’s missing. Back in L.A., Sydney takes the camera to Kendall and gets a message from another agent that her mother wants to congratulate her on her successful mission. Sydney heads down to see Irina and tells her that she’s not her mother, so she wants to be treated formally. Irina agrees, and after Sydney leaves, she smiles to herself.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Francie: “Let me ask you a question. Let’s say you’re hanging out at your favorite restaurant with your friends…or whatever. You like to go there, you like the food - what color are the walls?”
Jack: “I’m…not really into interior decorating.”

Sydney: “I’m confident he killed his wife to get that seat.”
Vaughn: “Killing his wife wouldn’t surprise me. Eating his wife wouldn’t surprise me.”

“Guess it’s two-for-one day on blackmail.” - Vaughn

Sydney: “Did you talk to my father about this?”
Vaughn: “Two minutes ago on the phone while we were waiting for you to go radio silent.”
Sydney: “What did he say?”
Vaughn: “Your dad?”
(flashback) Jack: “The answer is NO!”

Sydney: “Let’s get something clear. You are not my mother. My mother was Laura Bristow. Laura Bristow died in a car accident 21 years ago. You are a traitor and a prisoner of the United States government. Look at me! We will interact only when necessary. You will address me as Agent Bristow and answer only the questions I ask. There will be no personal anecdotes, no comments about my job performance, no condolences or congratulations. Do you understand me? Do you understand?”
Irina: “Yes…Agent Bristow.”

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