Buffy characters


BUFFY SUMMERS: our heroine. Ex-cheerleader and May Queen. Moves to Sunnydale with her mother in 1997 and quickly begins fighting evil as the newest Chosen One. Befriends Willow and Xander, dates Angel, and juggles high school with vampire slayage. Can't drive. Loses her virginity to Angel on her 17th birthday and inadvertently makes him revert to his evil persona, Angelus. After graduation and a bad breakup, heads to UC Sunnydale and dates Riley. Discovers that little sis Dawn isn't really human but vows to protect her anyway. Dies, is resurrected, hates the world, sleeps with Spike. Counsels Sunnydale High students, for no apparent reason. Speechifies, grabs a scythe, declares herself cookie dough, and battles the First Evil. Last seen in Rome. (Regular S1-S7; First Evil takes her form in S7)
FIRST LINE: "I'm up, Mom!" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "Spike." ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Sarah Michelle Gellar

XANDER HARRIS: loveable loser. Underachiever with a squabbling family who fights everything with humor. Friends with Willow since kindergarten, but only briefly entertains romantic feelings for her. Known for dating non-humans and Cordelia. Foregoes college to work a number of dead end jobs, finally finding his niche in construction work. Dates Anya, leaves her at the altar, and briefly reunites with her. Loses an eye but keeps fighting. Last heard to be in Africa. (Regular S1-S7)
FIRST LINE: "'Scuse me, comin' through, pardon me, 'scuse me, whoa!" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "Who will remember all those landmarks unless we tell the world about them?" ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Nicholas Brendan

WILLOW ROSENBERG: shy but sweet brain. The person to go to for help with homework and spells. Harbors a lifelong crush on Xander but can't resist Oz's charms. After he leaves, switches teams and bats one out of the park with Tara. Develops a skill for witchcraft that goes a little too far, leading her to drop it cold turkey. Briefly reverts after Tara's death, then undergoes and, unfortunately, falls for Kennedy. Last heard to be in Rio. (Regular S1-S7)
FIRST LINE: "Oh, really?" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "The First is scrunched, so…what do you think we should do, Buffy?" ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Alyson Hannigan

RUPERT GILES: Watcher, librarian, and father figure extraordinaire. Finds training Buffy a challenge, due to age and cultural differences. Dates Jenny on and off until her death. Fired from position as Watcher for being too emotionally involved. After blowing up the school, spends a year doing nothing, then becomes a shopkeeper. Returns to England, popping up occasionally to confuse people and fight evil. Prone to being knocked unconscious. Last heard to be in England. (Regular S1-S5, recurring S6-S7)
FIRST LINE: "Can I help you?" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "We have a lot of work ahead of us." ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Anthony Stewart Head

ANGEL (ANGELUS): brooding, centuries-old vampire with a soul. Involved with Darla for a century or so. Falls for Buffy but turns evil again and tries to destroy the world with old friends Spike and Drusilla. Sent to Hell by Buffy for awhile before heading to L.A. and doing a bunch of stuff on Angel. Last seen about to die in an alley. (Recurring S1, S4-5, S7; regular S2-S3)
FIRST LINE: "Ah, heh. Is there a problem, ma'am?" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "I ain't getting any older." ("Chosen")
on Angel - "Let's go to work." ("Not Fade Away")
PLAYED BY: David Boreanaz

CORDELIA CHASE: self-centered, spoiled popular girl. Unwittingly gets drawn into the Scooby circle and dates Xander. Reverts to her old ways after their breakup and finds joy in taunting the Scoobies. Foregoes college after her father gets in trouble with the IRS; moves to L.A. and does a bunch of stuff on Angel. Dies in the Angel episode "You're Welcome." (Regular S1-S3)
FIRST LINE: "Hi! I'm Cordelia." ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "I'm for it." ("Graduation Day, Part 2")
on Angel - "Oh…and you're welcome." ("You're Welcome")
PLAYED BY: Charisma Carpenter

OZ (DANIEL OSBOURNE): Brainy musician of few words. Develops a crush on Willow before learning that he's a werewolf. Forgives her for her brief dalliance with Xander, but winds up breaking her heart and heading off in search of a cure for wolfiness. Only returns to have his own heart broken. Last seen leaving Sunnydale to continue his wolfy journey. (Recurring S2, S4; regular S3-4)
FIRST LINE: "Of what?" ("Inca Mummy Girl")
LAST LINE: "I tried to warn you." ("Restless")
PLAYED BY: Seth Green

RILEY FINN: Doofy country boy and TA at UC Sunnydale. Develops an interest in Buffy while hiding the fact that he works for a top-secret monster-hunting government organization. Goes AWOL from the Initiative and develops a taste for danger. Breaks up with Buffy and leaves for South America on the same day. Briefly returns with wife Sam and makes peace with Buffy. Last seen heading to Nepal. (Recurring S4, S6; regular S4-5)
FIRST LINE: "I'm okay." ("The Freshman")
LAST LINE: "Fire-fights, bug hunts, big body counts…yeah, I could use a break." ("As You Were")
PLAYED BY: Marc Blucas

SPIKE (WILLIAM THE BLOODY): vampire with a Billy Idol complex. Sired by Drusilla and dates her for a few decades. Brings her to Sunnydale to reunite her with her sire, Angel, but grows jealous when Angel becomes Angelus again. Teams up with Buffy before leaving Sunnydale with Dru, only to return after she dumps him. Hooks up with Harmony, then Buffy, as his evilness decides to take a vacation. Has his soul returned to him, turns into a nancy-boy, and dies trying to save the world. Magically resurfaces on Angel and wreaks some havoc for a season. Last seen about to die in an alley. (Recurring S2-4; regular S4-7; First takes his form in S7)
FIRST LINE: "Home, sweet home." ("School Hard")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "I wanna see how it ends." ("Chosen")
on Angel - "Bit more specific." ("Not Fade Away")
PLAYED BY: James Marsters

ANYA (ANYA CHRISTINA EMANUELLA JENKINS, ANYANKA): thousand-plus-year-old vengeance demon with a specialty in scorned women. Loses her place in the demon world and tries to get in touch with her humanity by dating Xander and embracing capitalism. Makes a foray back into vengeance after being left at the altar, then gives it up again and rejoins the good fight. Killed by a Bringer during the final Hellmouth battle. (Recurring S3-4; regular S5-7)
FIRST LINE: "Nice bag." ("The Wish")
LAST LINE: "Floppy…hoppy…bunnies." ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Emma Caulfield

DAWN SUMMERS: green energy in a teenager's body. Appears without warning to annoy Buffy and the audience. Panics after learning true identity but soon reverts to form. Serves no discernible purpose expect translating ancient Sumerian. Last heard to be in Rome. (Regular S5-S7)
FIRST LINE: "Mom!" ("Buffy vs. Dracula")
LAST LINE: "What are we gonna do now?" ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Michelle Trachtenberg

TARA MACLAY: shy Wiccan with a disapproving family. Friends (and later more) with Willow. Breaks up with her after her magic goes too far, then reunites with her. Killed by Warren. (Recurring S4-6; regular for "Seeing Red")
FIRST LINE: "Well, maybe we could, uh…." ("Hush")
LAST LINE: "Your shirt." ("Seeing Red")
PLAYED BY: Amber Benson


ACATHLA: demon Angelus tries to awaken in order to end the world. (S2)
FIRST LINE: doesn't talk
LAST LINE: see above
PLAYED BY: a big rock

ADAM: Frankenstein's monster-like creature created by Maggie. Tries to start a war between humans and demons inside the Initiative. Killed by Buffy, in tandem with Willow, Xander, and Giles. (S4; First takes his form in "Lessons")
FIRST LINE: "Mommy." ("The I in Team")
LAST LINE: "I'll get some pillows." ("Restless")
PLAYED BY: George Hertzberg

ALLAN FINCH: Deputy Mayor under Mayor Wilkins. Killed by Faith. (S3)
FIRST LINE: "I’m sorry to bother you, sir." ("Homecoming")
LAST LINE: "Sir, I…I had no idea. I…." ("Bad Girls")
PLAYED BY: Jack Plotnick

AMANDA: Sunnydale High student/potential Slayer. Killed in final Hellmouth battle. (S7)
FIRST LINE: "Hello?" ("Help")
LAST LINE: "What kind of person could sleep on a night like this?" ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Sarah Hagan

AMY MADISON: Sunnydale student turned witch. Victim of mother Catherine's body-swapping spree, and responsible for backfire of Xander's love spell. Turns herself into a rat and remains one (except for a few seconds) for two and a half years. Upon becoming human again, goes on a magic binge which culminates in a revenge spell on Willow. (S1-4, S6-7)
FIRST LINE: "Who are you?" ("Witch")
LAST LINE: "But I wonder where he’d be right about now." ("The Killer in Me")
PLAYED BY: Elizabeth Anne Allen

ANDREW WELLS: Tucker's nerdy brother. Tried to make a name for himself by training flying monkeys to attack the school play. Teams up with Jonathan and Warren to try to take over Sunnydale but ends up a "guestage" in the Summers' house. Fights in the final Hellmouth battle before moving overseas and making two appearances on Angel. Last seen in Rome. (S6-7)
FIRST LINE: "We can do that." ("Flooded")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "She died saving my life." ("Chosen")
on Angel - "Ciao." ("The Girl in Question")

ANGLEMAN: Initiative doctor. Killed by Adam. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "How did the tour go?" ("The I in Team")
LAST LINE: "Maggie would want you to stay down." ("Goodbye, Iowa")
PLAYED BY: Jack Stehlin

ANNOINTED ONE (COLLIN): child vampire who earns the nickname "the Annoying One." Killed by Spike. (S1-2)
FIRST LINE: "I went on an airplane." ("Never Kill a Boy on the First Date")
LAST LINE: "No!" ("School Hard")
PLAYED BY: Andrew J. Ferchland

BEN: Unfortunate host to Glory. Med student and Buffy's potential suitor. Killed by Giles. (S5)
FIRST LINE: "And your mom's doing just fine." ("Out of My Mind")
LAST LINE: "Us?" ("The Gift")
PLAYED BY: Charlie Weber

BUFFYBOT: robot created by Warren for Spike's sexcapades. Serves as a substitute Slayer before being pulled apart by Razor's gang. (S5-6)
FIRST LINE: "Spike?" ("Intervention")
LAST LINE: "Maybe--." ("Bargaining, Part 2")
PLAYED BY: Sarah Michelle Gellar

CALEB: corrupt priest/First Evil's pet. Kills a couple of potentials and pokes out Xander's eye. Killed by Buffy. (S7; First takes his form in "Chosen")
FIRST LINE: "What’s goin' on?" ("Dirty Girls")
LAST LINE: "You don't have the ba--." ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Nathan Fillion

CHANTARELLE (LILY, ANNE): runaway drawn to vampires. Moves to L.A. and takes over Buffy's alias, Anne. Appears on Angel a few times after opening a successful teen shelter. (S2-3)
FIRST LINE: "I can't wait!" ("Lie to Me")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "Can I be Anne?" ("Anne")
on Angel - "Wanna give me a hand?" ("Not Fade Away")
PLAYED BY: Julia Lee

CHEESE MAN: random dream cameo-maker. (S4, S7)
FIRST LINE: "I've made a little space for the cheese slices." ("Restless")
LAST LINE: "It does not wear me." ("Restless")
PLAYED BY: David Wells

CLEM: kitten-loving loose-skinned demon. Friend of Spike's and substitute Dawn-sitter. Last seen fleeing Sunnydale before the Hellmouth battle. (S6-7)
FIRST LINE: "Ante up." ("Life Serial")
LAST LINE: "'Bye.” ("Empty Places")
PLAYED BY: James C. Leary

DARLA: Angel's long-time paramour and sire. Works with the Master to try to bring Angel back to the evil side, but is killed by him instead. Is resurrected on Angel and does a bunch of stuff. (S1)
FIRST LINE: "Are you sure this is a good idea?" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "Angel?" ("Angel")
on Angel - "If you wish." ("The Girl in Question")
PLAYED BY: Julie Benz

DEVON MACLEISH: lead singer of Dingoes Ate My Baby. Dated both Cordelia and Harmony. (S2-4)
FIRST LINE: "Got it." ("Inca Mummy Girl")
LAST LINE: "You got that, right?" ("The Harsh Light of Day")
PLAYED BY: Jason Hall

D'HOFFRYN: Anya's demon boss. Pops in every once in awhile to recruit someone and/or say something funny. Last seen killing Halfrek. (S3-4, S6-7)
FIRST LINE: "Do not ask again." ("Doppelgangland")
LAST LINE: "All good things in time." ("Selfless")
PLAYED BY: Andy Umberger

DOC: demon worshipper of Glory. Helps Dawn resurrect Joyce. Killed by Buffy. (S5)
FIRST LINE: "I know you." ("Forever")
LAST LINE: "This should be interesting." ("The Gift")
PLAYED BY: Joel Grey

DREG: one of Glory's minions. (S5)
FIRST LINE: "Most beauteous and supremely magnificent one…." ("Shadow")
LAST LINE: "Yes, we live to serve." ("Checkpoint")
PLAYED BY: Kevin Weisman, who's now on Alias

DRUSILLA: Spike's sire and longtime girlfriend. Driven insane and sired by Angelus. Returns to Sunnydale once after her escape, but doesn't serve much purpose. (S2, S5, S7; First takes her form in "Bring on the Night")
FIRST LINE: "Look at all the people." ("School Hard")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "I'm the other that gave birth to your son." ("Lies My Parents Told Me")
on Angel - "Will you hold me under the water?" ("The Girl in Question")
PLAYED BY: Juliet Landau

ENYOS: Jenny's uncle and vengeance-obsessor. Killed by Angelus. (S2)
FIRST LINE: "Jenny Calendar." ("Surprise")
LAST LINE: "I suppose you want answers." ("Innocence")
PLAYED BY: Vincent Schiavelli

ETHAN: friend/enemy of Giles'. Worships Chaos. Last seen being taken to a secret government facility. (S2-4)
FIRST LINE: "Please, let me." ("Halloween")
LAST LINE: "What's a Slayer going to do to me?" ("A New Man")
PLAYED BY: Robin Sachs

FAITH: Slayer called to action after Kendra's death. Goes on a downward spiral after accidentally killing Finch, but goes to L.A. seeking redemption. Does some good stuff on Angel, then returns to Sunnydale for the final Hellmouth battle. (S3-4, S7)
FIRST LINE: "Hey!" ("Faith, Hope, and Trick")
LAST LINE: "How's that feel?" ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Eliza Dushku

FIRST EVIL: ancient incorporeal evil that can take the form of any dead or formerly dead person. Mostly pops in to taunt people. Has a rather impressive army of übervamps and Bringers. Supposedly "scrunched" in the final Hellmouth battle. (S3, S7)
FIRST LINE: "Trouble sleeping?" ("Amends")
LAST LINE: "What more do you want?" ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: various

FIRST SLAYER: young woman forced to become powerful via demon infection. Enjoys intruding in people's dreams. (S4-5, S7)
FIRST LINE: "No friends." ("Restless")
LAST LINE: "It's not enough." ("Get it Done")
PLAYED BY: Sharon Ferguson

FLUTIE: principal of Sunnydale when Buffy transfers in. Is touchy-feely, but not in a physical way. Eaten by hyena-possessed teenagers. (S1)
FIRST LINE: "Buffy Summers, sophomore, late of Hemery High in Los Angeles." ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "Are you insane?!" ("The Pack")
PLAYED BY: Ken Lerner

FORREST GATES: Initiative soldier and friend of Riley's. Bitter that Buffy's allowed to play with the big boys. Killed by Adam, reanimated, and killed again by Riley. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "Women." ("The Initiative")
LAST LINE: "But Adam's not gonna like it if I--." ("Primeval")
PLAYED BY: Leonard Roberts

GLORY: god. Shares a body with Ben. Banished from home dimension and desperate to return. Determined to kill Dawn in order to open the necessary portal. Killed by Giles. (S5; First takes her form in "Lessons")
FIRST LINE: "There you are." ("No Place Like Home")
LAST LINE: "Stop it." ("The Gift")
PLAYED BY: Clare Kramer

GRAHAM MILLER: Initiative soldier and friend of Riley's. Doesn't serve much of a purpose, but kind of nice to look at. Last seen heading to South America to track demons. (S4-5)
FIRST LINE: "Maybe she's Canadian." ("The Initiative")
LAST LINE: "Just like you." ("Into the Woods")
PLAYED BY: Bailey Chase,

DR. GREGORY: Sunnydale biology teacher. Killed by a giant praying mantis. (S1)
FIRST LINE: "Those of you in track 2 may begin your dissections…." ("Witch")
LAST LINE: "Chapters 6-8!" ("Teacher's Pet")
PLAYED BY: William Monaghan

HALFREK (HALLIE): Anya's friend and fellow vengeance demon. Specializes in neglectful parents, possibly because she has "daddy issues." May originally have been Cecily. Killed by D'Hoffryn. (S6-7)
FIRST LINE: "I have been called, and vengeance shall I wreak." ("Doublemeat Palace")
LAST LINE: "Anya!" ("Selfless")
PLAYED BY: Kali Rocha

HANK SUMMERS: Buffy's seldom-seen father. Makes up for inadequacies with shoes and flowers. Last heart to be living in Spain with his secretary. (S1-2, S6)
FIRST LINE: "There you are!" ("Nightmares")
LAST LINE: "It's your mind, just playing tricks on you." ("Normal Again")
PLAYED BY: Dean Butler

HARMONY KENDALL: Cordelia's ditzy second banana. Sired during the graduation battle and tries to prove how evil she is. Mostly fails. Gets smacked around a little by Spike before moving to L.A. and doing some stuff on Angel. Last seen getting fired. (S1-5)
FIRST LINE: "Are we going to the Bronze tonight?" ("The Harvest")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "But even then…I'll probably just…you know…back away." ("Crush")
on Angel - "Um…may the best man win?" ("Not Fade Away")
PLAYED BY: Mercedes McNab

JENNY CALENDAR (YANNA OF THE KALDERASH CLAN: Sunnydale High computer teacher and "technopagan." Member of the gypsy clan that cursed Angel. Peripheral member of the Scoobies until they discover that she knew the truth about Angel’s curse. Killed by Angelus while trying to restore his soul and make amends with the Scoobies. (S1-2; First takes her form in "Amends")
FIRST LINE: "Scan it, Rupert." ("I Robot, You Jane")
LAST LINE: "No!" ("Passion")
PLAYED BY: Robia LaMorte

JESSE MCNALLY: Xander and Willow’s friend. Sired by Darla on a date gone wrong. Killed by Xander. (S1)
FIRST LINE: "Hey, hey!" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "You don't have the guts." ("The Harvest")
PLAYED BY: Eric Balfour

JINX: one of Glory's minions. (S5)
FIRST LINE: "We're here for you, great one." ("Checkpoint")
LAST LINE: "Is your grace not the slightest bit concerned about--?" ("Tough Love")
PLAYED BY: Troy L. Blendell

JONATHAN LEVINSON: unpopular Sunnydale High student. Stopped from a suicide attempt by Buffy. Performs a spell to become popular and unwittingly helps the Scoobies defeat Adam. Teams up with Andrew and Warren to try to take over Sunnydale, but grows uncomfortable when things go too far. Runs off to Mexico with Andrew and returns to Sunnydale to save people. Killed by Andrew, as influenced by the First Evil. (S1-4, S6-7; First takes his form in S7)
FIRST LINE: "Your hands feel kinda…rough." ("Inca Mummy Girl")
LAST LINE: "That's why I'm here." ("Conversations with Dead People")
PLAYED BY: Danny Strong, who's now on Gilmore Girls

JOYCE SUMMERS: Buffy's mother/harasser/warden. Runs an art gallery but makes time to keep tabs on her daughter. Has a brief fling with Giles and suffers lifelong embarrassment for it. Dies of a brain aneurism. (S1-6; First takes her form in S7)
FIRST LINE: "Buffy?" ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "A daughter's duty, I suppose." ("The Body")
PLAYED BY: Kristine Sutherland

JUDGE: demon that spends time in both assembled and unassembled states. "No weapon forged" can defeat him, except for a rocket launcher. (S2)
FIRST LINE: "You!" ("Surprise")
LAST LINE: "What's that do?" ("Innocence")
PLAYED BY: Brian Thompson, who also played Luke

KATHY NEWMAN: Buffy's temporary college roommate. Neurotic and anal-retentive. Really a demon forced to return to her home dimension. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "Oh, hi!" ("The Freshman")
LAST LINE: "When are you going to stop treating me like I'm 900?" ("Living Conditions")
PLAYED BY: Dagney Kerr

KATRINA SILBER: Warren's ex-girlfriend. Dumps him for building April. Killed by Warren. (S5-6)
FIRST LINE: "Hi, did you get me a drink?" ("I Was Made to Love You")
LAST LINE: "How could you say you loved me and do that to me?" ("Villains")
PLAYED BY: Amelinda Embry

KENDRA: Slayer called to action after Buffy's first death. Arrives in Sunnydale in order to fight the Order of Taraka. Makes another visit to help find Acathla and give Buffy her stake, Mr. Pointy. Killed by Drusilla. (S2)
FIRST LINE: "I tink it is funny now." ("What's My Line, Part 1")
LAST LINE: "Watch your back." ("Becoming, Part 1")
PLAYED BY: Bianca Lawson

KENNEDY: potential Slayer. Brought to Sunnydale by Giles, who shall never be forgiven. Falls for Willow, but otherwise just takes up space. Last heard to be in Rio. (S7)
FIRST LINE: "This is a Slayer?" ("Bring on the Night")
LAST LINE: "I could get used to this." ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Iyari Limon

DR. KRIEGEL: Joyce's doctor. Kind of a jerk.
FIRST LINE: "Yes, of course." ("Listening to Fear")
LAST LINE: "We will need you to sign a couple of release forms." ("The Body")
PLAYED BY: Randy Thompson

LARRY BLAISDEL: Sunnydale High football player/bully. A jerk until he comes out to Xander and gains some self-confidence. Killed by the Mayor during the graduation battle. Object of Amy's posthumous affections. (S2-3)
FIRST LINE: "Harris!" ("Halloween")
LAST LINE: "Let's move." ("Graduation Day, Part 2")
PLAYED BY: Larry Bagby, III

LUKE: one of the Master's lackeys. Killed by Buffy. (S1)
FIRST LINE: "The sleeper will wake." ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")
LAST LINE: "You forget, metal can't hurt me." ("The Harvest")
PLAYED BY: Brian Thompson, who also played the Judge

“LURKY”: unnamed demon who tests Spike in Africa. (S6)
FIRST LINE: "You seek me, vampire?" ("Villains")
LAST LINE: "We will return…your soul!" ("Grave")
PLAYED BY: Steven W. Bailey

LYLE GORCH: Texan vampire with a yen for killing Buffy. Scared off by Cordelia. (S2-3)
FIRST LINE: "Turn around, baby, I have somethin' to show ya." ("Bad Eggs")
LAST LINE: "Later." ("Homecoming")
PLAYED BY: Jeremy Ratchford

MAGGIE WALSH: UC Sunnydale psychology professor/Initiative head. Brings Buffy into the Initiative, then regrets her decision and tries to have her killed. Has a little too much interest in her soldiers' personal lives. Killed by Adam, reanimated, and killed again in the Initiative battle. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "Okay. This is Psych 105…." ("The Freshman")
LAST LINE: "Riley, be a good boy." ("Primeval")
PLAYED BY: Lindsay Crouse

MAYOR RICHARD WILKINS: cheerful mayor of Sunnydale with ambitions of becoming invincible. Has a thing about germs. Takes Faith under his wing, but becomes vulnerable after she’s out of the equation. Killed when Giles blows up the high school on graduation day. (S3; First takes his form in "Lessons" and "Touched")
FIRST LINE: "I'm not bothered, Allan." ("Homecoming")
LAST LINE: "Well, gosh." ("Graduation Day, Part 2")
PLAYED BY: Harry Groener

COLONEL MCNAMARA: Initiative colonel. Inherits problems Maggie left behind. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "For those of you who don't already know, my name is…." ("Superstar")
LAST LINE: "Walk down that pit!" ("Primeval")
PLAYED BY: Conor O'Farrell

MOLLY: potential Slayer. The British one. Killed by Caleb. (S7)
FIRST LINE: "Nice place." ("Bring on the Night")
LAST LINE: "No!" ("Dirty Girls")
PLAYED BY: Clara Bryant

NIKKI WOOD: former Slayer/Wood's mother. Killed by Spike in New York City in 1977. (S5, S7; First takes her form in S7)
FIRST LINE: "You sure about that?" ("Lies My Parents Told Me")
LAST LINE: "Robin?" ("Lies My Parents Told Me")
PLAYED BY: April Weedon-Washington/K.D. Aubert

OLAF: Anya's ex-boyfriend, who she turned into a troll for his infidelity. Banished to another dimension, possibly one full of trolls. (S5, S7)
FIRST LINE: "Puny receptacle!" ("Triangle")
LAST LINE: "You are small and toy-like." ("Selfless")
PLAYED BY: Abraham Benrubi, who’s now on ER

OLIVIA: Giles' on-and-off girlfriend. English. Not so sure about the occult thing. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "Rupert, is this bleu cheese or is it just cheese that's gone blue?" ("The Freshman")
LAST LINE: "For God's sake, Rupert, go easy on the girl." ("Restless")
PLAYED BY: Phina Oruche

ORLANDO: Knight of Byzantium in search of Dawn. Has his brain sucked by Glory. (S5)
FIRST LINE: "One soldier in a vast army." ("Checkpoint")
LAST LINE: "It's time." ("Spiral")
PLAYED BY: Justin Gorence

PARKER ABRAMS: Buffy’s first one-night stand. Jerk. Last seen being punched by Riley. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "Ex-boyfriend or loan shark?" ("Living Conditions")
LAST LINE: "A toilet seat doesn’t follow you around after you use it." ("The Initiative")
PLAYED BY: Adam Kaufman

PERCY WEST: Sunnydale High jock tutored by Willow. Kind of a jerk. (S3-4)
FIRST LINE: "Hey, I'm challenged." ("Doppelgangland")
LAST LINE: "Call me old-fashioned." ("Doomed")
PLAYED BY: Ethan Erickson

QUENTIN TRAVERS: head of the Watchers Council and thorn in Buffy and Giles' sides. Opposed to Buffy's rebellion, though he eventually accepts it. Killed when Caleb blows up the Council's headquarters. (S3, S5, S7)
FIRST LINE: "How much longer, Hobson?" ("Helpless")
LAST LINE: "'O, by wise council, you shall make your war.'" ("Never Leave Me")
PLAYED BY: Harris Yulin

RACK: bad magick mojo guy/accessory to a bad plot. Killed by Willow. (S6)
FIRST LINE: "I believe these two are next." ("Wrecked")
LAST LINE: "So tell me, Strawberry…what on this earth do you want?" ("Two to Go")
PLAYED BY: Jeff Kober, who also played Kralik

RAZOR: head of a demon biker gang. Killed by Tara. (S6)
FIRST LINE: "What's with the blood rat?" ("Bargaining, Part 1")
LAST LINE: "Well, let's see what tricks you can manage while I choke the life outta--." ("Bargaining, Part 2")
PLAYED BY: Franc Ross

RONA: tough potential Slayer. (S7)
FIRST LINE: "You're her!" ("Showtime")
LAST LINE: "'Cause I'm flashing back to Xander's whole bathroom speech." ("Chosen")

SANDY: vampire sired by Vamp Willow. Has a fling with Riley, who kills her. (S3-5)
FIRST LINE: "Sandy." ("Doppelgangland")
LAST LINE: "Someplace more…private." ("Family")
PLAYED BY: Megan Gray

SCOTT HOPE: Buffy's first soft-of boyfriend after Angel. Breaks up with her for being distracted. Last heard to be gay. (S3)
FIRST LINE: "Hi, Buffy." ("Faith, Hope, and Trick")
LAST LINE: "Uh…." ("Homecoming")
PLAYED BY: Fab Filippo

SNYDER: Sunnydale High principal after Flutie. Definitely not touchy-feely. Hates kids. Desperate to please the Mayor and City Council. Not a Scooby fan. Killed by the Mayor on graduation day. (S1-4)
FIRST LINE: "So. We think school events are stupid, and we think authority figures are to be made fun of." ("The Puppet Show")
LAST LINE: "Raised by mongrels and set on a sacrificial stone." ("Restless")
PLAYED BY: Armin Shimerman

TRICK: hi-tech vampire and mastermind behind SlayerFest '98. Owner of some "exciting" suits. Teams up with the Mayor but isn’t successful in getting rid of Buffy and Faith. Killed by Buffy. (S3)
FIRST LINE: "Diet soda." ("Faith, Hope, and Trick")
LAST LINE: "No, this is no good at all." ("Consequences")
PLAYED BY: K. Todd Freeman

VERUCA: werewolf and lead singer of Shy. Contributes to the destruction of Oz and Willow's relationship. Killed by Oz. (S4)
FIRST LINE: "What are you gonna do, sit on the ground?" ("Wild at Heart")
LAST LINE: "Animals kill." ("Wild at Heart")
PLAYED BY: Paige Moss

VI: potential Slayer. (S7)
FIRST LINE: "No lie, she still looked like a big bruise when I got here…." ("Showtime")
LAST LINE: "This is nothing!" ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: Felicia Day

WARREN MEERS: robot-builder/ex-girlfriend-killer/megalomaniac. Kills Tara, and in turn is killed by Willow. (S5-6; First takes his form in S7)
FIRST LINE: "We gotta go, she's gonna see me." ("I Was Made to Love You")
LAST LINE: "I know you're in pain, but--." ("Villains")
PLAYED BY: Adam Busch

WESLEY WYNDAM-PRYCE: Buffy and Faith’s Watcher after Giles is fired. Mostly ignored. Falls for Cordelia, but gets over it when their first kiss is unsuccessful. Finds himself unemployed after Buffy quits the Council; becomes a rogue demon hunter. Moves to L.A. and does a bunch of stuff on Angel. Killed in the Angel episode "Not Fade Away."
FIRST LINE: "Of course, training procedures have been updated quite a bit since your day." ("Bad Girls")
LAST LINE: on Buffy - "Perhaps I could just be knocked unconscious." ("Graduation Day, Part 2")
on Angel - "I-I love you." ("Not Fade Away")
PLAYED BY: Alexis Denisof

WHISTLER: demon with a skill for narrating. Sent Angel to Sunnydale. (S2)
FIRST LINE: "There's moments in your life that make you, that set the course of who you're gonna be." ("Becoming, Part 1")
LAST LINE: "You got one more thing." ("Becoming, Part 2")
PLAYED BY: Max Perlich

WOOD (ROBIN): first principal of Sunnydale High after the graduation day battle. Nikki's son; raised by her Watcher. Has a fling with Faith. Becomes the second school employee to help destroy the building. (S7)
FIRST LINE: "It is my great pleasure and privilege to announce the official opening…." ("Lessons")
LAST LINE: "Surprise." ("Chosen")
PLAYED BY: D.B. Woodside, who's now on 24


ABSALOM: vampire trying to resurrect the Master. Killed by Buffy. ("When She Was Bad") Played by Brent Jennings

ALEX: Xander's moniker in "Tabula Rasa."

AMPATA GUTIERREZ (FAKE): ancient mummy who kills with kisses. Almost kills Jonathan and Xander. Killed by Buffy. ("Inca Mummy Girl") Played by Ara Celi

ANDREW BORBA: vampire originally believed to be the Anointed One. Killed by Buffy. ("Never Kill a Boy on the First Date") Played by Geoff Meed

ANNABELLE: potential Slayer. Killed by an übervamp. ("Bring on the Night") Played by Courtnee Draper

ANNE-YA: Anya's moniker in "Tabula Rasa."

APRIL: Warren's robot girlfriend. Tries to kill Spike, Katrina, and Buffy before her battery dies. ("I Was Made to Love You") Played by Shonda Farr

DR. BACKER: not-so-evil pediatrician. Killed by Der Kindestod("Killed by Death") Played by Richard Herd

BAITH: abbreviation for Buffy-in-Faith's-body. ("Who are You")

BALTHAZAR: enormous, cranky demon who likes amulets. Killed by Buffy. ("Bad Girls") Played by Christian Clemenson

BELJOXA'S EYE: slightly unhelpful prophetic…thing. ("Showtime")

BETH: Tara's cousin. Appreciates family values. ("Family") Played by Amy Adams

BEZOAR: egg-laying, mind-controlling demon. Killed by Buffy. ("Bad Eggs")

BILLY: little leaguer. Has perfected astral projection. ("Nightmares") Played by Jeremy Foley

BLAINE: lying weasel/Sunnydale High student/virgin. ("Teacher's Pet") Played by Price Jackson

BOONE: impressionable vampire. Killed by Baith. ("Who are You") Played by Rick Stear

CAIN: werewolf hunter. ("Phases") Played by Jack Conley, who later played Sahjahn on Angel

CALLIE: unfortunate frat party attendant. ("Reptile Boy") Played by Jordana Spiro

CAMERON: swimmer. Didn't say "no" to drugs. ("Go Fish") Played by Jeremy Garrett

CARLOS TREJO: friend of Dawn's. ("Lessons") Played by David Zepeda

CASSIE: Sunnydale High student with some sort of prophetic abilities. Dies anyway. ("Help," and the First takes her form in "Conversations with Dead People") Played by Azura Skye

CATHERINE: Amy's mother/witch. Trapped in her own cheerleading trophy. ("Witch") Played by Robin Riker

CECILY: object of William's affections. May later become Halfrek. ("Fool for Love") Played by Kali Rocha, who also played Halfrek

:CELIA Buffy's cousin. Killed by Der Kindestod at a young age. ("Killed by Death") Played by Denise Johnson

CHRIS: science nerd with a dead brother. ("Some Assembly Required") Played by Angelo Spizzirri

DANTE: Knight of Byzantium. ("Spiral") Played by Karim Prince

DARYL: dead guy. Wants a girlfriend. Dies in a fire. ("Some Assembly Required") Played by Ingo Neuhaus

DAVE: computer nerd. Killed by Moloch. ("I Robot, You Jane") Played by Chad Lindberg

DEBBIE: battered friend of Oz's. Killed by Pete. ("Beauty and the Beasts") Played by Danielle Weeks

DER KINDESTOD: really creepy child-killing demon. ("Killed by Death") Played by James Jude Courtney

DIEGO: vampire enthusiast. Real name is Marvin. ("Lie to Me") Played by Jarrad Paul

DODD: swimmer. Didn't say "no" to drugs. ("Go Fish") Played by Jake Patellis

DON: hospital security guard. Can't resist Cordelia's charms. ("Killed by Death") Played by Willie Garson

DONNIE: Tara's brother. ("Family") Played by Kevin O. Rankin

DRACULA: no comment. ("Buffy vs. Dracula") Played by Rudolf Martin

EDDIE: friend of Buffy's for about five minutes. Sired by Sunday and killed by Buffy. ("The Freshman") Played by Pedro Balmaceda

ERIC: shutterbug. Has a nice singing voice. ("Some Assembly Required") Played by Michael Bacall

EVE: dead potential Slayer. ("Showtime") Played by Amanda Fuller

EYGHON: demon raised by teenaged Giles, Ethan, and buddies. Cranky. ("The Dark Age")

FAKE THE SNAKE: badly-rendered CGI Sobek demon. ("Shadow")

FORD: friend of Buffy's from L.A. Wants to become a vampire. Sired by Spike and killed by Buffy. ("Lie to Me") Played by Jason Behr

FREDDY IVERSON: sardonic newspaper editor. Hates Dingoes. ("Earshot") Played by Keram Malicki-Sánchez

FRITZ: computer nerd. ("I Robot, You Jane") Played by Jamison Ryan

FUFFY: abbreviation for Faith-in-Buffy's body. ("Who are You")

GACHNAR: wee little fear demon. ("Fear, Itself") Played by Adam Bitterman

GAGE PETRONZI: swimmer. Buffy's fake crush. ("Go Fish") Played by Wentworth Miller

GENEVIEVE HOLT: children's home owner. Likes that old-time religion. ("Where the Wild Things Are") Played by Kathryn Joosten

GHORA: multi-headed egg-laying demon. ("Forever")

GLARGHK GUHL KASHMA'NIK: demon with an unpronounceable name. Stinger causes hallucinations. ("Normal Again")

GNARL: skin-eating, paralyzing demon. ("Same Time, Same Place") Played by Camden Toy, who's also played übervamps, a Gentleman, and, on Angel, the Prince of Lies

GRACE NEWMAN: Sunnydale High teacher in the 1950's. Killed by James. ("I Only Have Eyes for You") Played by Meredith Salenger

NURSE GREENLEIGH: enabling Sunnydale High nurse. Killed by fish monsters. ("Go Fish") Played by Conchata Ferrell

GREGOR: general of Knights of Byzantium. Killed by Glory. ("Spiral") Played by Wade Andrew Williams

GUARDIAN: Watcher watcher. Killed by Caleb. ("End of Days") Played by Christine Healy

GWENDOLYN POST: corrupt Watcher. Killed by magic or something. ("Revelations") Played by Serena Scott Thomas

HOGAN MARTIN: Sunnydale High basketball player. ("Earshot") Played by Justin Doran

HOLDEN WEBSTER: Buffy's high school classmate. Sired by Spike. ("Conversations with Dead People") Played by Jonathan M. Woodward, who also played Knox on Angel

HUS: Native American spirit. Cranky. ("Pangs") Played by Tod Thawley

JACK O'TOOLE: undead Sunnydale High student. Has a knife named Katie. ("The Zeppo") Played by Channon Roe

JAMES STANLEY: heartbroken Sunnydale High student in the 1950s. Killed Grace, then himself. ("I Only Have Eyes for You") Played by Christopher Gorham

JANICE: friend of Dawn's. ("All the Way") Played by Amber Tamblyn, who's now on Joan of Arcadia

JESSICA HARRIS: Xander's mother. Should have gotten a divorce a long time ago. ("Hells Bells") Played by Lee Garlington

JOAN: Buffy's moniker in "Tabula Rasa."

JULIE: frat party attendant. ("Where the Wild Things Are") Played by Casey McCarthy

JUSTIN: vampire masquerading as a high school student. Tries to sire Dawn, but gets killed by her instead. ("All the Way") Played by Kavan Reece

KAKISTOS: old demon with hooves for hands. Killed Faith's Watcher and followed Faith to Sunnydale. Killed by Faith. Also called "Khaki Trousers," "Kissing Toast," and "Taquitos." ("Faith, Hope, and Trick") Played by Jeremy Roberts

KAREN: adoring Jonathan fan. Emphasizes that her name starts with a "K." ("Superstar") Played by Erica Luttrell

KEN: head of Los Angeles teen shelter. Demon. Killed by Buffy. ("Anne") Played by Carlos Jacott

KEVIN: Dawn's crush. ("The Body") Played by J. Evan Bonifant

KIT HOLBURN: Dawn's friend. ("Lessons") Played by Alex Breckenridge

LANCE BROOKS: R.J.'s brother. Hasn't done much with his life. ("Him") Played by Brandon Keener

LAURA: smokes. In the wrong place at the wrong time. ("Nightmares") Played by J. Robin Miller

LISSA: Xander's date. Agent of the First. ("First Date") Played by Ashanti

LYSETTE: in love with cars. ("The Zeppo") Played by Whitney Dylan

MACHIDA: reptile monster worshipped by frat guys. Killed by Buffy. ("Reptile Boy")

MR. MACLAY: Tara's overbearing, disapproving father. ("Family") Played by Steve Rankin

MAGE: friend of Giles'. Specializes in light shows. ("Enemies") Played by Michael Manasseri

MANNY: manager of a Doublemeat Palace. Killed by Wig Lady. ("Doublemeat Palace") Played by Brent Hinkley

MARC: demon masquerading as a high school student. Bad magician. ("The Puppet Show") Played by Burke Roberts

MARCIE ROSS: ignored Sunnydale High student. Becomes invisible and gets her revenge. Last seen being trained as a government agent. ("Out of Mind, Out of Sight") Played by Clea Duvall, who's now on Carnivále

COACH MARIN: overly ambitious swim team coach. Killed by fish monsters. ("Go Fish") Played by Charles Cyphers

M'FASHNIK: vengeful demon hired by the nerd Trio. Killed by Buffy. ("Flooded") Played by Todd Stashwick

MICHAEL: warlock. Friend of Willow and Amy's. ("Gingerbread") Played by Blake Soper

MITCH: Cordelia's boyfriend. ("Out of Mind, Out of Sight") Played by Ryan James Bittle

MOBANI: demon spirit. Resides in a mask. Killed by Buffy. ("Dead Man's Party")

MOLOCH/MALCOLM: demon that causes chaos. Resides in a book, then a computer. Killed by Buffy. ("I Robot, You Jane") Played by Mark Deakins

MORGAN SHAY: Sunnydale High student. Bad ventriloquist. Killed by Marc. ("The Puppet Show") Played by Richard Werner

NANCY: White Hat in the Wishverse. Killed by vampires. ("The Wish") Played by Mariah O'Brien

NANCY DOYLE: stuck-up Sunnydale High student. Doesn't like Buffy. )"Earshot") Played by Lauren Roman

NANCY: wished her ex was a worm. He ate her dog. ("Beneath You") Played by Kaarina Aufranc

NATALIE FRENCH (FAKE): giant praying mantis masquerading as a Sunnydale High teacher. Killed by Buffy. ("Teacher's Pet") Played by Musetta Vander

OWEN THURMAN: object of Buffy's affections. Likes Emily Dickinson and danger a little too much. ("Never Kill a Boy on the First Date") Played by Christopher Wiehl

PAT: friend of Joyce's. Killed by zombies, then re-killed by Buffy. ("Dead Man's Party") Played by Nancy Lenehan

PETE: Debbie's boyfriend. Conducts Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde-like experiments. Killed by Angel. ("Beauty and the Beasts") Played by John Patrick White

PETER: Sunnydale High student. In a cult. ("Help") Played by Zachery Bryan

PHILLIP: former friend of Giles and Ethan's. Killed by Eyghon. ("The Dark Age") Played by Stuart McLean

POLGARA: demon with a skewer. Killed by the Initiative. ("The I in Team")

QUELLER FELLER: outer space demon summoned to keep crazy people quiet. Killed by Buffy. ("Listening to Fear") Played by Debbie Lee Carrington

RANDY: Spike's moniker in "Tabula Rasa"

RICHARD ANDERSON: rich frat guy and object of Cordelia's affections. Worships a big snake. ("Reptile Boy") Played by Greg Vaughan, who's now on General Hospital

RICHARD: friend of Xander and Anya's. ("Older and Far Away") Played by Ryan Browning

R.J. BROOKS: Sunnydale High football player with a magical jacket. ("Him") Played by Thad Luckinbill

RODNEY: Sunnydale High student. "God's gift to the bell curve." Killed by the mummy. ("Inca Mummy Girl")

RONNIE: worm. Possibly killed by Spike. ("Beneath You") Played by Jack Sundmacher

RORY: Xander's uncle. Not the nicest guy. ("Hells Bells") Played by Steven Gilborn, though a lot of us wish he'd been played by Bruce Campbell

RYAN: flu-stricken kid. Likes to draw. ("Killed by Death") Played by Andrew Ducote

SAM FINN: Riley's wife. ("As You Were") Played by Ivana Milicevic

SHEILA MARTINI: Buffy's rival for worst Sunnydale High student. Sired by Drusilla. ("School Hard") Played by Alexandra Johnes

SHEILA ROSENBERG: Willow's mother. Feminist. Doesn't pay much attention to her daughter. ("Gingerbread") Played by Jordan Baker

SID: demon hunter trapped in the body of a dummy. Dies after killing his requisite number of demons. ("The Puppet Show") Voiced by Tom Wyner

SOPHIE: Buffy's coworker. ("Older and Far Away") Played by Laura Roth

SUAVE XANDER: the smoother half of Xander. ("The Replacement")

SUNDAY: vampire with lousy minions. Killed by Buffy. ("The Freshman") Played by Katharine Towne

SWEET: dancing demon with a nice voice. Decided not to make Xander his queen. ("Once More, With Feeling") Played by Hinton Battle

"TARA": vampire assigned to distract Buffy and pose as Cordelia. Just makes her mad. ("When She Was Bad") Played by Tamara Braun

TECTOR GORCH: Texan vampire. Lyle's brother. Killed by the Bezoar. ("Bad Eggs") Played by James Parks

TED: homicidal robot in love with Joyce. Destroyed by Buffy. ("Ted") Played by John Ritter

TEETH: loan shark demon. Wants Spike to give him kittens. ("Tabula Rasa") Played by Raymond O'Connor

THERESA KLUSMEYER: Sunnydale High student. Sired by Angelus and killed by Buffy. ("Phases") Played by Megahn Perry

THOMAS: one of the Master's lackey vamps. Tries to kill Willow. Killed by Buffy. ("Welcome to the Hellmouth") Played by J. Patrick Lawlor

TOM WARNER: frat guy. Worships a big snake. ("Reptile Boy") Played by Todd Babcock

TONY HARRIS: Xander's father. Jerk. ("Hells Bells") Played by Casey Sander

TORG: demon ex of Anya's. ("Showtime") Played by Josh Braaten

TUCKER WELLS: Andrew's brother. Trains hellhounds to attack people at the prom. ("The Prom") Played by Brad Kane

UMAD: Dawn's moniker in "Tabula Rasa"

WIG LADY: houses a demon under her wig. Killed by Buffy. ("Doublemeat Palace") Played by Pat Crawford Brown

ZACHARY KRALIK: vampire. Has parental issues. Killed by Buffy. ("Helpless") Played by Jeff Kober, who also played Rack

ZACK: vampire masquerading as a high school student. Tries to sire Janice. ("All the Way") Played by Dave Power

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