"All the Time in the World"
Written by Jeff Pinkner; directed by Tucker Gates

Sydney, lying at the bottom of the cavern at Mt. Sebacio (see “Reprisal”), flashes back to being a kid and being asked to draw what she wanted to be when she grew up (she didn’t know). In L.A., Jack informs Dixon that all of the 12 are dead. He sends Dixon, Marshall, and Rachel to a storage facility, and Dixon has to tell Rachel that they don’t have time to mourn Tom right now (see “Reprisal”). At Mt. Sebacio, Vaughn finds Sydney and gives her CPR as she flashes back to Jack learning of Irina’s supposedly fatal accident and giving Sydney the news. Vaughn revives Sydney and tells her everything will be okay. Sloane meets up with Sark and Peyton, praising Sark for setting off the bomb in L.A. Sark has sent a team to Mt. Sebacio, and Sloane wants to know as soon as they find something. Peyton has already made contact with someone in Hong Kong and has retrieved the sphere of life (see…eh, too many episodes to link to, but specifically “Almost Thirty Years”). Sark wants to make sure they’re all ready to pursue “global genocide.” Sloane takes him and Peyton to a storage facility with trucks full of nuclear missiles. In L.A., Jack tells Dixon he’s going to try to hack into Langley’s network and see if Sloane has gotten control of Prophet Five’s holdings yet. Vaughn calls to let him know that he and Sydney are in Siena. Jack tells him APO has been compromised and they need to stay in hiding. Vaughn tells him Sydney “took a pretty big hit, but she’ll bounce back.”

Sydney flashes back to being six years old and looking at pictures of Irina, then playing with the Project Christmas puzzle (see “The Indicator”). Jack finds her and admits that even he can’t do the puzzle; Sydney’s ability to do it indicates that she’s “a very special girl.” In the present, Sydney tells Vaughn that some nuclear missiles were stolen from a facility in Moscow; she remembers that Sloane told her it was too late to stop whatever was in motion. Vaughn points out that he also said he would kill everyone at APO, but he didn’t. Sydney is frustrated that they have no leads and no way to find Sloane, but Vaughn tells her that impossible things aren’t so impossible for them anymore. As he tends to a wound in her neck, she wonders why Sloane would steal nuclear missiles when he could just buy them with the 12’s money. She notes that if they can track the money, they can figure out where the payoffs went. As Jack and Marshall get to work doing that, Rachel steals a man’s phone so they can use phone records to find Peyton. Vaughn and Dixon corner Peyton and take her to Sydney and Rachel, who use a snake to frighten her into talking. However, Peyton claims not to know where the missiles are going. All she knows is that Sloane is targeting two cities with a lot of civilians. Jack thinks Sloane wants to prophet off of the reconstruction of the cities. Sydney tells him that Sloane is currently in Mongolia, where he and Sark come to a recently unearthed cave with the Rambaldi symbol on top.

Sydney flashes back to being on campus with Francie and planning to attend a job fair. Francie tells her she has four years to declare a major and can just be a teacher like her mother. Sydney is fine with keeping teaching as a safety net, but she doesn’t want to make a decision about the rest of her life just yet. Francie tells her that she should come out with her and Charlie tonight - he’s bringing a friend named Danny. As Francie leaves, Sydney is approached by an SD6 agent who wants to talk to her about the CIA. In the present, Rachel tells Sydney that she and Marshall are going to hack into the NRO and try to use their satellites to find the missiles. Sydney tells her that now that Prophet Five has been eliminated, Rachel’s family is safe and she can go home to them. Rachel wants to stick with APO until it’s all over. Sloane and Sark enter the cave in Mongolia, and Sloane tells Sark that he’s on his own from here on out because that’s how Rambaldi wants it. Sloane arrives at Rambaldi’s tomb, where Nadia’s ghost appears to him and asks if it’s everything he imagined. Sloane is happy to have her there because he might not have believed his eyes if she weren’t there to see it, too. “You’re talking to your dead daughter. This is an odd time to question your sanity,” she notes. He puts the sphere of life in the middle of the on the tomb, and it lights up and spins. A red ball emerges and hovers over the tomb. Sydney, Jack, and Vaughn arrive and Sydney sneaks into the chamber as the red ball empties itself on the sphere. Nadia can’t believe this is all Sloane wanted, but he tells her, “This is what everybody has always wanted.”

As Sydney enters and tells Sloane it’s over, Sark captures Vaughn and announces that he’s going to kill him for real. Jack approaches with his own gun, but a guard joins the group and it’s a regular standoff. “It appears we have a predicament,” Sark notes. In the chamber, Sydney grabs the sphere, and red ball splatters. Sydney asks for a reason not to destroy the sphere, but Sark has two reasons - Vaughn and Jack. Back in L.A., Marshall and Rachel detect a virus that’s threatening to destroy their grid. They’re able to figure out that it was uploaded in Hong Kong, and Peyton reveals that Sloane called in some help from someone there. In the chamber, Sloane asks Sydney for the sphere, promising to let her walk out if she hands it over. She replies that if he really wants it, they’ll have to walk out together and talk. Sloane tells her it’s her choice, then shoots Jack. Sydney drops the sphere to help him. Sloane catches the sphere and Sydney shoots him, sending him falling into the red liquid on top of the tomb. Sark runs off with the sphere as Sydney flashes back to going to Jack to tell him that she works for Credit Dauphine (“they have 12 branches around the world”). He knows the truth about Credit Dauphine, of course, and tells her to quit her job so she can focus on school. Sydney doesn’t want permission, since she’s already made her decision, but Jack tells her it’s not her decision to make. Sydney just walks out.

Vaughn and Sydney get Jack outside and Vaughn calls Dixon to dispatch medical help to them. Vaughn adds that Sloane is dead and Sark got away with the sphere, but Dixon thinks he knows where Sark is going. Sydney tells Vaughn that she thinks the bullet hit Jack’s lung, so he’s not getting enough air. Vaughn tells her that Sloane has a partner and they know who’s behind everything. In China, Irina (last seen in “Maternal Instinct”) calls Sark, who’s on his way to her with the sphere. Vaughn fills Jack in, telling him that Marshall can’t shut down the launch protocol for the missiles. Jack wants to go with them to stop Irina, but he obviously can’t, so he tells Sydney she can stop her mother. Sydney doesn’t think she can, but Jack reminds her that she’s always been too driven to let anyone stop her from becoming who she is. Sydney says a tearful goodbye and reluctantly leaves. In Hong Kong, Sark tells Irina that Sloane is dead and they lost the tomb, but they still have the sphere. Irina tells him to stick to their plan even without Sloane - they’ll fire the missiles at D.C. and London. He does so as a satellite starts to burn and fall to Earth. Sydney arrives in Hong Kong and blasts Irina for almost killing Vaughn and for putting Isabelle’s life in danger just to get the Horizon (see “Horizon”). Irina tells her that power means everything and she never has to give it up. As she tells Sydney that “Rambaldi is life,” Sloane gets up, his wounds healed.

Irina reminds Sydney that she gave her an out and hoped she would leave Irina alone. “You don’t know me very well, do you?” Sydney asks. She tells Irina she’s through being disappointed by her, and Irina will have to come through her to get what she wants. Sydney flashes back to meeting with Sloane at SD6 and being warned that her job will be dangerous. Sloane wants to make sure that Sydney is ready for the sacrifices her job will require. Sydney tells him that she’s searched her whole life for what she’s supposed to do, and know she knows this is who she is. In Hong Kong, Sydney and Irina fight in one of those typical Alias break-everything-in-the-room fights. Sydney sees satellites falling from the sky and remembers the Rose’s words: “The stars will fall from the sky” (see “No Hard Feelings”). Irina tells Sydney that even if she beats her to the roof, the launch can’t be stopped. “You think I came here alone?” Sydney asks. Vaughn finds Sark in the missile control room, punches him, and says, “It appears we have a predicament.” In the chamber, Nadia’s ghost appears and notes that Sloane was right all along. He promises that he’ll never forget her sacrifice. He adds that the Horizon is gone and Irina is probably grabbing his share of the profits. Nadia says they need to get moving, but Sloane tells her there’s no hurry: “We have all the time in the world.” Jack appears to challenge that.

In Hong Kong, Vaughn demands the override codes from Sark, who claims not to have them. Vaughn shoots him in the leg and Sark says that he never wanted to participate in mass extermination, since he’s a businessman. He just wanted to be on the winning side. He promises to give Vaughn the codes if Vaughn lets him go. Vaughn agrees to negotiate after he gets the codes. He passes them along to Marshall, who aborts the launch. Irina and Sydney keep fighting on the roof in Hong Kong, Irina stating that she won’t let Sydney be a complication in her life any longer. She adds that she does love Sydney, for whatever it’s worth. Sydney kicks Irina onto a glass skylight just out of reach of the sphere. In the chamber, Jack apologizes to Sloane for never giving his faith in Rambaldi as much credit as he should have. Sloane replies that he didn’t want to shoot Jack, but Sydney forced his hand. He offers to help Jack, but Jack doesn’t want to give Sloane the chance to hurt Sydney again. “You can’t hurt me anymore,” Sloane replies. “True. But I can keep you down here with me,” Jack replies, revealing that he’s strapped explosives to himself. “You beat death, Arvin. But you couldn’t beat me.” He detonates the explosives, killing himself. In Hong Kong, Sydney tries to get Irina to crawl to her, but Irina wants the sphere. She falls through the skylight to her death. In the chamber, Nadia’s ghost appears to Sloane, who’s trapped in a bunch of rocks. He’s immortal thanks to Rambaldi, but he’ll be trapped in the chamber forever thanks to Jack.

Five years later, Isabelle plays on a beach in front of her house and alerts Vaughn to Dixon’s arrival. Dixon happens to now be deputy director at Langley, while the Vaughn/Bristow clan lives on a remote island. Sydney and Vaughn also now have a baby boy named Jack. Dixon tells them that Marshall wanted to come with him, but Carrie is on bed rest - she’s pregnant with their fourth son. Inside the house, Vaughn sends Isabelle to finish unpacking her toys before dinner. Dixon reveals that he’s there to ask Sydney and Vaughn for help in intercepting a seller and a hard drive in Paris. Sydney suggests that he send Rachel to do it, but she’s on a deep-cover assignment. Plus, the job has “sentimental value,” as it involves Sark. Sydney notes that every time Dixon shows up with a job possibility, he tells her it could be fun, but then she winds up jumping over stuff while bombs explode around her. Vaughn suggests that they talk more after dinner, and the three head off for a walk. Sydney calls to Isabelle, who has found the Project Christmas puzzle and has put it together with no trouble. She knocks the blocks down, and when Sydney comes to check on her, tells her she wasn’t doing anything. Dixon and the family head off together for a walk on the beach.

R.I.P. (OR SO WE THINK): Jack, Irina

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Did it have to be so filthy? I mean, really, if Rambaldi could prophesize the future, he might have advised me not to wear $500 shoes.” - Sark

Vaughn: “Sark.”
Sydney: “Don’t look at me. You’re the one that let him go.”

Dixon: “Who knows, it could be fun.”
Sydney: “That’s what you say every time you show up on my doorstep. Then next you know, I’m jumping over canals in three-inch heels while napalm explodes around me.”
Dixon: “Yes. That’s how I define ‘fun.’”

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